Chapter 4292 - Qin Chu's Charm (2)

Chapter 4292: Qin Chu’s Charm (2)
Hehe. I don’t have the energy to argue with you.

Huo Mian turned to go.

Where are you going?

I’m going out for… a night meal.

With a mysterious smile, she returned to the bedroom and changed clothes.
Taking the Hermes handbag which cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, she got into the Ferrari and raced out. In fact, Huo Mian had never used this bag before.
Looking at the departing car, Qin Cu was a bit regretful to anger her since there were no benefits from it.
She said she went out to have a night meal; did it mean…?
At this thought, Qin Chu got frustrated. He called Gao Ran immediately.

What’s up, Chu?

Where are you?

In the bureau…

Send more patrols in the city… No, Old Gao, find Huo Mian and follow her car. Send your men to the place she is going but don’t let her know that you’re following her.

What’s up? Are you two fighting?

I can’t explain it now. Anyway, watch her. She’d been driving a red Ferrari; the plate number is NE8699.

Um. Okay…

Hanging up, Gao Ran mumbled,
We cops have become the tools to protect his wife now?

But Qin Chu was his buddy, and he must do this favor to him.
Gao Ran instructed a young cop,
Little Sun, find where the car with the plate NE8699 is.

Yes, Chief Gao.

In a little while, the young cop returned with the information.
Chief Gao, the car is at Night View Bar.

Night View? Isn’t it a bar for gays?

Gao Ran was surprised…

Chief Gao, what shall we do?

Tell Little Wang and the others to get ready. We’ll go out in a minute.


Gao Ran went to the Night View Bar with about eight cops.
It was not unusual for the police to raid a bar since they always got reports of improper conduct in bars.
Some bars did drug deals; some bars had sex deals; some bars had fights and even murders or arson.
When they walked into the bar, the owner immediately dashed out and tried to push money into Gao Ran’s hand.

Don’t be afraid. This is a regular check.

Yes, yes. Chief Gao, you’re working hard. Please take a seat.

You guys take a look,
Gao Ran instructed his subordinates.
Ignoring the bar owner, he walked straight toward Huo Mian who was sitting in a booth on the second floor.
She was sitting there alone with an expensive drink.
She was still looking for tonight’s prey when Gao Ran slapped her shoulder. She looked back and almost hit back when she realized it was Gao Ran.
She suppressed her anger since Gao Ran was Huo Mian’s friend.

Mian, you’re drinking alone?
Gao Ran asked.

Old Gao, what are you doing here?
She disliked Gao Ran but had to pretend she was his friend.

I received a tip that there’s illegal deals going on here, so I came to have a look… Why are you here? This is a notorious bar for gays.

I’m just curious and came to have a look.
Huo Mian continued to smile.

Lingling said you never enter gay bars. What brought you here today?

My kids are not home, and my husband is ignoring me… I’m lonely and have nowhere to go.
Huo Mian put on a pitiful face.
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