Chapter 2894 - Rapid Improvement

Chapter 2894 – Rapid Improvement
This is a real Tier 5?
Cold Shadow and her subordinates were all deeply shocked by the strength Shi Feng displayed.
The Evil Beast Soldiers’ Basic Attributes far surpassed those of the average Tier 4 player. Even Tier 4 players wielding Fragmented Legendary Weapons and had Mana Bodies developed to the 110% Completion Rate would have difficulty going up against these Mythic monsters.
Yet, Shi Feng had immobilized the 100-plus Evil Blood Soldiers after deploying his Mana Domain. If this Mana Domain were used against players, the results would be unimaginable.
Cold Shadow and the others had already gotten a solid understanding of how powerful Tier 5 existences were from watching Shi Feng’s fight against Beast Emperor and Saint’s Hand. But it was only after experiencing Shi Feng’s power in person that they understood the terror of Tier 5 existences.
When subject to Shi Feng’s Mana Domain, they would be fortunate if they could even move their bodies to launch an attack at him, let alone trade blows with him.
Truthfully, this outcome gave even Shi Feng himself a bit of a surprise.
He never thought that his Mana Domain would improve so much after equipping one Legendary Equipment. If it were before he had upgraded the Nightwalker’s Cape, his Mana Domain would reduce the mobility of monsters like the Evil Blood Soldiers by 60%, at most. It couldn’t have lowered these monsters’ combat power by over 70%.

I’ll keep those four Stalkers busy! You guys deal with those Soldiers!
Shi Feng commanded after seeing that the Evil Blood monsters didn’t halt their charge. He then activated Blade Domain, created four magic swords, and launched them at the four Evil Blood Stalkers.
Although Blade Domain was only a Tier 4 Legacy Skill, in Shi Feng’s hands, every magic sword carried power close to the Tier 5 Advanced standard. Even Superior Mythic monsters couldn’t take such powerful attacks.
When the four magic swords collided with the Evil Blood Stalkers, they pierced through the monsters’ armor like a hot knife through butter. The four Stalkers let loose agonized cries on the spot, and a damage value nearing 300 million appeared above each of their heads. Their HP bars also fell by a visible chunk.
Apart from dealing significant damage, Shi Feng’s attacks had also inflicted serious injuries to the four Stalkers, further reducing the Superior Mythic monsters’ combat power.
Upon seeing this, the nearby Evil Blood Soldiers shuddered involuntarily. If this weren’t a secret land but a forest in the outside world, they would’ve most likely turned tail and fled already.
This scene stunned Cold Shadow and the others.
Given this ability to inflict such frightening damage, Shi Feng could easily kill all of the Evil Blood monsters present by himself.
After Shi Feng pinned down the four Evil Blood Stalkers, he shouted,
It’s your turn now!

Fire Dance and the others immediately split up and charged at the slowly advancing Evil Blood Soldiers. The members of Cold Shadow’s group also snapped out of their daze and went into action. However, instead of tackling the Evil Blood Soldiers in groups, everyone found a specific Evil Blood Soldier to take on alone.
Everyone knew that Shi Feng had created an opportunity for them to familiarize themselves with the Evil God’s Secret Land’s environment. If they didn’t maximize this opportunity, they were unlikely to receive another one later on. After all, they were currently at the secret land’s entrance, which was typically the safest place in a secret land. Once they moved deeper into the secret land, they would face more challenging situations and wouldn’t necessarily have the leeway to familiarize themselves with the environment then.
While Shi Feng could still take control of the situation, they naturally had to make the most of these Evil Blood monsters.
For a time, Zero Wing’s members fought separate battles in the forest. All of them took on at least one Evil Blood Soldier, while Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, Yan Tianxing, Yi Luofei, and Cold Shadow, among others, took on two or more Evil Blood Soldiers simultaneously. Everyone placed themselves at the edge of danger to familiarize themselves with the operating principles of Mana.
Time passed quickly, four hours going by in the blink of an eye.
Yet, even after four hours had elapsed, the Evil Blood Soldiers’ HPs remained above 99%. They were practically intact. Even the four Evil Blood Stalkers Shi Feng fought had hardly lost any HP, all four of them retaining more than 80% of their HPs.
However, while the Evil Blood monsters might’ve sustained barely any damage, all the Tier 4 players had made significant improvements.
Initially, everyone’s movements when fighting the Evil Blood Soldiers had been awkward. Now, their movements were as smooth as flowing water, evidence that they had acclimatized to the ambient Mana. However, they still would occasionally feel a sense of disharmony or blockage when using Skills, Spells, or combat techniques.
So, this is how the various elements of Mana work?
While evading and blocking the attacks of four Evil Blood Soldiers, White Feather had an epiphany. Her aura immediately skyrocketed in intensity, and she started having a much easier time dodging the Mythic monsters’ attacks. Her Mana Body’s Completion Rate had finally reached the 110% threshold.
At this moment, White Feather felt as if all the questions she had accumulated before had received answers in one fell swoop, and a burst of power flooded her body.
White Feather wasn’t the only one to achieve a breakthrough. Many others did so as well.
Cold Shadow had successfully pushed her Mana Body to the 115% Completion Rate roughly an hour ago. Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose achieved even more astonishing results. Before entering the Evil God’s Secret Land, the two had already developed their Mana Bodies to the 115% Completion Rate. Now, they had reached the legendary 120% threshold. They were truly monsters.
At this time, Shi Feng even suspected that Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose could get promoted to Tier 5 should they wish. After all, the two of them were having too easy a time against the Evil Blood Soldiers. Their grasp of the operating principles of Mana had reached perfection. They were entirely capable of creating their Tier 5 Mana Bodies.
After Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose was Violet Cloud. While she hadn’t reached the 120% Completion Rate yet, she was very close. And after Violet Cloud were Fire Dance, Yan Tianxing, and Yi Luofei.
While Zero Wing’s Tier 4 members were frenziedly sparring with the Evil Blood Soldiers, large batches of NPCs came through the World Passage one after another. Their arrival terrified the scouts the various superpowers had sent to monitor the World Passage.

It’s over! It’s over!

Why are there so many Tier 4 NPCs?!

When the Tier 4 Assassins saw the NPC army emerging from the World Passage, despair filled their hearts.
This was because Tier 4 NPCs composed roughly 1% of the NPC army. In other words, there was one Tier 4 NPC in every 100 NPCs in the army. At this time, the portion of the NPC army that had crossed over to the eastern continent already exceeded ten million. This meant that more than 100,000 Tier 4 NPCs had crossed over to the eastern continent. And more NPCs were yet to come.
Moreover, the average kingdom had only a little over a thousand Tier 4 NPCs operating within its borders. Even if hidden Tier 4 NPCs were included, this number would only hover around two or three thousand. Tier 4 NPCs were not cabbages that one could find anywhere.
Nevertheless, the Outerworld forces had dispatched three times more NPCs than they had previously.
During the first War of Worlds, the eastern continent had lost nearly 20 kingdoms to the Outerworld forces. In this upcoming war, even empires wouldn’t be safe.
After the eastern continent’s various forces received this piece of news, they all fell silent.
The Outerworld’s NPC latest army thoroughly exceeded the various forces’ expectations. If they factored in the Outerworld’s player forces, it wouldn’t be impossible for the Outerworld forces to conquer the entire eastern continent.
Meanwhile, the threat posed by the Outerworld NPC army had the eastern continent’s various player forces frantically recruiting helpers. Many superpowers even contacted the western continent’s player forces. And upon receiving the request for help, the western continent’s player forces agreed without hesitation. After all, once the Outerworld forces took over the eastern continent, their next target would be the sea and the western continent.
For a time, anxiety enveloped both players and NPCs native to the eastern continent.
However, Shi Feng and the others inside the Evil God’s Secret Land were wholly unaware of the situation outside. They were still sparring with the Evil Beast Stalkers and Soldiers.
After everyone had sparred for over a dozen hours and resolved most of their problems, Shi Feng gave the command to start culling the Evil Blood Soldiers.
The Mythic monsters of a God Mode Secret Land were unquestionably powerful. Even when working together in groups of 20, Fire Dance and the others took over a dozen minutes to kill just one Evil Blood Soldier; if not for Shi Feng’s Mana Domain, they might’ve taken more than an hour.
Shi Feng fared much better. In the time Fire Dance and the others took to kill one Evil Blood Soldier, he had already killed all four Evil Blood Stalkers.
Due to the four Evil Blood Stalkers’ deaths, everyone in the team leveled up twice. Even Shi Feng had reached Level 157.
And after he landed the killing blow that finished off all four Evil Blood Stalkers simultaneously, the loot that appeared made Cold Shadow and the others rub their eyes in doubt.
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