Chapter 3257 - Ice Jade Evil Lady

Chapter 3257 Ice Jade Evil Lady Things were worse than Han Sen imagined them to be. Tian Jing hadn’t lied to him. The closer he was to the snowy mountain, the smaller his penis became. It was soon going to become a soybean. Han Sen felt a little bit weird. If this was just like how Tian Jing said, getting close to the ice mountains would make his Yin and Yang reverse. If he really turned into a woman, he could not be certain his Super God Spirit mode could fully recover. Seeing the snow mountain right in front of him, he was not willing to give up. Han Sen quickly generated a mirror. He looked into the mirror and noticed his face had changed a lot. His face, which had previously looked very sharp, was now very soft. His eyes were bigger, and his lashes were longer. His Adam’s apple had become much smaller. It was barely visible.
Han Sen was shocked.
There is no way I am actually turning into a woman, right?
He used his Super God Spirit mode again. He erased the buildup of bad power. This time, he realized that activation of his Super God Spirit mode was much slower. Although he was still able to erase the unlucky powers on him, the transformation speed was slower than what it was before.
When the Super God Spirit mode was removed, his body became a woman much faster.

Even my Super God Spirit mode is affected. If I cannot make it back, that will be awful.
Han Sen hesitated.
It did not seem to be worth taking this big of a risk for a gene race.

What kind of gene race is this ice jade evil lady anyway? Why would the area around its abode be so weird? For crying out loud, it can turn men into women! Would it turn a woman into a man?
Han Sen pondered that possibility. He suddenly thought,
Spell has a female body. If I combine with her, half of my body will become the body of a woman. Will that help me resist some of that weird power?

As Han Sen was thinking, he broke the rules of the universe. He used his Super God Spirit mode and summoned Spell to combine with his body.

Spell is a woman, right?
Han Sen prayed.
Tian Jing, who was climbing the snowy mountain, thought about Han Sen’s face and laughed.

No matter how powerful he is, it is useless in this place. It is not me keeping my promise. If he doesn’t get the ice jade evil lady, it won’t be my fault.
For some reason, Tian Jing thought of Han Sen’s facial expressions. She felt so happy that she almost wanted to sing.
She turned to take a look and noticed Han Sen hadn’t followed. Tian Jing laughed and said,
Old Leader was right. In this place, no matter how strong a man is, it is pointless for them to be here. Only pure women can scale this mountain and get the ice jade evil lady’s gene egg.

Tian Jing had not told Han Sen the entire truth. She went there to get the ice jade evil lady for herself. She also knew how to get the gene egg. When Xuan Mi Zong and the old leader went there with many elites, many bad things had happened. Men turned into women, and impure women grew beards. Their bodies grew bigger as they became men.
It was not just that. They incited the ire of the animals, which resulted in more bad things happening. Many of the elites were killed.
Even if they did not make those animals mad, there were still many bad things going on after going to the snowy mountain. Out of all the elites, only the Xuan Mi Zong leader was able to reach the peak of the mountain. It was there she saw the ice jade evil lady’s gene egg.
In the end, the leader did not take the ice jade evil lady’s gene egg. Aside from being a pure woman, there were even more requirements if one wanted to take the ice jade evil lady’s gene egg, Although the leader was a pure woman, her fitness was not compatible with the body. Thus, she did not get the gene egg.
Tian Jing’s reason for going there to take the gene egg alone was because she knew that only she would be able to take the ice jade evil lady gene egg. Had she not known that she would not have gone alone.

Old Leader went back and researched this for a long time. In the end, they found out you must have an extreme Yin and an extreme Yang cold body type to take the ice jade evil lady gene egg. After that, every leader only took women with such a body to raise. They have waited for the super god pulse to show again ever since. I did not expect this day would ever come.
Tian Jing thought her luck was really good.
In the past, the Xuan Mi Zong raised people with an extreme Yin and extreme Yang body. Many of them were great. During the time they were alive, the Super God Spirit mode did not show.
Tian Jing had a nine-Yin rare pulse body. She was exceptionally talented and terrifically smart. On top of that, the last leader was who raised her. It meant she would be the inheritor. That was the whole reason she knew the secrets. Otherwise, even if she had an extreme Yin and extreme Yang body, she would not have had this opportunity. One needed the perfect striking of coincidence and fate to earn this chance.

Although there are some troubles, in the end, I should be the only one to claim the ice jade evil lady gene egg,
Tian Jing said with a feeling of cockiness.
Thinking of an elite like Han Sen only being able to come back empty-handed while she could merrily go to the peak and earn the ice jade evil lady gene egg for herself imbued her with a feeling of victory. It felt wonderful.

The Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman really is a powerful person, but the gods have already made their decision. This is my opportunity and not yours. It does not matter how strong you are.
Tian Jing put her thoughts away. She carefully continued her climb up to the peak. Everything was just like how it had been detailed by the old leader. According to what the old leader recorded, with her path and method of doing things, she was able to reach the top of the snow mountain safely. Tian Jing looked across the peak and saw an icy egg that looked like a crystal. It was resting atop the peak of the snow mountain. She saw a beautiful woman’s body in the ice egg. The woman was wearing white. Her hair was snow-white like crystal. It was like ice behind her back.
Her skin was flawless. It was like the skin of a fairy that did not belong on earth.

The ice jade evil lady really is a rare humanoid rare gene race. I can practice my door technique with her. I might end up as the only Xuan Mi Zong leader that has accomplished this.
Tian Jing was absolutely thrilled.
She was also not a woman who was able to be convinced purely through winning. While the victory was close, she was still going to exercise caution. She carefully approached the icy egg. She bit her finger and put a drop of her blood onto the ice egg.
It works!
The drop of blood seeped into the icy egg. It was going to the location of the ice jade evil lady. Tian Jing was very happy.
It was the same as the old leader’s records. If the fresh blood entered the ice jade evil lady’s body, she could earn that rare gene race ice jade evil lady for herself.
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