Chapter 4304 - Battle Begins (4)

Chapter 4304: Battle Begins (4)
Unless you ask President Su personally and he gives permission. Then we’ll grant you the loan instantly.

Damn… I came to you because I don’t want to ask President Su…

Han Yueyao felt helpless. She truly didn’t want to ask a loan from Su Yu, especially after she told him about her love for him. She’d feel humiliated…
But from what she heard from the financial department, she could only get a loan with Su Yu’s permission.
It was torture…
Harassing the staff in the financial department for a long while, she was sent away.
Discouraged, she went with her agent to shoot the commercial.
It was afternoon when she came back.

Is President Su in the company?

She asked the girl at the reception upon coming back.

He is,
the girl answered with a smile.

Oh. Thank you…

She wondered how to broach the topic to Su Yu.
If she didn’t talk to him, the money deposited in the hospital for Lin Hang’s treatment wouldn’t be enough.
The medical fees in the country were exorbitant, especially for patients with uremia who needed frequent dialysis.
With this thought weighing on her mind, she got upstairs and walked to the door of the President’s Office.

Is President Su in there?

Yes, he is.
An looked at her meaningfully.

He’s in there alone?
Han Yueyao asked worriedly.

No. Miss Nie is in there.

Miss Nie? Nie Lingxuan?
Han Yueyao was surprised.

Yeah. Miss Nie took a movie and is talking about the details with President Su.

Oh, oh… I’ll come back later.

Don’t. Go in now. You don’t need to be so polite…
An smirked.

Damn… The words you’re saying sound weird…

I’m serious. Go on in. President Su will go out to meet people in a while and you won’t see him today. Do you have something to say to him?

Yes, yes. I do.
Han Yueyao nodded repeatedly.

Then go in…

Um… Mr. An, I’d like to ask you first. Can you do me a favor?


Hearing An’s quick agreement, she was excited.

Yeah. I can help you with anything except loaning money.

Han Yueyao:

Come on. Tell me what you want.
An looked at her in puzzlement.

It’s… nothing.

Mr. An was a famous miser. Coming from a poor family, he deposited all his money in the bank for fixed interest rates.
So, he never lent money to others, especially after he was scammed by a girl whom he met on Shake it.
His words made it impossible for Han Yueyao to continue.
After careful thinking, she decided to go back to and consider other options; maybe she could try and ask Sister Mian for the loan.
As she was about to leave, the door to the office opened.

An, get me a copy of the movie plans for the second half of the year,
said Su Yu.

Huh? What are you doing here?
He was surprised to see Han Yueyao who looked quite hesitant standing outside his office.

Um… I came to talk to you.

Shit. I’m busy. Tell me what you want; if you have nothing important to say, get out of here…

Su Yu’s attitude toward Han Yueyao was obviously different from his attitude to Nie Lingxuan.
He was mild to Nie Lingxuan but also distant.
Despite his rough and careless attitude toward Han Yueyao, he was obviously closer to her.

Su Yu, um… SOS…

What do you mean?
Hearing her mumbling, Su Yu looked puzzled.
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