Chapter 4296 - Qin Chu's Charm (6)

Chapter 4296: Qin Chu’s Charm (6) Zhixin touched his forehead in embarrassment…

Brother-in-law, I didn’t mean that…

Qin Chu:

Dad especially detested the Tibetan Mastiff, but he disliked all dogs… Oh, cats, too. He just didn’t like small animals. The animals became fierce when they saw Dad. Bella told me this, but I didn’t think much of it. What is it? Did you have news about Dad?

Zhixin was excited, knowing his brother-in-law was very capable.

Not yet. It’s just a casual question.

Zhixin’s eyes dimmed in disappointment.

You must be exhausted lately, working in the company during the day and taking care of Bella after work.

I’m okay. I’m a man and must support the family at this critical moment.

How is Mom doing after being released from the hospital?

She’s doing fine. She just misses my sister and the kids. Later she stopped talking about them after knowing that the kids went out to travel and my sister is not feeling well. My mother is a bit low in spirits and would wake up during the night and look at my father’s pictures. She even printed many flyers secretly. I told her it’s useless, but she just didn’t listen. She even asked the neighbors to help her search for my dad.

It seems Uncle Jing’s disappearance was a big blow to Mom.

Yeah. She treasures this second chance to be with him. But we enjoyed this happy life for only a little while before… Well, Mom’s an unfortunate woman.

Zhixin sighed lightly…

If I have news about Uncle Jing, I’ll tell you.

Good. Brother-in-law, you’ve done a lot lately.

It’s my duty.

Getting the information that he wanted, Qin Chu left the hospital.
Meanwhile, Su Yu didn’t dare to go to nightclubs anymore.
After all, Han Yueyao was so bossy with him…
After work, he returned to his house to read books, watch TV, eat, and play games.
There was a popular game lately and many people were playing it. It was called Travelling Frog. Even An was obsessed with it.
Su Yu was puzzled about its popularity. As he browsed Moments, he found Han Yueyao also played the game and even posted comments about how her frog son went out to travel and didn’t come home, etc.
Amused despite his anger, Su Yu sent a WeChat message to her.
Su Yu:
Han Yueyao, I’m not bluffing, but if you stay up so late and don’t look sharp at work the next day, I’ll deduct your salary.

Han Yueyao replied to him instantly…
Han Yueyao:
Go ahead. I’m now rich and don’t care for those small salaries.

Su Yu:
Fuck. You sound like a wealthy girl… You can be my sugar mama.

Han Yueyao:
I can’t afford you. But if you have excellent skills, I might get a usurious loan to buy your services.

Su Yu:

Han Yueyao:
Hahahaha. You’re scared, huh?

Su Yu:
You’re good. When did you become so dirty, Han Yueyao?

Han Yueyao:
I must ask you meekly: when was I innocent?

Su Yu:
You win…

Han Yueyao:
Hahaha. Send me a red packet.

Su Yu:
I have no money. I’m a poor guy.

Han Yueyao:
You call yourself poor? Shame on you.

Su Yu:
You dare berate your boss? Do you still want to stay in Imperial Star?

Han Yueyao:
You, a big boss, even threaten a small employee. Shame on you.

Su Yu:
You, a big star, tease and blackmail your boss. Shame on you.

Then Han Yueyao sent him a red packet…
Su Yu was stupefied.
Su Yu:
What do you mean?

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