Chapter 4290 - Invasion of Darkness (10)

Chapter 4290: Invasion of Darkness (10)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations

I’m sorry, Miss Mian, but I don’t know anything about it.


Huo Mian was disappointed. Obviously, even if Messiah knew about it, she wouldn’t tell her.
But it roused Huo Mian’s curiosity even more.
C City.
It was a quiet night.
Qin Chu was working in his study when his cell phone beeped.
It was an invitation for a video-chat from Qin Ning.
After he pressed the Answer button, Little Bean’s baby voice came to his ears.

Daddy, good evening. Hehe.


Good evening.

Mr. Old Qin, you’re working late in the study again?


Seeing the background, Little Bean immediately recognized it was the study.

Yeah. I’m working hard to save money for you and your sister’s dowries.
Qin Chu even joked with her.


What? Dowries? Please… Don’t do it. Mr. Old Qin, you’re so rich already… If you save more money for us, my sister and I won’t be able to find guys to marry us. The guys we choose will be under great pressure… No matter how excellent they are, they’ll be called fortune hunters depending on their wives…

You’re just worried about Boyuan’s reputation.
Qin Chu chuckled.

Mr. Old Qin, you’re naughty again…

Little Bean exchanged jokes with her dad for a while and then gave the cellphone to her sister reluctantly.
Pudding’s style was totally different.


Daddy, have you had supper?

Yes, I have.

Don’t work late. It’s not good for your health.

Okay. I’ll do as you say.

Is it busy in the company? After Aunt left, you are short on hands, right?

It’s fine. Your grandma has gotten better and your uncle came back to help me,
Qin Chu mentioned Zhixin.

How about my stocks?

I’ve been managing them for you. There’s no big change in total assets. The profits are about one million each day.

Good job, Daddy. Love you,
Pudding said shyly.


Where are you now?

We’re in Los Angeles… We visited Granduncle. He was very happy and bought us many things including food, clothes, and toys. He spent lots of money.

Yeah. Everyone in our family is rich.
Qin Chu chuckled.

My sister and I are happy. Aunt and Uncle Tang take good care of us.

Hey, Pudding, you should call me Uncle now…
Tang Chuan appeared before the camera and complained.

No. We won’t do it until you pay us…

Whoa. Little girl, you even want to blackmail me… Brother-in-law, you must discipline your daughters,
Tang Chuan complained.
Then Qin Ning grabbed the cell phone from him.

Bro, I think you lost weight.

Did I?

Hearing Qin Ning’s words, Qin Chu touched his gorgeous face.


Yeah. You’ve been eating little, right? You must eat more. You’ll look more handsome when you gain some weight…

Okay. I’ll eat more.

Seeing his daughters were having a good time, Qin Chu was satisfied.

Daddy, did grandma and grandpa say they missed us?
Little Bean yelled from behind Qin Ning.



Impossible. Mr. Old Qin, don’t lie. If you lie, the big bad wolf will eat you,
said Little Bean.


They truly didn’t say they missed you.

It’s impossible. I can’t speak for my sister, but I’m so cute and have such a high status in our family, I’m sure grandma and grandpa miss me.


Your grandma and grandpa are on an airplane. I guess you’ll see them in less than 24 hours.


Damn… They’re coming to Los Angeles, too?


That’s amazing… Awesome… Hahaha. What a surprise.
Little Bean jumped in joy after hearing that her grandparents would come.


Daddy, where’s Mommy? I want to talk to her.
Little Bean was oblivious of the situation and asked to see Huo Mian.


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