Chapter 1: Hello

Chapter 2: Rub me with money?
Beauty, this is the first feeling of summer. Summer is a person who hates women's makeup, but the woman in front does not use too much cosmetics, but it completely sets off the beauty of the whole person, although the roses are Beauty, but if there is no green leaf, it will not show its grace.
Compared with her, the big beauty in the TV series has been completely compared.
This kind of beauty is not a level at all, and the woman's body is also perfect. Unlike the female nurse, the female nurse's clothes wrapped her figure, but the woman used her clothes to show her figure perfectly. .
On her body, cosmetics and clothing are just her foil.
Not only in the summer, even Dr. Li’s eyes were straight, but he immediately reacted and bowed his head, not to look at the woman:
Mrs. Zeng, you are here.

"Well, thank you Dr. Li." Mrs. Zeng's voice is like a scorpion, as if it can involve the soul of the human body.
"Mrs. Zeng, just when you are here, this classmate is going to leave the hospital. I advise him not to listen to him. I am planning to call the dean." Dr. Li did not dare to look up. He knew that he could not look directly at the other person's beauty. The two are not at all a level.
Mrs. Zeng is a legendary figure. When she entered the mall at the age of 18, she had to increase her business. She was married at the age of 25, but her husband died in less than half a month. She is 30 years old and has already been in Jianghai. It is the top person.
"Your injury is still not good, why should you leave the hospital?" Zeng Ruo looked at the summer.
"I haven't dealt with anything yet, and I still have a college entrance exam for half a month." In the summer, I didn't use the perspective function to see Mrs. Zeng, because Mrs. Zeng's current dress has made him unable to resist.
"College entrance examination? Don't go, take care of it here, wait for you to be hurt, I will arrange the best university for you, and will give you a sum of money, as a thank you." She is not a good person. On the contrary, she is a wicked person. Otherwise, she can't stand in the business world. In her eyes, everything can be traded. She saved her daughter in the summer. She really appreciates the summer, but she The way to thank is to give the summer the best treatment environment, and then give the summer a sum of money.
The most annoying thing in summer is that others use money to talk to him, and even his girlfriend leaves him because of money.
"I don't need it." The summer's face suddenly became cold. Although he didn't have money, he would never go to get someone else's money. He saved the girl as he volunteered, and he would save no matter who the girl is.
This is the education of his father from childhood, his father once told him not to bully, to bully and bully those powerful people.
Seeing the changes in the summer, a few people are a glimpse. For others, this is definitely a good thing.
"One million." Zeng Roo also saw the summer changes, but she did not believe that there are people in the world who don't love money. She used to be too many gentlemen, but these gentlemen finally disappointed her. The gentleman is just the price tag is not enough.
"Hey!" The summer snorted, don't overdo it, continue to walk outside, although not fast, but not slow.
"Two million." Zeng Rou raised the price again, and he could not see any anger on his face.
I didn’t talk this summer, but I went to the door.
"Five million." Zeng Luo suddenly raised the price to five million, just stopped in the summer and turned around.
Seeing the summer turning back, there was a trace of disdain on Zengrou’s face. The female nurse and Dr. Li also nodded. No one could reject Zengrou’s price.
"I will let people send you the money, and I will let people arrange the best universities in Jianghai." Zeng Rou is full of confidence, in her eyes, the summer's restraint is only to lift High your own price.
In the summer, one step after another, I went to Zeng Rou. When he came to Zeng Rou, he suddenly turned to look at the female nurse: "Can you borrow me a hundred? I will return you."
"Amount!" The female nurse gave a slight glimpse and then took out a hundred dollars.
"Thank you, my name is summer." The summer smiled at the female nurse, then turned to leave the ward, and all the three people in the ward were there, including the glamorous Zeng Rou, she only guessed the beginning. But it did not guess the end.
Seeing the moment she turned back in the summer, she was still a winner, but now she feels that she has failed.
In the summer, it was not because of the five million, but borrowed a hundred dollars from the female nurse. Zengrou’s face was red, and then she left the ward directly. She was the first to see the summer.
"It's a strange guy." The female nurse said to herself.

After leaving the hospital in the summer, I took a taxi directly and went to the cousin's residence. Now he is injured and can't live in the place where he works, so he can only return to the cousin's house.
The little girl in the summer is very rich. The house is bought by him and his cousin. The top decoration in the house and all kinds of facilities are all there. This is also the reason why I don’t like to come back in summer, because he feels that he does not belong here.
Although he can only earn more than a thousand dollars a month while working, but the money is earned by himself, he does not have to consider anything.
After returning home, my cousin didn't come back. Fortunately, the door was password-based. Otherwise, he couldn't get in. He changed all his clothes and opened the closet. Many of the clothes here are famous brands, all of them are cousins. I bought it for him, but he never crossed it. The clothes he put under the closet were bought by himself. The most expensive one was only a hundred pieces, but he felt solid when he put it on.
Open the drawer, there is a small box inside, there is a blue necklace inside the box, the necklace is placed in the palm of the hand when the sky blue light, this is his father handed him.
"Heaven, if one day you encounter a crisis that you can't resolve or wear it seriously, this is what your mother left for you."
This was what his father said when he handed the necklace to him, and he was told at the time that if he had not encountered any special circumstances, it would be best not to wear it and keep the last thing left by her mother.
"Father, the baby is going to wear it today." The necklace was worn on the neck in the summer, and the light on the necklace flashed. Then the whole person fainted in the summer. When he woke up, it was already dark. He found that The wounds on your own have all disappeared.
It’s all like a dream, but he immediately noticed the point, the light on the necklace disappeared completely, turned into a dark blue, and his skin was like a suede at the moment, he would wound The upper skin was wiped off and the wound was gone.
In the summer, I continued to wipe the other wounds, and they all disappeared, and the blue and swollen parts were all good.
"I have only heard of snake skin, how can I also molt, or wash it first." In the summer, I felt that the layer of the underarm skin was disgusting, so I went to the direction of the bathroom.
Just then the bathroom door opened and a beautiful woman came out from the inside. At this time, the beauty was wrapped in a bath towel and almost hit the summer.
"Ah!!" The sound of the super-high decibel sounded.
"What's wrong, what's wrong?" The summer cousin rushed out of her room and saw the two people in front of her finally knowing what was going on.
"Well, Bing Xin, don't call, he is my cousin."
"Summer, when did you come back? Why didn't I find you at home today?" The summer cousin was Ye Qingxue, and she strode to the girl named Bing Xin.

Is it all at home?
The summer glimpsed and then looked at the date on the wall, and he was in a coma for two days.
Then that is not everything is a dream, he did save a little girl, then injured and went to the hospital, the girl's mother wants to give him five million, he did not want, the most important is his perspective eye and blue necklace The function.
At the thought of this, the function of the perspective eye suddenly opened.
"Vini bear cartoon." In the eyes of the summer is the ice heart's underwear, this time he believes that he is absolutely not mistaken.
When I heard the summer, the faces of the two women changed.
"In the summer, you actually peek, seeing that I don't want to pack up and pack you." Ye Qingxue rolled up his sleeve and went to the summer, but at this moment, he was surprised to find that the speed of the cousin was so slow, and his eyes fell. On the inside of the cousin's arm, there was an inexplicable reminder in consciousness, as if he was telling himself to attack here to resolve the cousin.
Of course he wouldn't do it, so he went straight ahead and entered the bathroom.
This kind of thing can't be explained. He knows that he must have said it. He told the cousin that he is guessing. The cousin will not believe it, but if he says that he will see through it, then everyone who knows the character of the cousin will know. It is.
By then he will become a mouse, and people will try to experiment.
After entering the bathroom, I looked at my necklace in the summer. The light on the necklace disappeared completely. Before he picked up the necklace, the sky would shine on the necklace, but now no matter how he gets it, There will be a blue glow.
"Is it related to the injury in my body?" I realized immediately in the summer that I had a wound on my body, but after wearing the necklace, I was hurt and the light on the necklace disappeared.
"It seems that the father is the meaning, this necklace can cure my injury." In summer, the necklace was clenched by hand.
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