Chapter 2917 - Ancient God’s Awakening

Chapter 2917 – Ancient God’s Awakening When the two Fallen Archangels saw that neither Shi Feng nor Iron Soul showed any intention of handing over the Seven Treasures, they both immediately summoned a spear of crimson lightning.


The two Fallen Archangels threw their spears at Shi Feng and Iron Soul simultaneously.
Tier 5 Taboo Skill, Thundering Devastator!
The lightning spears were incredibly fast, leaving red trails as they shot toward their respective targets. The Tier 4 players in the spears’ paths died instantly, their bodies evaporating without a trace. The Tier 4 players killed didn’t even realize that they had died. They only saw a red light enter their vision before they found themselves forcibly logged out of the game. Of those present in the hall, only the Tier 5 players managed to react to the Fallen Archangels’ lightning spears. Iron Soul immediately grabbed his shield and entered a defensive stance when he saw one of the lightning spears coming for him. Simultaneously, spatial barriers formed in front of him one after another, thirty of them tightly packed in front of Iron Soul’s Dark Mist Shield.
This was Iron Soul’s trademark move.
Mana Technique, Boundless Barrier!
Boundless Barrier was also why he managed to block an attack from a Tier 5 Legendary monster when he was still at Tier 4. Now that he was at Tier 5, the technique’s defensive power had also undergone a qualitative transformation. Boom!
The next moment, the lightning spear thrown at Iron Soul pierced through the spatial barriers one after another. However, with each layer the spear penetrated, the spear’s power also weakened. When the spear broke through all 30 layers and landed on Iron Soul’s Dark Mist Shield, the shield acted like a black hole that absorbed all of the spear’s remaining power.
Iron Soul stumbled half a step backward and lost around ten million HP.
For Iron Soul, a Level 186, Tier 5 Guardian Knight, losing ten million HP was nothing. Not to mention, unlike the average Tier 5 Guardian Knight, who had around 200 million HP, Iron Soul’s maximum HP was 300 million. This was because, in addition to coming across many fortuitous opportunities, he also boasted a Legendary Shield.
Iron Soul might not rank at the top among Tier 5 players in Attack Power, but he definitely ranked first in Defense.
This was also what gave Iron Soul the confidence to challenge the various superpowers’ Tier 5 experts. However, before any of the players could voice their awe of Iron Soul’s amazing Defense, the lightning spear thrown at Shi Feng crashed into an invisible wall and deflected toward the hall’s ceiling. The spear then pierced through the ceiling’s defensive magic array and opened a hole in the ceiling, revealing the sky outside.
Everyone was thunderstruck.

What did he do?!

That’s a Tier 5 Taboo Skill we’re talking about!

Many of the Tier 4 experts and even the Five Great Super Guilds’ Tier 5 experts hadn’t caught how Shi Feng had actually deflected a Tier 5 Taboo Skill just now. Moreover, Shi Feng did not receive even a point of damage in the process. He was evidently much stronger than Iron Soul. However, Shi Feng did not relax after turning the Fallen Archangel’s attack. Instead, he shouted,
Everyone, exit the hall immediately! This is Blackwing City! So long as the NPCs arrive, these two Fallen Archangels should leave!

Everyone hurriedly moved their feet when they heard Shi Feng’s words, none of them daring to linger for even a moment longer. Although Shi Feng and Iron Soul had effortlessly stopped the two Fallen Archangels’ attacks, everyone could tell that the Fallen Archangels had merely launched a casual attack just now. Apart from the Tier 5 players present, anyone that accidentally got caught in one of the Fallen Archangels’ attacks would probably vaporize.
After all, these two Fallen Archangels were existences capable of rivaling Tier 6 Gods. Even ordinary Tier 5 players were nothing in front of them. The Tier 4 experts in the hall promptly evacuated. As for the Tier 5 experts, they surrounded the two Fallen Archangels.
I never thought my first battle after being promoted to Tier 5 would be against such monsters. What’s even more surprising is that I’ll be fighting alongside you old monsters,
Mythology’s Odin, who was wearing a white cloak and had completely concealed his face, said as he looked at the several Tier 5 experts around him.

You can fight them by yourself if you don’t want to work together. I won’t stop you,
an old man in dark-gray armor from Netherworld Empire said as he glanced at Odin. As for the elderly men from the three other Super Guilds, they remained silent as they looked at Odin and the old man in dark-gray armor, knowing that these two old men were long-time rivals. If the conference this time did not concern God’s Domain’s continued existence, neither of them would’ve been willing to stay in the same room as the other.
Meanwhile, the two Fallen Archangels before them were existences that even Beyond Domain Realm experts like themselves had to be wary of.
(Xiluwaer) (Fallen Archangel, Legendary)
Level 200
HP 900,000,000,000 (Garudaka) (Fallen Archangel, Legendary)
Level 200
HP 900,000,000,000
Even if all 23 Tier 5 experts worked together, they wouldn’t be able to kill even one of these Fallen Archangels, let alone two.
Lowly ants, learn the consequences of going against the master!
the Fallen Archangel Xiluwaer said as she looked with disdain at the Tier 5 players surrounding her. She then began chanting an incantation.
The magic arrays of three Tier 5 Curses started forming around Xiluwaer, drawing all of the Mana in the hall. Compared to the Taboo Skill she used before, these three Curses were significantly stronger. However, the players present were all Tier 5 experts. They had no intention of letting Xiluwaer complete her incantation. When Xiluwaer began chanting, Odin had already appeared behind her and silently stabbed his translucent Spatial Sword into the Fallen Archangel’s back.
-41,564,786! Damage exceeding 40 million appeared above Xiluwaer’s head. However, Odin showed no excitement whatsoever when he saw this damage. On the contrary, a frown even formed on his face.
What high Defense!
The dark-gray armored old man holding a greatsword exclaimed as he looked at Xiluwaer. Odin’s Attack Power ranked third in their group of five old men. Meanwhile, the attack he just used against Xiluwaer was also his strongest move-a combination of a Tier 5 Skill with the Silver Combat Technique Blade’s Heart.
If a Tier 5 player got hit by this move directly, they would die on the spot. Yet, Odin’s attack only cost the Fallen Archangel 40 million HP. It didn’t even affect Xiluwaer’s chanting in the slightest. After nonchalantly completing the incantations for her Curses, Xiluwaer said,
Ants! Your struggles are futile!

The three Tier 5 Curses’ magic arrays fully took form, and thousands of pitch-black feathers manifested inside the hall. These feathers then transformed into crows made of crimson lightning that flew toward Odin and the others.
A triple Spell combination?
The Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters were momentarily stunned by this situation.
In God’s Domain, merging Spells was much more difficult than merging Skills. However, so long as one succeeded, the result would be much stronger than the fusion of two Skills. Since Xiluwaer had merged three Spells into one, the power of the resulting attack would definitely be unprecedented in God’s Domain.
Immediately, the five old monsters used their respective Lifesaving Skills while doing their best to evade the lightning crows. They were no match for the Fallen Angel Xiluwaer at all. Upon seeing this, Iron Soul, who was going up against the Fallen Angel Garudaka, wore a grim expression on his face. He could sense that every one of these lightning crows carried power at the Tier 6 Basic standard. Although they weren’t as powerful as the earlier lightning spear, their large numbers made it impossible to completely block and dodge them all. Of the players present, only Shi Feng did not find this situation surprising.
A Level 200, Tier 5 Fallen Archangel was basically a Tier 6 God. Meanwhile, killing a group of Tier 5 players was practically child’s play for a Tier 6 God. Normally, players needed to reach Tier 6 to stand a chance against a Tier 5 Fallen Archangel. However, all of the Tier 5 players present had only recently gotten promoted to Tier 5. Their mastery of Mana and equipment standards were nowhere near the passing mark for a Tier 5 player.
Although they had astonishingly high combat standards, they couldn’t bridge the gigantic gap in Basic Attributes. Meanwhile, after Xiluwaer had thoroughly suppressed the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters, Garudaka also took action. Similar to Xiluwaer, Garudaka used a triple Spell combination. However, rather than creating thousands of lightning crows, she created hundreds of lightning swords instead. Although these lightning swords weren’t as flexible as the lightning crows, they were much faster than the lightning crows. Every lightning sword also carried power at the Tier 6 Intermediate standard, and any Tier 5 player that got struck by them would die without question.
For a time, more than 500 lightning swords rampantly attacked Shi Feng, Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and Yan Tianxing. There were also over a hundred lightning swords attacking Iron Soul. This situation forced Shi Feng’s group and Iron Soul to defend themselves frantically. Shi Feng fared relatively well against the lightning swords.
Solomon’s Sword had improved both his soul and World Perception, which allowed him to perceive the lightning swords’ movements with excellent clarity. In addition, as the power of these swords was only at the Tier 6 Intermediate standard, he was more than capable of blocking them with his swords. As for Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and Yan Tianxing, the three worked together to make up for their respective shortcomings. They also had Violet Cloud to provide constant healing and defensive buffs and Shi Feng to cover any blunders.
Hence, no matter how well Garudaka coordinated her lightning swords, she didn’t pose a real threat to Zero Wing’s group of four. Iron Soul, on the other hand, continuously lost HP throughout the battle. Even with Violet Cloud healing him occasionally, his HP still fell steadily.
Guild Leader, we can’t continue like this,
Violet Cloud said as she started having difficulty keeping up with the healing.
These lightning swords are weakening the effects of my Healing Spells. At this rate, he’ll get killed in another ten seconds.

Garudaka’s rampant attacks prevented Iron Soul from approaching their group and vice versa. However, if Iron Soul continued fending off those lightning swords on his own, he was sure to die.

I’ll pin her down, so find an opportunity to group

When Shi Feng saw that Iron Soul had less than half of his HP remaining, he decided to stop holding back and activated World Sword. Immediately, 99 formless swords appeared around Shi Feng, each one carrying power at the Tier 6 Peak standard. Shi Feng then sent these formless swords at Garudaka.
Sword’s Orbit!
When Garudaka sensed the formless swords approaching her, she promptly recalled all her lightning swords to defend herself.
How is he so strong?!
Iron Soul was stunned when he saw Garudaka actively defending herself and at a disadvantage. From what Iron Soul could see, Shi Feng was no match for the Fallen Archangel when it came to manipulating a large number of swords. With his 99 formless swords, Shi Feng exhibited combat standards at only the Refinement Realm. In comparison, the Fallen Angel Garudaka exhibited combat standards at the Flowing Water Realm with her several hundred lightning swords. However, because Shi Feng’s formless swords carried much greater power, they could overcome the hundreds of lightning swords. While such a victory might seem crude, it was still incredibly astonishing. After all, the other Tier 5 players in the room were basically running for their lives when faced with the two Fallen Archangels’ attacks. Yet, Shi Feng was fighting toe-to-toe with a Fallen Archangel. With Shi Feng holding off Garudaka, Iron Soul was finally able to join Violet Cloud’s group of three. The four of them then supported Shi Feng from the side, and Garudaka’s HP bar actually decreased slightly. Although Garudaka’s battle recovery could easily restore all of the HP she lost, this situation still astonished the Five Great Super Guilds’ old monsters.
After the battle continued for another ten seconds, the first casualties finally appeared as Xiluwaer killed two Tier 5 experts. This situation infuriated the other Tier 5 experts present, but there was nothing they could do about it.
After 26 seconds had passed since Shi Feng activated World Sword, the space within the hall suddenly shattered once more. A woman wielding a seven-colored staff and wearing a sacred white robe and a golden crown then walked out of this shattered space.
The Tier 5 players present froze for a second as an indescribably holy aura enveloped the room upon this woman’s appearance, the aura instilling a sense of fear in their hearts.
As for the two Fallen Archangels, they similarly stopped their attacks and stared at the approaching woman with eyes brimming with fear.
This holy woman was none other than Sharlyn, who had been resting in Blackwing City. However, compared to the last time Shi Feng had met with Sharlyn, this woman felt like a completely different person. Currently, Sharlyn looked and felt no different from a God, and every one of her actions was intertwined with the world itself. Her mere presence inspired feelings of reverence toward her.
Dammit! Those good-for-nothings actually let this Goddess escape!

Xiluwaer cursed out loud when she saw the two dozen or so dead or heavily injured Tier 5 Outerworld NPCs in the shattered space behind Sharlyn.

The Scholar must have lost his mind, seeing as he summoned you creatures,
Sharlyn said as she looked at Xiluwaer and Garudaka. After glancing at Shi Feng’s group, she continued,
But since you’ve come here already, stay here forever!

You think you can keep us here?
After observing Sharlyn in greater detail, Xiluwaer laughed and said,
You’ve just awakened. Do you think we’re no match for you?

However, as soon as Xiluwaer finished speaking, Sharlyn waved her seven-colored staff. Suddenly, all of the Tier 5 players present, including Shi Feng, felt time slowing down. Even though their brains were still capable of thought, they couldn’t move their bodies at all.
She stopped time?
Shi Feng was astonished when he saw the gray world around him.
Sharlyn’s magic was simply heaven-defying!
However, no more than one second after Sharlyn stopped time, the two Fallen Archangels actually broke free from the restraints of time, regaining their movement. They then charged at Sharlyn with spears of lightning in their hands. However, their movements now were much slower than before-so slow that even Tier 1 players could keep up with their movements. Meanwhile, Sharlyn simply raised a hand and shattered the surrounding space into countless fragments. She then turned these spatial fragments into blades and launched them at the two Fallen Archangels. The two Fallen Archangels brandished their spears to defend themselves, but they couldn’t stop all of the spatial blades.
The next moment, damage values exceeding 200 million appeared above the two Fallen Archangels’ heads one after another. After one round of attacks, the two Fallen Archangels had lost over five billion HP each.
However, compared to their maximum HP of 900 billion, a loss of five billion was nothing but a scratch.
After the battle continued for another 20 seconds, the two Fallen Archangels’ HP had fallen to the 80% threshold, proving that Sharlyn had the ability to kill them.

Dammit! She has actually awakened to such an extent already!
Xiluwaer glared at Sharlyn in vexation.

We’ll die here if we keep fighting,
Garudaka said with a grim expression.
We need to retreat. If we wait until Blackwing City’s ruler returns, we won’t even have a chance to flee.

We have no other choice but to use that move,
Xiluwaer said, gritting her teeth as she took out a black rock.
The moment Xiluwaer took out this black rock, a hint of wariness appeared on Sharlyn’s face. When the Tier 5 players present saw Sharlyn’s reaction, they were puzzled, as they couldn’t sense any aura or power from the black rock. In their eyes, the black rock was just an ordinary rock. However, before anyone could react, the black rock in Xiluwaer’s hand disintegrated into dust. A strand of incomprehensibly strong power then formed on her palm and shattered the restraints of time on her, allowing her to recover her full mobility.
World Blade!

After regaining her mobility, Xiluwaer gripped the strand of power in her hand and swung it at Shi Feng, Iron Soul, and Sharlyn. The frozen time in the hall immediately started flowing again, and three streaks of black light that cut through the world itself flew toward Shi Feng, Iron Soul, and Sharlyn.
Shi Feng and Iron Soul were surprised by this development. They never thought that Xiluwaer would persist in attacking them, even in this situation.
When Shi Feng saw the approaching black light, he felt his soul shuddering like never before. He promptly activated Void Shield, World Breaker, and Final Sword simultaneously, then executed Sword’s Transmigration without hesitation. As for Iron Soul, he similarly activated his strongest trump card, his Legendary Shield transforming into a dark mist that enveloped him.
Along with a powerful explosion, the figure of a person shot out of the dust cloud like a cannonball and struck one of the conference hall’s iron walls, shattering the magic arrays strengthening the wall.
Guild Leader!
Fire Dance was startled when she recognized the person planted in the wall. Shi Feng could cut apart even the world itself when using World Breaker. Yet, even after he had combined World Breaker with Final Sword and Sword’s Transmigration, he still suffered a severe blow, losing over two-thirds of his HP. This outcome was simply unbelievable. Meanwhile, when the dust settled, Iron Soul appeared standing in his original position. However, his body had been cleanly bisected, and nothing remained of his HP bar.
Along with Iron Soul’s death, a bronze ring had also appeared by his corpse. Upon seeing this bronze ring, Xiluwaer promptly grabbed it. In the meantime, Garudaka took advantage of the opportunity and thrust her spear at Shi Feng. Facing Garudaka’s thrust, Shi Feng felt powerless. After defending himself against Xiluwaer’s World Blade, not only did he enter a heavily injured state, but both his arms had also gone numb. He wouldn’t be able to move them any time soon.
However, just when Garudaka was about to hit Shi Feng, Sharlyn suddenly appeared in front of him and stopped Garudaka’s lightning spear with the tip of her finger. Boom!
The next moment, the lightning spear suddenly dissipated harmlessly. An invisible force then sent Garudaka flying backward and smashing into the wall on the other side of the room, her HP falling by over 100 million.

Not good! Run!
Xiluwaer shouted. She then tore space and disappeared into the opening together with the bronze ring she snagged.
Garudaka also tried to flee when she saw Xiluwaer retreating
However, before Garudaka could even turn, Sharlyn was already in front of the Fallen Archangel, tapping her staff on the other party’s forehead. Garudaka found herself immobilized, her HP plummeting.
After this situation continued for 30 seconds, Garudaka’s body transformed into a muddy crystal the size of a fist. Simultaneously, the intensity of Sharlyn’s aura dropped off. After storing the muddy crystal, Sharlyn turned to Shi Feng, who had just gotten back on his feet after much difficulty, and said,
You come with me. Everyone else, hurry back and get ready. You don’t have much time left.
After Sharlyn finished speaking, she waved her staff and summoned a teleportation gate.
She then entered the gate, leaving behind Shi Feng and the other Tier 5 players, who were still in a daze. After scanning the surviving players, Shi Feng had Fire Dance and the others return to Zero Wing first. He then contacted Melancholic Smile and had her use all the available manpower to produce the Blue Thunder Flying Ship and the Mobile Fortress. These mobile weapons of mass destruction would play a crucial role in hindering the Outerworld NPC army’s advance. Afterward, Shi Feng stepped into the teleportation gate Sharlyn summoned.
The remaining players in the conference hall also understood what Sharlyn’s words meant. Now that the mysterious youth had acquired another of the Seven Treasures, his strength would most likely soar. If that happened, they would definitely have a much more difficult time fighting the Outerworld’s NPC army. Hence, they needed to return and immediately initiate countermeasures. They would also need to accelerate their plan to hinder the Outerworld NPC army’s advance.
For a time, all of the eastern continent’s player forces seethed with activity. Even the western continent’s player forces began sending reinforcements en masse to the eastern continent. This was because everyone understood that the Fire Dragon Empire’s fall basically meant game over for the entire God’s Domain. Hence, they needed to defend the empire at all costs.
On the other side, after Shi Feng took the teleportation gate, he found himself in the top-floor hall of the Stargazing Tower. Sharlyn was sitting on the throne at the end of the hall, her complexion a little pale. She looked much weaker than when she killed the Fallen Archangel Garudaka.

The Scholar has lost his mind. Now that he has obtained another of the Seven Treasures, he will eventually recover a significant portion of his power,
Sharlyn said, getting straight to the point when she saw Shi Feng.
You currently have four of the Seven Treasures on you. He will definitely target you next. If he acquires all of the Seven Treasures, he will be able to recover fully and regain control over the entire God’s Domain. At that time, none of you heaven-blessed individuals will escape his wrath. You’ll even be banished from this world of God’s Domain.

Regain control over God’s Domain?
Shi Feng was confused by Sharlyn’s words.

The Ancient Gods used to rule over God’s Domain but ultimately lost control over it in the final struggle. The Scholar is one of those Ancient Gods,
Sharlyn said, nodding.
Currently, most of his power is sealed in the Seven Treasures. Or to be precise, the Seven Treasures were created using his power.
Right now, only a Tier 6 heaven-blessed individual can prevent him from making a full recovery. And as you are only one step away from getting promoted to Tier 6, I hope you can accomplish this quest.
As soon as Sharlyn finished speaking, the sound of a system notification entered Shi Feng’s ears.
System: Congratulations! You have triggered the Mythical Quest
Ancient God’s Awakening.
Quest content: Prevent the awakening of the Ancient God. Quest reward unknown. There will be no penalty for failing the quest. Do you wish to accept this quest?
Shi Feng was nonplussed when he read the quest content.
Did he even have a choice?
Sharlyn had already stated very clearly that all players would be finished if he failed the quest. In that case, there naturally wouldn’t be a need to impose any penalties.
I accept this quest,
Shi Feng said as he looked at Sharlyn. After further thought, he added,
However, my Concentration is currently stuck at the Tier 5 Peak standard. Without it reaching Tier 6, I can’t get promoted to Tier 6, much less stop that Ancient God.

Sharlyn smiled at Shi Feng’s attempt to bargain with her. She then said,
Just say it if you want benefits. I’m not a stingy person. Since you’ve already agreed to take on this quest, I’ll naturally provide you with a certain degree of support. Currently, your Concentration is indeed incapable of reaching Tier 6, and the reason for that is simple—you still lack accumulations. The gap between Tier 5 and Tier 6 is much greater than you think. At your current improvement speed, you’ll probably need one and a half years to elevate your Concentration to Tier 6.

A year and a half? Do I have that much time?

Shi Feng asked, frowning. Now, let alone one and a half years, it would be a miracle if he had even two or three months to reach Tier 6. After all, the person targeting him was an Ancient God.

Of course not. However, the Scholar has acquired the three Treasures only recently. He also fears you somewhat. Until he recovers to a certain extent, he won’t attack you anymore. If you’re afraid for your safety, you can remain in Blackwing City. He won’t dare barge into this place in his current state. However, the Fire Dragon Empire will probably be in trouble. There’s a person sealed in the Fire Dragon Empire, and if this person is released, all of you will similarly be doomed,
Sharlyn said, chuckling.
As to how you can improve your Concentration quickly, don’t you have the Treasure of Illusion? You can use it to forcefully raise your Concentration.

After saying so, Sharlyn took out a muddy crystal, which was the crystallized form of the Fallen Archangel Garudaka.
This is that Fallen Archangel’s soul. You should be able to produce a Crystal of Souls of incredible purity with it and break through to Tier 6 with her accumulations,
Sharlyn said as she tossed the muddy crystal to Shi Feng.
Start your attempt now. You don’t have much time left.
When Shi Feng accepted the muddy crystal, he could sense incredible soul power in it. Only, this soul power was too chaotic; even a small portion of it could cause a Tier 5 player to lose their mind.
Afterward, Sharlyn disappeared, leaving Shi Feng alone in the hall.
Shi Feng did not hesitate for long. He took out the Soul Orb and began refining the Fallen Archangel Garudaka’s soul.
The outcome turned out as Sharlyn said. When the Soul Orb finished refining Garudaka’s soul, it produced a seven-colored Crystal of Souls containing soul power of incredible purity.
Everything is up to you now. After Shi Feng took a long look at the seven-colored Crystal of Souls, he swallowed it without hesitation. Suddenly, an indescribable comfort enveloped his body as boundless energy flooded his mind, continuously expanding his Sea of Consciousness. One hour… Three hours… One day…
After two whole days, Shi Feng opened his eyes and found that the world around him had changed.
Compared to before, the various elements of Mana in the natural environment looked much more orderly. Before, he had felt as if he were looking at a pile of rubbish when he tried perceiving the Mana around him. Everything was a mess, and sorting through them required a lot of effort. Now, the various elements of Mana were like items neatly displayed on a shelf. He could easily locate and reach out to any element he wanted, which made it much easier to control Mana.
Amazing! This is simply amazing! Just one of these seven-colored Crystals of Souls increased my Concentration to the Tier 6 Intermediate standard! Shi Feng was filled with ineffable excitement. He had thought he would be fortunate if the seven-colored crystal could raise his Concentration to the Tier 6 Basic standard. He would’ve been satisfied with such a result, as it would qualify him to challenge his Tier 6 promotion. Although his chances of creating a Superior Divine Body with Tier 6 Basic Concentration would be less than 20%, it was still better than nothing.
However, now that his Concentration had reached the Tier 6 Intermediate standard, his control and perception of Mana were much stronger than if he only had Tier 6 Basic Concentration. Now, his chances of successfully creating a Superior Divine Body should be around 30%.
Following this, Shi Feng had Zero Wing frantically collecting Seven Luminaries Crystals for the subsequent month. He even traded some of the Flame Beast Puppets for Seven Luminaries Crystals, with one Flame Beast Puppet going for 4,000 Seven Luminaries Crystals, 200 Magic Elven Cores, and all the materials needed to manufacture one Flame Beast Puppet. Initially, Shi Feng had not intended to sell the Flame Beast Puppets. This was because Fire Dance and the others already had the strength needed to explore the Top of the World, where they could acquire a lot of Seven Luminaries Crystals. However, to strengthen God’s Domain’s player forces enough to resist the Outerworld’s NPC army properly, selling the Flame Beast Puppets became a necessity.
After all, the Secret-Silver Combat Puppets required highly skilled pilots to exhibit their full strength. Ordinary experts wouldn’t cut it at all. It would take at least a Void Realm expert to display the Flame Beast Puppet’s Tier 5 combat power. There were only so many Void Realm experts in Zero Wing. Even if their numbers kept increasing, the rate of increase couldn’t match the Flame Beast Puppets’ production rate.
Zero Wing’s sales of Flame Beast Puppets immediately boosted the overall combat power of the player forces hindering the Outerworld forces’ advance. The Guild even earned over 200,000 Seven Luminaries Crystals from the exchanges, increasing Shi Feng’s stockpile to 400,000. Apart from the players’ side, the number of NPC armies gathered at the Fire Dragon Empire’s borders increased a lot during this past month. On the Outerworld NPCs’ side, close to half of the NPC army had already assembled outside the Fire Dragon Empire, preparing to launch an all-out assault on the empire.
Blackwing City, Stargazing Tower: Looking at the pile of Seven Luminaries Crystals in front of him, Shi Feng took a deep breath and mentally prepared himself. During this past month, he had already fully mastered the Law of Destruction. He had also mentally simulated the creation process for his Superior Divine Body hundreds of times to improve his chances of success. Without further elevating his Concentration standard, he couldn’t increase his success rate any further. However, raising his Concentration standard was impossible within a short period.
I have four chances! This should be enough with a 30% success rate!

After saying so, Shi Feng followed the records of the Ancient God’s Legacy and began constructing his Superior Divine Body using the Law of Destruction. Constructing a Divine Body was much more complicated than constructing a Mana Body. This was because a Divine Body was akin to a miniature world, not something that could be completed with just a few magic arrays. It required more than 300 Grandmaster Magic Arrays as its core. These Grandmaster Magic Arrays would then absorb the power within the supplied Seven Luminaries Crystals through the designated World Law and create a complete miniature world.
Simultaneously manipulating so many Grandmaster Magic Arrays was unfeasible without Tier 6 Concentration.
Meanwhile, the process of constructing a Superior Divine Body was even more rigorous. A Superior Divine Body needed over a thousand Grandmaster Magic Arrays as its core. Unless one’s control of Mana reached a certain level, manipulating such a complex core magic array was out of the question.
Moreover, the Mana within Seven Luminaries Crystals was of incomparable purity-more than ten times heavier than even ordinary solid Mana—and thus incredibly difficult to manipulate. The next moment, Shi Feng stimulated 100,000 Seven Luminaries Crystals with his Mana and guided the Mana that burst out from them into the 1,000-plus Grandmaster Magic Arrays he had preconstructed.
However, partway through activating the magic arrays, half of them suddenly stopped working, and the entire core magic array crumbled. Failure!
Manipulating the Seven Luminaries Crystals’ Mana indeed isn’t easy. Shi Feng wasn’t too surprised by his failure. After all, this was his first time manipulating Mana from Seven Luminaries Crystals. Following this, he rested for three hours. After his mental state had fully recovered, he promptly began his second attempt.
Another failure.
Third attempt!
This time, Shi Feng had a crazy idea-utilizing the Light of Two Worlds’s Golden Soul to elevate his soul’s standard. Although Golden Soul had a short duration, he could use this buff to get through the instability caused by the initial burst of Mana. The only problem with this plan was that his Concentration standard would plummet once Golden Soul’s duration ended, which would increase the difficulty of manipulating the core magic array afterward.
Golden Soul, activate! Shi Feng tightened his grip on the Light of Two Worlds as he decided to take the risk. As expected, he got through the initial burst of Mana much more easily with his elevated Concentration standard, and he activated all of the Grandmaster Magic Arrays right away. He also guided the Seven Luminaries Crystals’ Mana into these magic arrays with relative ease.
However, when he had guided half of the Mana into the magic arrays, Golden Soul lapsed. The buff’s disappearance nearly caused him to lose control of the Mana.
Five minutes! So long as I can last five more minutes, I’ll be able to finish transferring all of the Seven Luminaries Crystals’ Mana! Shi Feng gritted his teeth and struggled desperately to keep the Grandmaster Magic Arrays in operation. He also overburdened his mind, not daring to make even the slightest mistake. One second… Ten seconds… Thirty seconds… Shi Feng’s complexion turned paler and paler as the seconds ticked by. Sweat continuously formed on his forehead. Nevertheless, he persisted. After the third minute elapsed, Shi Feng’s vision became blurry and his mind cloudy. His body also began shivering slightly. One last minute! One…last…minute…
Shi Feng started feeling very sleepy, and even the system had begun warning him to log out and rest. However, he forced himself to remain conscious, going as far as biting his tongue and using the pain to stay awake.
Ten seconds… Twenty seconds… Thirty seconds…
At this point, the world around Shi Feng had become one big blur, and his mind was basically shutting down already. However, relying on instinct and his familiarity with manipulating magic arrays, he was barely able to continue guiding the Seven Luminaries Crystals’ Mana into the Grandmaster Magic Arrays and keep them operating normally. Shortly afterward, though, Shi Feng’s consciousness lapsed briefly, and he lost control of the core magic array. Did I fail?
After Shi Feng recovered from his brief lapse, his heart sank.
At this time, though, the sound of a system notification entered his ears.
System: Congratulations! You have successfully constructed a Superior Divine Body. The constructed Superior Divine Body’s Completion Rate is at 92% and has reached the Tier 6 standard. The constructed Superior Body is evaluated to be at the Epic rank. Do you wish to get promoted to Tier 6?
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