Chapter 4300 - Qin Chu’s Charm (10)

Chapter 4300: Qin Chu’s Charm (10)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations
Hearing his words, Han Yueyao was embarrassed.

I’ll go in and see him.

Without answering him, she pushed open the door and entered.
Thinking Lin Hang was asleep, she planned to have a look of him and then leave.
But to her surprise, he was reading when she entered.
He was reading a world classic—The Old Man and the Sea.
Seeing the title of the book, Han Yueyao was surprised; she had never imagined that Lin Hang, a rough-looking guy, would read such a sentimental book.
Hearing her footsteps, Lin Hang thought his friend was back.

I’m fine. I’ll sleep in a minute. Go back and grab some sleep. You’ve been here for the whole day.

Lin Hang didn’t turn his eyes from the book. He seemed engrossed in it.

The Old Man and the Sea? Is it good? You like Hemingway?
Han Yueyao asked with a chuckle.
Hearing her voice, Lin Hang shook slightly.
He turned his head and felt a bit dizzy when he saw her, thinking he was dreaming…
But seeing her gentle and beautiful smile, he knew it was real.

You… What are you doing here?

I heard you’re not feeling well. So I came to see you.

She didn’t say anything about his illness, not wanting to make him feel bad.
Lin Hang put down the book immediately and looked at her with surprise and joy in his eyes. He was very happy to see her.
Without invitation, Han Yueyao sat down on the chair by the window.

It’s late and the fruit and flower stores are closed, so I didn’t buy anything.

You coming to see me is the best gift.
Lin Hang’s face had been pale, but seeing her, his color returned a bit.

Maybe…I’ll send you a WeChat red packet?
Han Yueyao teased him.
Lin Hang’s smile deepened.
Yao, you’re as funny as before.

Han Yueyao said,
Laughter makes people younger. My parents used to say only happy people have a free life. I’m satisfied with my personality. Being funny means I can entertain myself and others.

Yeah. That’s why so many people like you,
Lin Hang looked at her and said sincerely.

Indeed many people like me. I have millions of fans on Weibo. No matter what I post, it will have thousands of comments. It’s terrifying. Haha. Stardom isn’t easy. I didn’t know about it until I became one of them. Every career has its difficulties.

You’ve matured a lot.
Lin Hang looked at her with a peaceful look that he had never had before.

I’m old enough to be mature. Lin, after Xiaoxiao left, have you ever regretted rejecting her love?
Han Yueyao asked it as a joke.
But Lin Hang took it seriously and asked,
How about you? Have you ever regretted rejecting me? I’m after all an excellent guy.

Hahaha. When did you become so narcissistic?
Han Yueyao shook with laughter; she didn’t look like an idol.
Looking at her, Lin Hang’s heart almost melted…

I talked about Xiaoxiao and you dragged me into it. Lin, you’re still the king of awkward conversations.

It’s so good to see you. I didn’t expect I’d see you again. I thought… I’d never have the luxury of seeing you again before I leave this world. Yao, thank you for the joy you bring to me.

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