Vol 9 Chapter 12369: dangerous situation

all the time.
Summer didn't even want to compete for any divine position.
But now.
He has been involved, he doesn't want to, it doesn't mean that others are willing to let him go, and these people are now staring at him.
These people do not come to provoke summer, they will be very smooth, but unfortunately, they have to provoke the unknown of summer.
Like a god.
If it wasn't for him to provoke Xia Xia, with his ability, there would never be any enemy who could do anything to him. When he grabbed the throne, he might directly grab the strongest position, but now he can't. Same, he provokes Summer, which will turn his upside down, and possibly even death.
Now that it has developed to this point.
Then he won't be polite.
kill! !
The real slaughter has begun, and the current slaughter is different from the previous one. Now the masters here, the weakest are half-spirits or people wearing mechas. Such people are outside, and everyone is a big-headed person.
And everyone's relationship outside is also intricate.
It can be said.
They also have relatives and friends. Once the war begins, their relatives and friends will not hesitate to take revenge.
This is also the reason why Xia Xia is reluctant to kill, because the troubles will always be countless.
but now.
If the trouble comes to the door, he will not be afraid. Since the fight has already started, he will show his vigour. He wants everyone to understand that he is not easy to provoke in summer. If anyone provokes him, then Pay the price.
kill! !
While killing people in the summer, he used the feathers of the red phoenix to send medicine pills to the surrounding people of the Xinghe family, and he also gave some of his treasures to the people of the Xinghe family. Inside, let the races in Senluo Wanxiang help him divide it out, and if he can use it in battle, he also directly takes it out and divides it for everyone.
Especially the cosmic mecha, the effect of this thing is still very good. Although there are a lot of Xinghe clan, but one more is better than none. They can use it. If the damage is serious, they will replace it and put on a new one. .
that's it.
The people on the Xinghe Clan's side became more and more brave, and the number of enemies around them became more and more.
Although there are a lot of them, they all belong to different forces, and everyone has their own thoughts, so they did not cause any harm to the Xinghe Clan for the time being. Instead, those who wanted to take advantage of them were all stolen by Xia Xia. Attack killed.
Xia Tian generally does not kill the enemy in front of him, but kills those who hide behind and think they are the safest.
Only those who are defensive are the weakest.
"Master Tianshen, the war has already started, and more and more people are coming. I believe that the Xinghe family will be defeated soon!" An ancient gods expert said respectfully.
"It's not that simple. This group of rabble is just a group of scattered sand. Their attack method is only used to consume the Xinghe Clan, not to defeat the Xinghe Clan. Tell the brothers below, they also join in the fun. , but just release the attack from the periphery, don't go in!!" The of the sky thought that he was the one who was in control of the whole situation, and the others were just his pawns.
His thinking was so naive.
As early as the first battle, Xia Xia left a mark on those people of the ancient gods, so as long as those people were close to Xia Xia, Xia Xia would be able to discover it as soon as possible.
"I'm still thinking about being in the crowd, the golden sword, the Tianhan sword, if you give me a sneak attack on the ancient gods, kill them first!!" Since Xia Xia has already set his sights on those ancient gods, then these people The result is bound to be a tragedy.
The fight between the two sides has entered a fiery level.
If this goes on.
Not only will the Xinghe Clan not suffer the slightest damage, but the people of the Xinghe Clan will continue to break through in the battle.
At this level, it is almost difficult for people to break through with normal cultivation, but in battle, especially in this life-and-death battle, they can have more insights, and this insight can make their strength. It's a higher level, and they all take a lot of realm king pills, realm king pills are not only used for recovery.
It can also improve the strength a little bit, and change everyone's body cells and so on.
Now the people of the Xinghe family are getting stronger and stronger.
Although the other party has many masters, they all become sparring in the end, so be careful of the sneak attack in the summer, because the sneak attack in the summer is fatal.
"No, people from the Thirty-six Heavenly Gang and the Seventy-two Earthshades have also joined the battle one after another!" The God of Galaxy felt that this was the biggest trouble, because these people had all appeared on the throne before. people.
Their strength is also very strong.
There are also those guardians of trees above the third gear.
They also joined the fight one after another.
These people are not easy to mess with, and the overall combat effectiveness of each person is also very terrifying. They are people who can change the situation of the battle, and more and more are coming, which doubles the pressure on his side.
"This is troublesome. Thirty-six Heavenly Gangs and seventy-two Earthshades who participated in the war, as well as the guardians of various trees, have reached more than 30 people." The God of Galaxy is also firmly guarding Xia Xia behind him, but The pressure on his subordinates is also increasing.
"Sister, don't worry, I won't die so easily!" Xia Xia said.
"What do you know, those guys, each of them is not easy to mess with, if you just take it out, they may have nothing to do with you, but now there are more than 30 people, and the number is still increasing, if it continues like this, even if it is I, can't stop them!!" Although the strength of the God of the Galaxy is strong, she does not think that she is invincible.
Summer frowned.
He also felt that the situation was not easy.
"No, we have to find a way." Xia Xia worried that if this continued, the people of the Xinghe family would be in danger.
But now.
He really didn't have a good way.
His method is to deal with some people, but the opponents are all top-notch experts, and there are too many, completely crushing their side.
Now the people of the Xinghe family are also fighting while retreating.
At this moment, two behemoths fell from the sky. When these two behemoths appeared, they directly repelled all the attacks that rushed over. The endless attacks seemed to devour the world, and they directly started to counterattack: "Summer, here we come!! "
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