Chapter 4293 - Qin Chu's Charm (3)

Chapter 4293: Qin Chu’s Charm (3)
You two fought?


No way. I thought you two never fight…

How can that be?
Huo Mian even smiled.
She thought Gao Ran would leave with his men after the check, but he sat down and began to chat with her.
He even forced her to recall their days in high school.
Leila was so frustrated that she almost lost her patience…
One hour later…
Gao Ran:
Huo Mian, why did you choose Qin Chu when you were in high school and didn’t spare a glance at another guy?

Two hours later…
Gao Ran:
Mian, do you think Boyuan and Little Bean will be together when they grow up?

Three hours later…
Gao Ran:
Mian, what do you think I should give Lingling for Valentine’s Day?

Finally, Huo Mian couldn’t bear it anymore.

Gao Ran, aren’t you off duty?

Oh, I told my colleagues to go home. I just stayed to do some catching up with you.

I’m sleepy. I’ve got to go. We’ll talk another day.

Okay. I’ll drive you home.

Don’t. I drove here. I can go home by myself.

I must escort you home. The city is not safe. Do you know the rumors about vampires?

Hehe. Vampires?
Huo Mian smirked, thinking how ignorant the humans were.

Yeah. Several people died in the First Hospital. Everyone is panicking. They say we cops are useless, but we are doing our best.
Gao Ran looked helpless.

Yeah. I believe you’ll catch the murderer,
Huo Mian said the words with an ironic smile but Gao Ran didn’t notice it since he’d never suspect such a good friend of his.

Anyway, it’s not safe during the night. I’m afraid that psycho might target you… I’ll escort you home.


Seeing Gao Ran insisted on escorting her, Leila suddenly had an idea.
If she killed Gao Ran on her way home, wouldn’t that be more fun? Wouldn’t those people be grieved?
When she was playing with this idea, Gao Ran said,
I just sent a WeChat message to Chu, telling him we’ll be home soon. He’s waiting for me to have tea. I’ll have a chess match with him. Haha.


Hearing his words, Huo Mian gave up her idea. After all, if she killed Gao Ran, she couldn’t find an excuse to get away with it.
Suppressing her anger, she was escorted back home by Gao Ran.
Sure enough, Gao Ran had several chess matches with Qin Chu and then they had a midnight meal with beer.
Then Qin Chu drove him back home.
However, on his way back, Qin Chu heard a guy was killed near the Southern Development Zone.
It was very close to South Hill Manor.
They had watched that psycho woman for the whole night, but she still went out and found a prey while he drove Gao Ran home.
The killing method was as vicious as before; a homeless guy was killed, and his heart was gone. With his chest torn open as if by a wild beast, his blood had been drained.
Having just returned home after drinking with Qin Chu, Gao Ran got a call from the bureau.
He went out again to investigate the case…
When Qin Chu returned home, Huo Mian was watching TV in the living room in her sleeping gown.
Qin Chu glanced at the TV and saw it was showing a popular American TV drama named The Vampire Diaries.
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