Chapter 3039: Go to war

The seaside of the star sea, in the void, under the sheltering umbrella that was sacrificed by the spirit of Tianjibang, Qin Nan and others are all here, but their breath is covered by the sheltering umbrella, even if it is seven They are not even noticeable.
"Bottom! Immortal! God brother is too bullish!" Ji Xuan and Gu Fei looked at the situation in front of them, immediately bursting out swear words, the whole person was excited.
Qin Nan and Tongtian Daoshu all looked shocked and inexplicable, and never expected that the spirit of the Tianji list allowed himself to reach the level of the fairy king.
Both of them are peak emperors, so they are qualified to see the gate to Xianmen, so they know very well how difficult it is to break through the fairy king.
Not to mention, after ten thousand years, the spirit of the Tianji list has been secretive, and it is not yet possible to make a breakthrough in the blue sky.
"He did not break through the immortal king." Wu Di suddenly said: "This should be a certain ability of the innate Taoism, which has temporarily broken him, and it must have paid a small price."
When Wu Di said here, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion: "This boy hasn't known how long he has been for today, it's really hard for him."
Qin Nan and others heard that all were silent. In this world, they have never been stronger for no reason.
At the same time, Wei An's body was above him.
In the eyes of the Seven Great Treasures and Elder Zuo Xuan, the spirit of Tianjibang in the realm of the peak God is like the same flame. The spirit of Tianjibang in the realm of fairy kings is just a cluster of flames.
However, the innate light shining on the spirits of Tianjibang made them feel dazzling, making their hearts slightly depressed.
"Congenital ... Taoism!"
At this moment, Donghuang Taixu Chain and other seven treasures, as well as the old man Zuo Xuan, all showed shocked faces, and couldn't believe their eyes at all.
One of the top ten innate!
Existing on a par with the innate chaos!
When the Seventh Great Treasure followed the Lord of the Blue Sky, I once encountered the owner of this a priori body. At that time, the Lord of the Blue Sky was not strong, but the latter became the legend of the whole world. Shocked everywhere!
Therefore, they never imagined that the legendary innate body would appear in such a weak world, or an artifact of a treasure!
"Did you already awaken the a priori?" Old Zuo Xuan remembered something suddenly.
"Yes! So, do you know how painful I endured that year? How painful did I endure in these ten thousand years?" The spirit of Tianjibang was full of anger, and his anger caused the void in all directions, Trembled.
Donghuang Taixu Chain waited for the treasures, and the light on her body changed slightly, at this time it felt quite tricky.
They have followed the Lord of the Blue Sky. Of course they understand the power of this innate body. Although the cultivation of the spirit of the Celestial List is not high enough to threaten them, any innate body has a characteristic and is not a giant. Before, it would never fall easily!
They have no doubt about this, because they saw how the Lord of the Qingqiang died in the past, and how it turned out to be bad.
Therefore, if they are at war with the spirit of Tianjibang, they are likely to kill the spirit of Tianjibang.
Moreover, the speed at which the innate body grows is quite horrible. It took 10,000 years for the Spirit of the Celestial List to become the immortal king. That is because he has to forbear and has too few opportunities.
If the spirit of the Tianji List enters all realms of the heavens, I am afraid that in a thousand years, it will step into the realm of quasi-perfect emperor and begin to impact the immortal emperor!
There is also a great possibility to become a true fairy emperor!
From the point of view of interest, they are best to turn Gan Ge into jade!
After all, there is no deep hatred between each other.
The old man Zuo Xuan received the divine thoughts from the Seven Great Treasures, and quickly responded. He sighed and trembled, saying, "Taoyou, what happened in the past is indeed that I can't live with you, but the death of Lier It is a foregone conclusion, I am indeed powerless to return to heaven. "
"You, Daoyou, have congenital Taoism. The future is limitless. We don't have to worry about it. Our trip is only to take the body of the Lord of the Green Dome, and other opportunities can be given to Daoyou."
"The plot has come to an end. On April 20th, the finale and Fanwai will be released on the public account, and you can search for prestige evil in the prestige to pay attention to it in advance."
"Lao Shi also understands that Dao You is a man of righteousness and will not be moved by these opportunities. However, as long as he can resolve the resentment of Dao You, Dao You will try his best."
Ji Xuan and Gu Fei watching this scene in secret, scolded the shameless old thief almost at the same time!
The seven old treasures and the old man Zuo Xuan are really shameless, and they have not bothered yet, and now they start to draw attention!
"Do your best?"
The spirit of the Tianji list heard the words, could not help but laugh loudly, the laughter was thunderous, free and easy.
"I knew it today, why bother!"
"Zuo Xuan, you used my beloved life to play with me, and your seven traitors, in order to realize your ambitions, play the entire upper world!"
"So you want to win me over? It's just delusional!"
"Today, you must be cut under your sword!"
A sound of a sword rang, and the sound of countless innate lights continued to shine, turning into a congenital sword in the hands of the spirit of Tianjibang, swinging the boundless sword.
The old man Zuo Xuan stared.
"So arrogant!"
Donghuang Taixu Chain's complexion instantly cooled down: "We saw that it is not easy for you to awaken the innate Tao, and you are given this opportunity. When you are afraid of us, you will not be able to awaken? A person who awakens the inborn Tao will have a powerful Holy Spirit , Presumably the Holy Spirit in your body told you that the innate body will hardly be killed until it becomes a giant. "
"But this is not absolute. Even if you can't kill you today, it can also suppress you forever under this sea of ​​stars, and it will not be too late for you to refine the chaotic body!"
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