Chapter 4309 - Battle Begins (9)

Chapter 4309: Battle Begins (9)
Noodletown Translations 
Noodletown Translations
Fortunately, Gao Ran reacted swiftly and caught Jiang Xiaowei before she hit the floor.

Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian in disbelief.
She had known Huo Mian for a long time and the latter had never gotten angry with her. Seeing Huo Mian’s rude reaction today, Jiang Xiaowei had the feeling that the woman before her was a stranger.


I’m sorry, Xiaowei…

Xiao Mian, you overreacted. What’s wrong with you?
Gao Ran looked puzzled.

I… don’t like to have contact with machines in the hospital. I’m afraid of them. You see, I haven’t gone to South Side and the First Hospital… I have a negative feeling towards hospitals. I’m sorry, Xiaowei. I didn’t mean it…

It’s fine. It’s fine.
Jiang Xiaowei was still unsettled…
Regaining her balance, she looked at Huo Mian and found her words not convincing.

Mian, talk to Xiaowei about your relationship with Chu. She’s a psychologist and can do psychological counseling for you. I think your mind… hasn’t been stable lately.

Forget it. No one can help me with this. If that’s all, I’ve got to go. I told my mom I’d go shopping with her.

You’re leaving now?
Jiang Xiaowei looked at her.

Xiaowei, I’ll see you another day. Bye.

Huo Mian seemed very repellent to the machine in Jiang Xiaowei’s office and wouldn’t enter it at all.
She left hurriedly.

Mian… is indeed weird… I can’t name how.

Looking at Huo Mian’s departing back, Jiang Xiaowei’s eyes turned unreadable.

See? I told you she’s depressed. Otherwise she wouldn’t have come up with the weird idea of divorce. That’s bullshit… I’m truly worried about them.

Gao Ran had planned to have Jiang Xiaowei do psychological counseling for Huo Mian, but the latter refused to cooperate. He had to give it up.
But this incident planted a seed of doubt in Jiang Xiaowei’s heart; after all, Huo Mian had never behaved like this before.
But she didn’t talk about it with Gao Ran; she kept her doubts to herself.


Sky Blessing Court.
After Yang Meirong was discharged from the hospital, she was accompanied by two bodyguards and a caretaker; she had gradually recovered.
Meanwhile, Zhixin still travelled between his home and the hospital, taking care of the unconscious Bella.
Huo Mian drove the Ferrari to Sky Blessing Court and opened the door with her key.
But the moment she entered she was startled by a dog which was lunging at her.


Bark, bark…

The dog lunged at her ferociously and tore at her clothes viciously.


Instantly, she kicked the dog to one side with supernatural force; the dog screamed pathetically and fell to the floor on its side and began to convulse all over.


What’s happening?

Yang Meirong was making dumplings with the caretaker in the kitchen. Hearing the sounds, she ran out to see what was happening.
She saw the dog lying on its side, whining pitifully in pain; it looked like it was dying.
She then looked at the door and saw Huo Mian standing there with a gloomy expression.

Mian, what happened?
Yang Meirong asked.

Didn’t I tell you not to keep dogs? Where did you get the dog? It almost bit me; fortunately, I reacted quickly…
Huo Mian said coldly.

Chu bought me the German Shepherd Dog to keep me company. It’s been trained and doesn’t attack people.

What do you mean? You’d rather believe a dog than me?
Huo Mian stared at Yang Meirong.
Seeing the fierce look in Huo Mian’s eyes, Yang Meirong was startled, feeling as if the woman before her wasn’t her daughter.


Huo Mian had never looked so ferocious.
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