Chapter 4266 - Lu Yan in Deep Sleep (6)

Chapter 4266: Lu Yan in Deep Sleep (6)

I don’t know the reason. I just follow the Master’s orders.

Messiah, open the glass wall. I want to see Yan.

I’m sorry, Miss Mian, but I don’t have the rights.

Messiah… Please. I truly love Yan; I can’t let anything happen to her.

Even though she knew she and Lu Yan had different mothers, she still loved Lu Yan and even envied her for having the clone as a mother. The clone wasn’t naturally born, but she was kind-hearted.
Huo Mian was born from the original Lin Ya, but this Lin Ya was evil.

Miss Mian, it’s useless to beg me. It’s not that I don’t want you to see your sister, but that the password of Miss Yan’s crystal coffin is the Master’s retina… I can’t open it. If I tried to open it, the Master will cut me into pieces.

From Messiah’s words, Huo Mian knew how evil Lin Ya was.

Is Yan okay? Will she wake up?
Huo Mian asked worriedly.

Yes. Miss Yan is seriously wounded but the Master can heal her… You know, half of Miss Yan’s genes came from the clone, so she can heal no matter how serious the wounds are. I can assure you of that. Please don’t worry.

During the period while she was in this place, Huo Mian began to know that Messiah was a very loyal servant.
She worked for Lin Ya but had a kinder heart than Lin Ya.
Hearing Messiah’s words, Huo Mian felt much better knowing Lu Yan was safe.
Through the glass, she looked at Lu Yan who was lying in the crystal coffin like a sleeping beauty. Even in deep sleep, she was stunningly beautiful.
After the Yunnan incident, not only her but Yan was brought here.
What was happening out there? What about Yan’s subordinates? Were they in chaos without their leader? How about Qiao Fei who loved Yan deeply? He must be extremely worried about Yan after she disappeared.
All kinds of thoughts flashed across Huo Mian’s mind.

Miss Mian, it’s cold here. You’re pregnant and can’t stay here for long. Let’s go back, okay?
Messiah said.
Finally, Huo Mian nodded and walked out of the secret chamber with Messiah.

Messiah, why is Leila targeting my husband…?

Huo Mian had been wanting to ask this question but knew it was better to ask Messiah than Lin Ya because she didn’t believe Lin Ya would tell her the truth.
After a few seconds of silence, Messiah replied,
Miss Leila met your husband in the States a few years ago.

A few years ago?
With narrowed eyes, Huo Mian realized that it must have happened during the four years when Qin Chu was in the States. But he had never mentioned it to her.

Miss Mian, don’t forget that Miss Leila was created with your genes; she has your looks and all your memories…

Hearing Messiah’s words, Huo Mian understood suddenly.

So, Leila, just like me, likes Qin Chu?

You can say so. After all, you two share so many memories; she must have feelings for him. But different from you, Miss Leila always remembers her identity and I don’t think she loves Mr. Qin as deeply as you do.

What if Leila failed her mission? Would she kill Qin Chu?
Huo Mian asked Messiah worriedly.
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