Chapter 4286 - Invasion of Darkness (6)

Chapter 4286: Invasion of Darkness (6) Lin Ya smiled.
Not yet, Baby.

Why not?
Lu Yan was puzzled.

Because we’re waiting for another important person…

Huh? Another important person?

Lu Yan was confused.
Then they heard footsteps and looked back together.
Professor Lu stood at the entrance dressed in a deep blue striped suit; his grey hair and silver rimmed glasses made him look like an elegant scholar.

Damn… Dad…

Lu Yan was stupefied.
Huo Mian was also emotional. Her voice was small, but Professor Lu still heard her when she said,

Yan, Mian… Ya. You’re all here. It’s so good. This is the scenario I’ve dreamed about countless times…

Professor Lu burst into tears. He lowered his head and took off his glasses.
Lu Yan ran over and pinched her dad’s cheeks.
Wow. You’re indeed my dad. Your loose cheeks haven’t changed all these years.

Bad girl. Let go. It hurts.

Hahaha. Dad, I love you… It’s great to see you.

Lu Yan hadn’t seen her father for a long time, so she was thrilled to see him here. She almost jumped in joy.


Professor Lu looked at his elder daughter.


Huo Mian strode over and gave her dad a big hug.

Mom, you got a cellphone? We must record this moment. It’s the classical reunion of the century. I’ve never dared to imagine that we’d have this moment… Am I dreaming?

Lu Yan kept pinching herself and didn’t stop until she felt pain. She looked silly; who’d imagine the female demon Lu Yan would look like this?

I don’t have a cell phone because we must block electronic signals. But we have cameras…

Then Lin Ya turned her head and yelled,

Yes, Master.

Come in with a camera.


Messiah walked in respectfully with a black SLR camera in her hands.

Take a picture of us,
Lin Ya ordered.


Lin Ya walked over slowly to stand beside Professor Lu, leaning her head on his shoulder like a docile wife.
They looked like a couple who loved each other deeply.
Obliviously, Lu Yan held Lin Ya’s arm intimately.
Huo Mian chose to stand next to her father.
Husband, wife, their two daughters, and the baby in Huo Mian’s belly were all in the family picture of the century.
This SLR camera had a screen which showed the clear image of the photo. It had very high resolution.

Messiah, print out three photos,
Lin Ya instructed.

Mom, you’re wrong. We need four photos since there are four of us,
Lu Ya said with a chuckle.

I don’t need it. You guys will each have one picture.

Why don’t you need it?
Lu Yan was puzzled.

Because you’re all… in my heart.

Lin Ya had excellent acting skills.
Not to expose her real feelings and put Lu Yan in danger, Huo Mian lowered her head so she didn’t have to see Lin Ya’s face. If she saw it, she was afraid she’d expose Lin Ya’s lies.

Mom, I love you… You’re so good.

Oblivious of the situation, Lu Yan was touched and gave Lin Ya a big hug.
She found something very weird: Lin Ya’s body felt cold…

Mom, your hands are… terrifyingly cold.
Lu Yan looked down at Lin Ya in puzzlement.
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