Vol 9 Chapter 12352: God's Invincible Attack

Although the gods are not the body, but everyone is still very cautious.
after all.
The opponent is one of the two gods.
Truly the best of the best.
Two sharp blades appeared in the hands of the gods.
The two sharp blades turned into two cold lights and disappeared instantly. When they reappeared, a giant clan had already fallen to the ground. His body was pierced by a sharp blade and nailed to the ground. struggle.
"So fast!!" Xia Xia just didn't see how the opponent's sharp blade was shot, and this sharp blade would grow by itself.
The giants' bodies are very heavy.
But the sharp blade pierced it all at once.
boom! boom! boom! boom!
One after another, the bodies of the giants were penetrated, and they were all nailed to the ground.
"Just because of you, a group of guys who can only fight with strength, also want to compete with me?" The face of the gods was full of disdain.
Tens of thousands of giants finally all lay on the ground.
Xia Xia has not shot, he is watching, he wants to see clearly.
How did the gods do it.
He has already observed that the giants are not life-threatening, and he can't take action rashly, because to deal with an existence like the gods, he must seize the most critical moment in order to be effective.
He just wanted to find out the flaws in the attack of the gods.
This is how he can defeat the gods.
"I still can't see it!!!" Xia Xia wanted to see the attack trajectory of the gods. Only in this way can he have a chance to come back.
"Have you not seen it yet?" the Shenzhou Elf asked.
"No, no trace!!!" Xia Xia shook his head.
His eyes couldn't see it, so there must be something wrong with this attack.
A thought here.
Xia Tian thought about using other methods to try again.
"I'm going, you're optimistic!!" The Shenzhou Elf rushed to the gods, and he also understood that if Xia Xia failed, he could only be captured in the end, so now he has nothing to do but rush Go up and give summer a chance.
As long as the summer is successful.
Then he is safe.
Summer didn't say much.
Instead, his eyes were fixed on the Shenzhou Elf.
He has understood.
It is useless to stare at the gods. It is better to stare at the target of the gods. With the arrogant existence of the gods, he will definitely attack those who attack him, rather than come and attack Xia Tian.
The next target of the gods must be the spirits of Shenzhou.
A sharp blade penetrated the body of the Shenzhou elf.
The Chinese elves want to resist.
But the second sharp blade also penetrated the body of the Shenzhou elf.
Then came the third handle.
Fourth handle.
One sharp blade after another penetrated the body of the Shenzhou elf.
The Shenzhou Elf's body could not move, and was frozen in place.
Then a cold light flew from the neck of the Shenzhou elf, directly cutting off the head of the Shenzhou elf.
"Come on!!!" Xian Xuanwu also understood when he saw this scene, he was next.
Now he has almost recovered to the state of the complete body. Although he still cannot be the opponent of the gods, the current gods are just an incarnation, not the real body. He still wants to try it.
Just fought.
It was a sharp blade that penetrated Xian Xuanwu's body.
However, Xian Xuanwu's attack was very powerful, and he did not lose his fighting ability, but continued to kill the gods.
"What about the Four Sacred Beasts? You are just a group of guys who are thinking about how to protect themselves from losing the Four Sacred Beasts, and I am going to attack the existence of an emperor. What do you compare to me?" The gods' eyes were full of disdain look.
above the gods.
The gap between each position is very large.
The strength of the first emperor is far superior to that of the second god.
The strength of the two gods is far superior to that of the four saints.
The Four Sages are far superior to the Seven Martial Arts.
And so on.
Therefore, although Xian Xuanwu's own strength is also very strong, when he faces the gods, he has no confidence in his heart.
The light appeared again.
The sharp blade once again penetrated Xian Xuanwu's body.
"I understand that his attack trajectory is not the entity, nor the space, but the time. He changed the time, he attacked your body in another time, and then changed the time, so in this time, We can't see how he attacked you, and if I guessed correctly, the reason why his attack can fix your body is also because of time, he changed the trajectory of time!!!" Xia Xia shouted loudly.
Hear the words of summer.
The eyes of the gods looked at him instantly, and a trace of murderous intent appeared.
His ability was said by Xia Xia, so he became a little angry and wanted to kill Xia Xia.
this means.
If it is not seen, it is invincible ability.
If it was the previous summer, it would have been impossible to tell, but after his strength improved this time, he found that he was becoming more and more sensitive to time, and even he understood that the way to kill the spirit was not just to find Nodes can also change time and kill spirits through time.
This is also the reason why Xian Xuanwu was killed by the little bug in one blow.
This is also the reason why Xian Qinglong was killed by little bugs.
"Time, yes, time!!!" Xian Xuanwu also suddenly realized.
His strength is very strong, and naturally he has long sensed the existence of time.
at this time.
The gods changed their attack trajectory and directly attacked Xia Xia.
Summer is already ready.
[Wuji, defense! ! ! 】
This time.
He blocked the attack of the gods.
"I guessed right, Wuji can block his attack. That is to say, although he changes the time to attack, as long as our defense time is accurate and our defense is strong enough, we can block his attack!!" Summer thought.
at this time.
The murderous aura on the gods is even stronger.
When Xian Xuanwu heard Xia Xia's words, he also started to fight back.
If it is more defensive, then he will definitely not obey anyone.
Now that he already knows the attack methods of the gods, he can fight against the gods.
However, the gods obviously did not intend to entangle with him, but killed Xia Xia again.
[Tianquan, rebound! ! 】
Summer bounced back the attack of the gods this time.
At the same time he began to run for his life.
"Do you think you can escape?" The of the sky appeared in front of Xia Xia instantly, and the two sharp blades in his hands were also inserted into Xia Xia's body.
That's right.
He is a after all.
No matter how much summer means.
In the face of absolute strength, it is not enough to see.
The gods slashed Xia Xia's head with one blow.
Xian Xuanwu wanted to rush over, but it was too late.
Seeing that Xia Xia's head was about to be cut off.
God's blow was blocked: "Who?"
"If you dare to touch my brother, then I will kill you!!!"
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