Chapter 3247 - Do You Know Knife?

Chapter 3247 Do You Know Knife? Across those big, endless ice fields, even if Han Sen had to use his Dongxuan Aura to look. He could not find any land pulses or gene eggs. It made Han Sen confess that his skill had a very specific purpose. No matter how strong his powers were, he was not going to be as good as Mister Yang or Bald Guy when it came to sniffing out potential land pulses.
Tian Jing and Zhen Xia were obviously professionals. They had a profound knowledge of land pulse discovery skills. According to the information Bao’er was sending him, Tian Jing and Zhen Xia were looking for a shocking sky god pulse that possibly contained a rare gene race called an ice jade evil lady.

That name suggests it might be compatible with my Jadeskin. Perhaps my reverse Jadeskin body has hope.
Han Sen followed the breadcrumb trail Bao’er left him. He tailed the two of them, Tian Jing and Zhen Xia.
No one would have been defensive around a four- or five-year-old girl. At least, Tian Jing and Zhen Xia did not think Bao’er was much of a threat.

Sister, where did you say this ice jade evil lady gene egg is?
Zhen Xia asked as he kept walking.
Where do you think it will be found?

Tian Jing was holding Bao’er against her chest. She appeared to be sleeping. She casually said,
Have you heard of ice floating on the surface with jade hiding in the heart?

No. Please teach me,
Zhen Xia politely said.

Ice is always on the surface, and jade stones always hide beneath mountains,
Tian Jing said.
This ice jade evil lady has ice and jade features. Therefore, if there really is a gene egg that has the ice jade evil lady, it must be wrapped up in an icy jade.

What is an icy jade?
Zhen Xia still did not understand.
Tian Jing looked at the ice fields of nothingness and said,
It goes with the name. That means it is jade coated in ice. That place will not have anything particularly strange. Only under a sheet of ice will there be a jade pulse jade mountain. If there is a location that resembles this, the ice jade evil lady will probably be there.

This ice field has buried god only knows how many stars,
Zhen Xia said with a wry smile.
There must be some jade mountain or jade mines below. If we dig it all up, we’ll have been digging for a billion years. It will be hard to find the ice jade evil lady.
Tian Jing laughed.
Perhaps not. Ordinarily, the jade mountain jade pulses do not have ice jade evil ladies. Did I not tell you that when jade pulses are buried beneath a mountain, the mountain will be heavily polluted? The air will not be pure in such a place, and you cannot breed ice jade evil ladies. So, we need to find a place where the ice and jade pulses are. Aside from that, you cannot have any pollution. It must be a pure place. That is the only type of place where an ice jade evil lady gene egg can exist.

Zhen Xia suddenly understood something.
I see. I did not expect there to be so much knowledge and detail within all this. If I came alone, I do not think I would have been able to find an ice jade evil lady gene egg. I might not even be able to find a single gene egg.

Brother Zhen, you joined in late. It is totally normal for you to not know all of this. You’re learning now, so it will benefit you in the future.
Tian Jing paused and said,
Let’s just go. Although these are some of the signs, the true scene has yet to be revealed. Finding it will be a tricky endeavor.

After that, Tian Jing hurried up her jade Kirin. She spurred it to cross the ice fields with greater haste.
Zhen Xia sped up with her too, but he secretly dropped an item on the floor. Tian Jing did not notice.
Bao’er was asleep on Tian Jing’s chest. Her eyes opened a little. She looked at Zhen Xia.
Han Sen was not in a rush to catch up with Tian Jing. He just walked slowly across the ice. With Bao’er there, he was not afraid of losing them.
Even if they found a god pulse, digging the god pulse up to get the gene egg would take them a long time. So, Han Sen was not in much of a rush.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Han Sen walked across the ice fields. Eventually, he heard some heavy footsteps come from behind. He turned his head to have a look and saw nine Holy Wen White Deer pulling a snow-white jade carriage.
Han Sen used to have a Holy Wen White Deer, but he had given it to Mister Yang so he could keep his shop running.
The Holy Wen White Deer were excruciatingly rare, but someone was using nine Holy Wen White Deer to pull a carriage. Each of the nine Holy Wen White Deer looked like they were in ultimate mode. They were more beautiful and advanced than the one Han Sen had given Mister Yang.

I wonder who is in that carriage. It has to be a big show-off.
Han Sen looked at the nine Holy Wen White Deer pulling the carriage. Whoever it was, they seemed to be heading in the same direction.
The Holy Wen White Deer were very fast. Within a second, they went right past Han Sen. Because the jade carriage had lots of mysterious marks, Han Sen’s eyes could not see into it.
Han Sen only saw the person driving. He acknowledged that it was a beautiful woman.
The lady looked around 17 to 18 years old, yet she could lead the nine Holy Wen White Deer very well. There was an 80% to 90% chance that the nine Holy Wen White Deer were her gene races.
That being said, it did make Han Sen a touch more curious. For a driver to have nine Holy Wen White Deer gene races spoke volumes to whoever it was on the inside of the carriage. It must have been a super-rich person or a noble with a lot of authority.
While Han Sen was thinking about all of this, the nine Holy Wen White Deer went right past him. They stopped. The legs of the nine Holy Wen White Deer looked like they were pinned to the ice. The snow-white jade carriage came to a stop too.

Do you know about knives?
The clear voice of a man came from inside the carriage.
Han Sen looked around. It was only him in the area. The voice in the carriage was obviously addressing him, so he replied,
I learned a little from my master, but I do not know much.

Han Sen’s knife skills were not bad. It was one of the weapons he was best at using, but he did not think he was only a knifeman. His for the knife was similar to his skills with bows and swords. He was just familiar with it. He was not very good at it.

If your heart does not wield a knife, no matter how strong your knife skills are, it still won’t be presentable.
Hearing Han Sen’s answer, the clear voice sighed.
The Holy Wen White Deer started to move. They traveled a thousand miles in a second and escaped Han Sen’s vision.
Han Sen was able to understand what the person inside the jade carriage meant, but it was different from how Han Sen interpreted such things. From what Han Sen could tell, loving something and being good at something was different. He was not like Six Path King, who loved swords, but that did not mean he was not good with swords.
The most important thing was whether or not he used his heart when applying skills. It was not about love or hate.
Of course, if one had love then it was easier to practice, but it still wasn’t necessary.
Han Sen was interested in many things. When he practiced, he used his heart and always put in the effort. He did not think his knife skills were worse than those of the people who loved knives.
The person in the carriage did not think that way. Although he sensed Han Sen’s knife skills, Han Sen’s answer told him he was not someone who cared about knife skills. Therefore, he ignored Han Sen.
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