Chapter 4274 - Illusionary Happiness (4)

Chapter 4274 : Illusionary Happiness (4)
With a billion questions in his head, Su Yu walked back into the room to see Huo Mian smiling at him.

Did you order?

Mhm, I ordered the most expensive dishes.
Huo Mian smiled.
Su Yu sat down across from Huo Mian.

Here, you’re not wearing much either.
Huo Mian took off Su Yu’s jacket and handed it to him.

It’s fine, I’m not cold.

Su Yu, you’re the best.

Ahem… Pudding and Little Bean left the country today, did you see them off at the airport?
Su Yu awkwardly changed the subject.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know that they were leaving the country,
she snickered.

Su Yu thought she was joking; how could Huo Mian not know that the twins were going on vacation?

I really didn’t know. Qin Chu didn’t tell me anything.

Mian, seriously though, what happened between you guys?
Su Yu was sure that something had happened between Qin Chu and Huo Mian… he also didn’t know how he should feel about the situation.
Then, Huo Mian began putting on her show…
She froze slightly before letting tears well up in her eyes. She choked on her words slightly so that Su Yu would feel bad for her.
Su Yu… I… feel like a stranger in my own home… do you know what that feels like?

How is that possible? The entire family treats you like a queen…

Huo Mian was loved by everyone in the family; she had a great relationship with her in-laws and her children were extremely close to her. Moreover, Qin Chu always protected her.
Why would she feel like a stranger?

I feel like the Qin family took my miscarriage very hard… my in-laws keep saying that gender doesn’t matter, but how could it not matter? When I was pregnant, they kept telling other people that I was giving them a grandson, but my baby is gone now, and I know they’re disappointed… plus, although Qin Chu hasn’t said anything, I know he feels differently too, that’s why he’s keeping me at a distance. He even turned my own kids against me… South Hill Manor feels like a cage… I’m always alone in my room.

Alone? What about Qin Chu?
Su Yu frowned.

Qin Chu’s been staying in the study. He calls it ‘working overtime’, but he has a bed in there.

What about Pudding and Little Bean?

They’re in their room, but I’m not needed. Either my mother-in-law or the nanny takes care of them. I’m the extra one.

How did this happen?
Su Yu felt bad after hearing all this. After all, the miscarriage wasn’t something Huo Mian had wanted; this was an uncontrollable factor.

Mian, did something else happen between you and Qin Chu? He’s not that kind of person, I know for a fact that he’s not a shallow man… you’ve known each other for so long, he would never distance you because of something like this.

Upon thinking back at Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s history, Su Yu couldn’t bring himself to believe Huo Mian’s words…

Su Yu, all I want to know is, do you trust me or Qin Chu? If we break up, whose side will you be on?
Huo Mian wiped away her tears and asked Su Yu an extremely hard question.
Did she just ask him to choose a side? Su Yu wasn’t even sure if he knew exactly what was happening. All he knew was, Huo Mian was acting weird; she was nothing like the generous, calm Dr. Huo that he knew.
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