Chapter 4277 - Illusionary Happiness (7)

Chapter 4277: Illusionary Happiness (7)
Mian, don’t be like this…

Just answer the question, why do you keep changing the subject?

Mian, Qin Chu’s been through a lot…

In the end, Su Yu couldn’t tell Huo Mian that he loved her, even if she kept forcing him to say it. In the past, he would tell her he loved her without hesitating.
However, just now Su Yu’s mind jumped to when Qin Chu came back after four years; he remembered seeing Qin Chu and Huo Mian hug each other on the boat… and the engagement ring that he had hidden back in his pocket.
Qin Chu had done so much for Huo Mian; he knew it, she knew it, everyone in the world knew it. Su Yu once told Tang Chuan that in comparison, his love for Huo Mian was too shallow. Qin Chu’s love for Huo Mian was truly deeper than the ocean.
Who else would sacrifice everything to be with her? Qin Chu suppressed his love for Huo Mian for four years, living in captivity so he could keep her safe.
Su Yu couldn’t even begin to imagine what Qin Chu had been through. If he were him, he would’ve broken down a long time ago.
Huo Siqian, Ian, and every enemy that had been revealed since then had put this happy family of four in grave danger.
As a result, Qin Chu had to constantly be on guard, so he could protect his wife and children. He could never fall down, even if he was exhausted.
Su Yu will never forget the blood that spewed out of Qin Chu’s mouth when Huo Siqian pulled Huo Mian down the cliff.
After all that had happened, as the competition, Su Yu could no longer tell Huo Mian his feelings. All he could think of was everything that Qin Chu had been through to be with Huo Mian.
He was more mature than he used to; he was no longer the arrogant and fearless Young Master Su.

Ha, so you feel bad for Qin Chu? Forget it, forget I said anything.

It’s not like that, listen to me…

Don’t, I don’t want to hear anything else from you. Su Yu, I’m disappointed.
Then, Huo Mian turned around and left, leaving the untouched food behind her.
Su Yu felt sad, but he knew he didn’t do anything wrong. He took out his phone to call Qin Chu, but it went straight to voicemail. He assumed that Qin Chu was in a meeting, so he left a message for him.

Qin Chu, you need to talk to Huo Mian. I know that things have been bad for you guys, she talked about getting a divorce and custody… I think she’s suffering from postpartum depression; you should ask Dr. Jiang to talk to her.

Qin Chu heard Su Yu’s voice mail an hour and a half later. He was still emotionless and didn’t call Su Yu back. He knew what that woman wanted to do.
– Imperial Star headquarters –
After finishing up an exclusive interview, Han Yueyao went into the dressing room to remove her makeup. To her surprise, Nie Lingxuan was getting ready in the same room.

Hi there!
She was still super excited to see her idol.

Nie Lingxuan greeted her politely.
Just then, Gao Yaruo said sarcastically,
Look who it is, it’s the super famous Miss Han! I thought you didn’t know how to greet people, but I guess it’s just because we’re not famous enough. What a snob! The dog will always see people at a lower level.

Han Yueyao glanced faintly at Gao Yarou.
So you’re the dog in this story?

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