Chapter 4279 - Illusionary Happiness (9)

Chapter 4279: Illusionary Happiness (9)
It’s fine. I’m good at this, and don’t worry, I’ve removed more makeup than a professional makeup artist,
Nie Lingxuan said as she carefully placed a damp cotton pad on Han Yueyao’s face, and gently began to remove her makeup.
Instinct told Han Yueyao that Nie Lingxuan wasn’t a manipulative woman. She seemed like an easygoing person. Therefore, she sat there quietly while Nie Lingxuan did her thing.

Isn’t being young great? You’re so pretty.
She couldn’t help but exclaim at the sight of Han Yueyao’s skin.

You’re still young too, you’re in your best years,
Han Yueyao complimented her.

I’m not that much older than you, but my heart is… I’ve been in the industry for a long time. When I was still in school, I got casted in an advertisement, and then one of Imperial Star’s executives scouted me for one of their historical dramas. Then, I was a semi-famous celebrity for a couple of years and watched as Jian Tong and the others were eliminated before I truly became famous. Too bad fame isn’t meant for me. I’m not good at being a celebrity.

Why would you say that? You’re so famous… and I’ve seen you in countless historical dramas. Those characters were made for you!
Han Yueyao said this from the bottom of her heart.

I like acting, but I don’t like being a celebrity.

Han Yueyao looked at Nie Lingxuan with confusion, and the latter smiled.
Don’t worry, you’ll understand one day.

I heard you’re returning to the industry?
Han Yueyao asked carefully.



You don’t have to congratulate me, this is the road I was meant to go down… but don’t worry, all I want to do is pursue a career that I like. I won’t steal your thunder or stand in your way.

No, no, that’s not what I meant. I really just wanted to congratulate you,
Han Yueyao explained nervously.

I know.
Nie Lingxuan smiled and went back to removing Han Yueyao’s makeup.
After a few seconds of silence, Han Yueyao suddenly asked,
Do you like Su Yu as well?

Upon hearing this sudden question, Nie Lingxuan’s hand froze for a slight second.

I’m sorry, perhaps I shouldn’t be asking this question, but everyone knows about you two, and I read about it on a blog once… so…

It’s okay, I didn’t want to hide it anyways. The entire world knows that I like Su Yu,
Nie Lingxuan said faintly. She was nothing like the shy celebrity from a few years ago.
Han Yueyao stared at Nie Lingxuan’s face. She must’ve grown up a lot during her time away from the country.

Haha, to return your honesty, I’ll tell you a secret. I like Su Yu too.
Han Yueyao smiled. She knew she shouldn’t tell people about her feelings, but for some reason she really wanted to share this secret with the woman in front of her.
Nie Lingxuan froze again, surprised by how straightforward Han Yueyao. She couldn’t help but ask,
Does Su Yu like you?

Ahem… of course not… the entire world knows that the only woman Su Yu likes is Mian.
Han Yueyao’s eyes fell, looking dejected.
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