Chapter 3027: Palace of Eternal Life

"Huh? From the meaning of this remark, it seems that his master has completely gone into magic for the sake of longevity. He had to do his best to help his master and eventually caused himself to fall." Wu Di saw this, With a sigh, he said, "This is a good apprentice. Even if he dies, there is no resentment."
"How can you believe that what he said is true?" Fang Ruyu said silently.
"Lao Fang, do you even understand this? One is hating and the other is relieved. Who do you say is true or false?" Wu Di shouted.
Qin Nan showed helplessness, could this also make a noise?
At this moment, the stele suddenly felt a little trembling, and the text on the stele seemed to come alive. Each stroke was split and combined with that picture, and finally formed a mysterious array method.
Under the matrix method, another line was added.
Eighty years of the practice, leaving loved ones.
The eyes of the three were all bright.
The inheritance left by the longevity emperor?
"Isn't there any fraud?" Wu Di said with vigilance, "the old thing won't reappear after we go in, saying that we choose to trust his apprentice."
"The possibility is very high. After all, this Longevity Valley is distributed by the old man. If his apprentice left an opportunity here, can the old man not know?" Fang Ruyu was even more suspicious.
"In this case, let's take a look at this battlefield first to see if there are any discoveries. If there are no great opportunities, then come and try again." Qin Nan thought for a while and said, "He is the apprentice. The possibility of staying is also very high. After all, this is already in the depths of Changsheng Valley. Most people will be killed as soon as they come in. There is no need to make it so complicated in this depth. "
"Anyway, let's take a look." Wu Di has been a lot conservative this time. The last thing made him quite annoyed. After all, if they chose the right one, the jade statue of Empress Red Sleeve could stay.
Based on the relationship between Qin Nan and the Empress of Red Sleeve, when dealing with the Seven Greatest treasures, the Empress of Red Sleeve will definitely help them.
"Um." Qin Nan continued to move forward.
After a while, they came to the edge of the battlefield. Unexpectedly, a sea suddenly appeared in front of them. The seawater was purple, and there were countless gray flames burning on the surface, which made the three Qin Nan hairs upside down.
This sea, I am afraid, is the land where it fell, with the bodies of two immortals.
The immortal emperor's body is extremely precious, and it will inevitably attract countless strong people to compete in the heavens and the world.
Wu Di's eyes are also hot, but in their current situation, if they enter the sea to find the body of the immortal Emperor, even if he casts a ban again, there is only a dead end.
This must at least reach the level of Xianhuang before being able to step into it!
"In this case, I can only go in and take a bet." Qin Nan took a breath and said.
Neither Wu Di nor Fang Ruyu said anything, but his face was gradually dignified.
The three quickly returned to the stone monument, without much hesitation, decisively turned into a light, and flew into the array.
For a while, the sky and the earth turned, the three of them fell into a strange space, looked up and looked forward, only to see that the sky and the earth were white and vast, only a towering mountain stood in front of them.
On the top of the mountain, there is a quaint hall, where all three of Qin Nan can clearly see. There is a gold plaque hanging on the hall, with the words Changsheng Hall.
In addition, the atmosphere here is very peaceful, making people unconsciously calm down.
"Huh? Isn't that old thing?" Wu Di's eyes brightened.
"Look up the mountain." Qin Nan moved, flew up to the foot of the mountain and walked up, looking at everything carefully.
The mountains are full of ancient trees, each of which is full of vitality, with different colors of fairy flowers blooming in succession, making people look good.
In addition, a mysterious atmosphere flowed in the mountains, which made them suppressed a lot.
This situation made Wu Di be shocked and rejoiced. If everything was peaceful and satisfactory, it would be too false.
When approaching the top of the mountain, Wu Di and Fang Ruyu frowned at the same time: "There seems to be someone on top of the mountain."
"Someone?" Qin Nan said for a moment, and said, "People at the Gate of Heaven?"
"It's not clear. I've been suppressed a lot here. I can't perceive it clearly. I can only perceive the breath of a monk." Wu Di frowned. "In theory, it should not be the person of Tiandi Men, and Changshenggu is so dangerous. They entered from other places and couldn't get here. "
"Go up and take a look." Qin Nan quickened his pace. After a few breaths, he came to the top of the mountain and saw the scene in front of the Changsheng Hall.
In front of the Palace of Eternal Life, there is a dojo with a vast area, with four stone pillars, and no other things. At this time, there are seven monks sitting in the middle of the dojo, their bodies shining with repeated fairy lights, as if in retreat. .
"Huh?" Qin Nan couldn't help but hesitate. The seven people were very familiar with him. It was the seven emperors who were playing against him at that time.
How are they here?
Could it be that……
Qin Nan glanced at the closed door, and Cang was in it?
"Who is this?" At this moment, Han Zhaosheng, the seventh son of the Emperor of Heaven in retreat, opened his eyes suddenly and gave a loud drink.
The other six were all alarmed and opened their eyes.
"Oh? Can you find me?" Qin Nan raised a brow and perceived it carefully. He couldn't help but startle a little. He didn't expect that the progress of these seven people was so rapid, all of them reached the level of God King, and they were all in God King Yae. To the point.
Not long ago, they became the Supreme Supreme, the foundation has just stabilized, and now they are the king Yae, apparently after they entered the Chaos Palace, they had a huge gain.
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