Chapter 4307 - Battle Begins (7)

Chapter 4307: Battle Begins (7)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations


What did you do during the winter vacation?
Pudding asked.

Nothing big. Had supper with my grandparents and then went with my dad to his office for one day. It’s boring. I usually stay home to watch movies and play games. Today I came with Mom to her office at the bureau.

You’re well-behaved.

What else can I do?

How about your Sister Tiantian?

Don’t mess with me…

I’m not messing with you. She’s your relative… After all, she’s your aunt’s daughter.

She can only fool my aunt. To be honest, my dad, mom, and I don’t like her.

Why not?

She’s bitchy…

Wei Yunchu spoke little but his comments were always to the point;
was an appropriate word to describe Tiantian.
Pudding didn’t show it, but she felt happy that Wei Yunchu wasn’t fooled by that young girl.

Little Bean and I will go to Disneyland tomorrow. Do you want me to buy something for you?
Pudding asked.

Do I need to pay? If I don’t have to pay, you can buy some for me…

Why are you such a miser? Your family is so rich…

Their money isn’t mine. It belongs to my grandpa and my dad. I’m still young and can’t make money yet… I have no right to spend money extravagantly.

Pudding appreciated Wei Yunchu’s words.

I’ll buy something I like. I hope you’ll like them…

I’ll like anything you buy for me.


Pudding bit on her lip, looking a bit shy…

When will you and Little Bean come back?

I’m not sure. Dad arranged a lot of places for us to go. Auntie said we won’t go home until one month later.

One month? So long…

Yeah, it’s a long time. But Dad has reasons to make this arrangement. I’ll follow his instructions.


You can come to the States, too. Yunchu, your English is great and you can communicate with people here without a problem.

Pudding issued the invitation.

My grandparents might not agree. They’re very traditional and always think it’s not safe in the States. I’m young and they won’t allow me to travel with people other than my parents…

Right. Then I’ll see you when we’re back.

Yeah. Have fun.


Don’t catch a cold. The temperatures drop sharply during the night, right?

Yeah. Keep warm yourself. See you later.

Hanging up the call, Wei Yunchu kept his word and transferred 500 yuan to Little Bean through red packets.
Little Bean was surprised.

Yunchu, I was joking. You took it seriously…

I always keep my word…

Haha. You’re manly. I’ve become your fan…
Little Bean sent him a voice message.
After doing a psychiatric analysis for a suspect, Jiang Xiaowei walked out to her son talking to Pudding on video.
She waited until the conversation was over and said,
Son, you’re awesome. You know how to charm girls at such a young age.

Nonsense. Mom, it’s illegal to spread rumors.

Haha. It’s not a rumor. I stated a fact… Tell me, you miss Pudding, right?

Wei Yunchu’s face reddened at this question.

Whoa. My prince is blushing. Hahaha…

Mom… Aren’t you busy today? Go back to your work. Stay out of my business.

Wei Yunchu pushed his mother into the office.
At this moment, Gao Ran walked into the room, dressed in a police uniform.


Huh? Chief Gao, what are you doing here?
Jiang Xiaowei was surprised.
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