Chapter 2912 - Confidence

Chapter 2912 – Confidence When Shi Feng took out two old and tattered designs, Fang Shihan initially discounted them. She still thought that his decision was too rash. While the five first-rate Guilds in question might not have as many peak experts as the various superpowers, they still had over 300,000 Tier 3 players under their command, with some even having 400,000. Such a large force of Tier 3 players could influence the Twin Towers Kingdom’s defensive battle significantly.
Even the current Zero Wing only had around 1.2 million Tier 3 players, just the average for a superpower.
However, after Fang Shihan took a look at the text on the designs, she immediately fell into a daze.

Guild Leader, are you playing a trick on me?
Fang Shihan couldn’t help asking.
She had seen many treasures during her time in Mythology. However, no matter how she looked at the designs for the Blue Thunder Flying Ship and Flame Beast Puppet, she still felt as if she was dreaming.
At this stage of the game, the Five Great Super Guilds had already acquired their own Flying Ships. However, those were only Basic Flying Ships, which were significantly inferior to the Crimson Flying Ship, let alone the Blue Thunder Flying Ship. As for Combat Puppets, as far as she knew, Mythology’s strongest Combat Puppets were three Mysterious-Iron Combat Puppets, which were used to safeguard Mythology’s main headquarters. Mythology had even tasked Tier 4 NPCs to keep a constant watch on these war weapons to prevent theft.

Do you think I need to do that?
Shi Feng chuckled when he saw Fang Shihan’s skeptical look.
He could understand Fang Shihan’s doubts. Mysterious-Iron Flying Ships and Secret-Silver Combat Puppets shouldn’t be available to players at this stage of the game, let alone the designs for them. With these designs, so long as Zero Wing had sufficient materials, it could produce a plethora of these war weapons. And with the power of these war weapons, Zero Wing could devastate the entire continent.

Sure! I’ll go and reject those Guilds now!
Fang Shihan said, smiling. A hint of excitement also gleamed in her eyes.
Although she had already grown accustomed to holding a powerful identity and position during her time as one of Mythology’s Vice Guild Leaders, her heart still swelled with excitement and expectations. If Zero Wing could produce the Blue Thunder Flying Ship and Flame Beast Puppet in time, it was almost certain to win the upcoming defensive battle at the Twin Towers Kingdom.
Afterward, the five first-rate Guilds and numerous second-rate Guilds peacefully developing in the kingdoms neighboring the Twin Towers Kingdom received Fang Shihan’s overbearing response.
Fang Shihan did not embellish her message with any redundant words. Instead, her reply contained only one word.
The five first-rate Guilds and many second-rate Guilds were dumbfounded upon seeing this response.
What arrogance! Zero Wing is simply too arrogant!

Zero Wing isn’t taking our five Guilds seriously at all!

When the Guild Leaders of the five first-rate Guilds, who had gathered for a meeting, saw Fang Shihan’s reply, they unanimously jumped out of their seats and cursed in anger.
Before the War of Worlds began, the superpowers held incredibly powerful influence over God’s Domain, such that first-rate Guilds like theirs could only bear with the injustice and live with their heads down. However, after the Outerworld’s NPC army invaded, the eastern continent’s superpowers had no choice but to beg the first-rate Guilds for help to defend their territories and roots.
Yet despite facing imminent danger, Zero Wing actually dared tell their five Guilds to scram. Zero Wing was simply tired of living!

If Zero Wing wants to be arrogant, let it!
the Guild Leader of Holy Seal sneered as he read Fang Shihan’s reply.
Once the battle at the Twin Towers Kingdom begins, we’ll see how Zero Wing continues behaving arrogantly when it lacks manpower!

That’s right! Since Zero Wing looks down on us, we’ll just help other superpowers! Zero Wing will live to regret its decision today!
the Guild Leader of another first-rate Guild said, nodding.
If Zero Wing asks us for help later on, it won’t get such a good price from us again!

Many superpowers had already sent representatives to deliver invitations to their five first-rate Guilds. Among them, Starlink’s offer was particularly generous. Their five Guilds had no need to worry about finding a superpower to employ them for their services.
Their five first-rate Guilds combined could field a massive army of 1.6 million Tier 3 players and 64 Tier 4 players. Apart from peak experts and apex experts, the alliance of their five Guilds was not the slightest bit weaker than the average superpower. This was the basis of their confidence.
Once their five Guilds went to aid Starlink and Starlink’s side repelled the Outerworld’s NPC army, Zero Wing would definitely regret rejecting their offer.
And once Zero Wing came begging them for help, they would thoroughly bleed the Guild for every penny it had.
The other three Guild Leaders nodded in agreement, wanting Zero Wing to taste the misery of defending the Twin Towers Kingdom without their five Guilds.
Following this, the five first-rate Guilds collaborated with the uncommitted second-rate Guilds and accepted Starlink’s invitation to join the Dark Night Empire’s defensive line. This sudden development caught even Lu Tiandi off guard momentarily.

Young Master, what do you think is going through Black Flame’s mind?
Yi Kui asked curiously as he looked at the signed contracts he just received.
The combined force of these five first-rate Guilds is by no means weak, and even the Super Guilds over at the Fire Dragon Empire have eagerly sought their help. With how much these five Guilds covet Zero Wing City and Ancient Rock City, even if Zero Wing allots only a small portion of those two cities’ shares to them, these five Guilds would probably agree to help Zero Wing. Yet, now…

Black Flame is just too prideful. He thinks that just because he is a Tier 5 Sword Saint and God’s Domain’s strongest player, he doesn’t need to fear the Outerworld’s NPC army,
Lu Tiandi said nonchalantly.
He doesn’t know just how powerful the NPC army is. Once the real battle begins, even Tier 5 players will be nothing but a joke!

If it were before Lu Tiandi had clashed with the Outerworld’s NPC army, he would have considered Shi Feng’s decision unwise but understandable. After all, Tier 5 players were many times stronger than Tier 4 players. It wouldn’t even be surprising to see a Tier 5 player single-handedly destroy a city.
However, after experiencing the Dark Night Empire’s defensive battle against the Outerworld’s NPC army, Lu Tiandi now understood that while Tier 5 NPCs were indeed powerful, they weren’t invincible. This was especially true in battlefields that involved war weapons and Tier 4 NPCs using battle arrays.
Every targeted city in the Dark Night Empire would face at least ten battle arrays formed by Tier 4 NPCs and around 500 Tier 4 NPCs. Even if a superpower dispatched all its Tier 4 players, it wouldn’t be able to do a thing against such a force. Not to mention, Zero Wing was going to defend an entire kingdom by itself, so there was no way it could afford to concentrate all its Tier 4 players in one battlefield.
Moreover, unlike the previous War of Worlds, the Outerworld’s NPC army had many more Tier 5 NPCs in its ranks this time. Just one Tier 5 player couldn’t do anything against the Outerworld’s NPC army. A large number of Tier 3 and Tier 4 players was necessary to whittle down the NPC army and achieve victory. Otherwise, the Outerworld’s NPC army would simply trample over the Twin Towers Kingdom’s cities and fortresses.

But this is good for us. If not for Black Flame’s arrogance, these five first-rate Guilds wouldn’t have joined us,
Lu Tiandi said, smiling.
Starlink wasn’t the only superpower defending the Dark Night Empire. There were also Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul. Only, the three Guilds were separately defending their respective territories.
If Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul failed to defend the NPC cities and fortresses they operated, both Guilds would suffer a major setback. After all, both Guilds had their headquarters in the Dark Night Empire.
However, while the eastern continent’s various superpowers were discussing Zero Wing’s unwise decision, Zero Wing continued operating as usual. The Guild frenziedly recruited God’s Domain’s newcomers and sequentially developed Zero Wing City and Ancient Rock City. It also relied on the Tier 3 Legacies from the Secret Covenant Tower to steadily increase its Tier 3 population.
The five first-rate Guilds’ partnership with Starlink did not affect Zero Wing’s operations at all. On the contrary, the number of independent experts coming to help defend the Twin Towers Kingdom even skyrocketed.
This was because after Zero Wing garrisoned Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon Kingdom’s NPC cities established direct teleportation links to Zero Wing’s Guild Cities. This was a great convenience for players seeking to travel to Zero Wing’s Guild Cities. The ability to teleport straight to Ancient Rock City was especially welcomed by players seeking to explore and raid the Orc Capital City.
Because of the popularity of this new teleportation service, Fang Shihan created a bounty system for Outerworld NPCs. Under this bounty system, players would receive five points for killing a Tier 3 NPC, 500 points for killing a Tier 4 NPC, and 100,000 points for killing a Tier 5 NPC. Players would also receive ranks according to the points they accumulated.
Players that accumulated 100,000 bounty points would receive the bronze rank, which would entitle them to a lifetime discount of 5% on entrance fees and accommodation fees for all of Zero Wing’s Guild Cities. At 1,000,000 points, players would receive the silver rank and enjoy a 10% discount. At 10,000,000 points, players would receive the gold rank and enjoy a 20% discount.
After the announcement of this bounty system, over a million Tier 3 independent experts and 200 Tier 4 independent experts flooded into the Twin Towers Kingdom’s border cities and fortresses from other kingdoms in just one day. All of them sought to accumulate Zero Wing’s bounty points to reduce their expenditure in Ancient Rock City and Zero Wing City.
The various superpowers grew envious over this situation and promptly adopted Zero Wing’s ranking system. Only, the results weren’t as effective. While independent players were flooding the Twin Towers Kingdom, Shi Feng gathered the Candlelight Trading Firm’s elites and began frantically researching, then manufacturing the Blue Thunder Flying Ship and Flame Beast Puppet. Manufacturing these two war weapons didn’t require just precious materials but also high-level forging techniques, alchemy techniques, enchanting techniques, and knowledge of magic arrays. Grandmaster-level Lifestyle players had to take charge of the process. The Blue Thunder Flying Ship, in particular, required the cooperation of three Grandmaster Forgers.
In the current God’s Domain, only the Candlelight Trading Firm could provide such manpower.
Even after researching for an entire day, Shi Feng and the others only managed to scratch the surface of the design. It would take several more days to construct a Blue Thunder Flying Ship. On the other hand, to Shi Feng’s joy, both Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose finally made a full recovery. Apart from losing some of their combat memories and having their combat standards weaken slightly, they experienced no other side effects after taking Life Water.
Moreover, the two of them also succeeded in creating their Tier 5 Mana Bodies and got promoted to Tier 5. This increased Zero Wing’s overall combat power by a large margin.
On the fifth day Shi Feng and Candlelight’s members were working on the Blue Thunder Flying Ship, Fang Shihan, who was responsible for the Twin Towers Kingdom’s defensive preparations, suddenly contacted Shi Feng

Guild Leader! The Outerworld’s NPC army has started moving!

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