Vol 9 Chapter 12383: Invincible Defense

The person who appears here is Xia Long.
Another person appeared beside Xia Xialong and threw a tree root under him.
The summer dragon sits cross-legged on the roots of the tree.
His hand gently stroked the white spots on the roots of the tree: "We will never be separated."
"This is the root of ten thousand trees!" When Dishu saw the root of the tree, a look of horror appeared on his face, and then he wanted to escape, but his body was absorbed and turned into a tree root. a black spot.
at the same time.
The whole fairyland.
Countless rays of light are converging towards this root.
all trees.
All were sucked in.
Summer wanted to pass, but was stopped by the person who appeared.
This person is Tian Qi: "Summer, this is our choice!!"
A slight smile appeared on his face, and then his body began to twist, and finally turned into a dot on the root of the tree.
Swish! Swish!
Brother Xiao Ma and Yin Nie appeared in front of Xia Xialong.
"Why?" Summer asked.
"Why, are you complaining that my father has strengthened your position as the Lord of Hell?" Tianlong said jokingly.
"During this time, we found the ancestor of ten thousand trees, obtained the crown of ten thousand trees and the root of ten thousand trees, and Tian Qi used the tree of reincarnation to help me return to the earth, and let me retrieve the piece of cloth that included you back then, and also It's the cape you're wearing now!!" Tianlong interrupted Xia's words.
"Then you are now..."
"The biggest feature of the ten thousand tree crown and ten thousand tree root is that it allows me to have any state I want, and I used your eyes and your blood to cultivate, so the breath on my body is almost the same as yours. Yes, this time, I will go to instead of you, which is also considered to be repaying what I owe you back then!!" Tianlong's heart has always been guilty of Xia Xia.
Because in the summer as a baby.
He took Xia Xia's eyes, Xia Xian's blood, and Xia Xia's bones.
Over the years, in order to save his wife, he has done a lot of things that go against his conscience.
After separating from Xia Xia last time, he just went to apologize to those who had been sorry one by one, and finally repaid the debt owed to Xia Xia.
"You will always be my father!" Xia Xia bowed deeply.
"The robe behind you is the piece of cloth that included you when you were a baby. I thought it was unusual back then, but I didn't have the ability to stimulate its properties at that time. Now I use my blood essence to consecrate it. Can you help!!" Tianlong's body was gradually sucked into hell.
From now on.
There is no Xia Long in the Immortal Realm anymore.
But has a new master.
If someone else went.
After the battle of the Celestial Clan, he chose redemption.
Redeem your life.
Tianqi also chose redemption. If he sacrificed himself for others, Tianqi would never be able to do it, but for summer, it would be different. He was willing to give his life for summer.
In his opinion.
This is the ultimate reincarnation he seeks.
"Goodbye, my child, your mother and I love you very much, but the bad news is that your sea of ​​consciousness cannot be preserved!" Tianlong's final voice appeared in Xia Xia's sea of ​​consciousness.
That's right.
All about tree abilities.
will be deprived.
The sea of ​​​​knowledge in the summer was left to him by his mother.
Now all the tree powers in Immortal Realm have been taken away.
The sea of ​​​​knowledge was stripped, and Xia Xia sensed it in an instant.
This feeling is very clear.
Just when he thought that he was likely to die after being stripped of his sea of ​​consciousness.
He suddenly discovered that the area where his Sea of ​​Consciousness was originally located had actually undergone tremendous changes.
black hole.
It became a black hole there.
A black hole that can never be explored.
"Although someone went to for you, your power of is gone!!" Rendi is a top-level combat expert, how could he miss such a good opportunity, in an instant, he has already killed the summer in front of.
one strike.
Hit summer.
He wants to completely kill the next day, and then devour the summer.
So many secrets in summer.
All will become his.
Xia Xia was feeling the changes in his sea of ​​consciousness. He didn't notice Ren Emperor's sneak attack. At this time, when the Emperor's sneak attack hit him, he only reacted.
But to everyone's surprise.
The Emperor's attack was blocked.
Not for summer.
But the robe on him.
That is what Tianlong said.
When he saw the summer, the cloth wrapped in the summer.
Xia Xia looked at the Emperor in front of him in confusion.
"What's the situation?" The emperor was also extremely surprised. He was an emperor. Even the worm emperor and the emperor didn't dare to resist his attack. blocked.
so easy.
He simply didn't understand why.
Why is there such a strong defense.
in his impression.
Qiwu should be the strongest weapon and equipment.
But even the Seven Martial Arts cannot achieve this kind of defense.
Xia Xia looked at the robe on his body, and he found that this robe was awakening his own power, and the black hole where his sea of ​​consciousness was located was also undergoing changes and was connecting with his eyes.
That is to say.
This is the soul that originally belonged to him.
The sea of ​​knowledge is powerful.
But it doesn't belong to him.
Only his own, is the most suitable for him.
"Go away!" When the Insect Emperor saw that Xia Xia did not die, he was also very excited, and directly knocked the stunned Human Emperor into the air.
The emperor's body began to retreat.
He is not in a hurry now.
Because there is no trump card in the summer now, and the power of is not there, then these people in front of them are lambs to be slaughtered.
"A group of ants, I will kill all of you now!!" The Emperor started his own harvest, and he wanted to destroy everything in front of him.
In the battlefield at this time.
Everyone's battle is different.
Thirteen is also extremely excited now. If it weren't for Xia Xia, he would not even be able to reach the realm of Venerable, let alone the current realm.
"Bai Chuan, have you seen one of the seventy-two Earth Demons?" Thirteen asked.
"I see, I still use a sword!" Baichuan responded.
"If I control his weapon, do you have the confidence to kill him!!" Thirteen asked.
"It's impossible to kill him, but it's okay to temporarily control him!!" Baichuan said.
"That's enough, I believe, it's time for the summer harvest soon!!"
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