Chapter 3261 - Zhao Ning’er

Chapter 3261 Zhao Ning’er In many types of species, the right to mate was something to achieve.
Male deer wanted to mate. When they fought off their opponents, they would lock horns. They would continue to fight even if their antlers broke.
In wolf packs, the strongest wolf king was the first one that was allowed to mate. The strong male wolves that were a little weaker or the weak male wolves were not allowed to mate.
Now, the nobles in the Qin Kingdom’s Jade Wall City were like male deer or wolves. They raised their heads and rubbed their fists, waiting for Zhao Kingdom’s No. 1 singer, Zhao Ning’er, to arrive. Over the past few years, the Qin Kingdom and the Zhao Kingdom had not fought. They seemed fairly peaceful.
Zhao Ning’er was now holding a concert in Jade Wall City. Many Jade Wall City officers supported the notion, and people paid a lot of money to see her face in the flesh. They wanted to know if she was as good as the videos showed her to be.
Of course, more nobles were hoping to have something else happen with Zhao Ning’er. When Zhao Ning’er had just entered Jade Wall City, it created major traffic jams.
Han Sen was not like the others. He was not in the mood to go take care of Zhao Ning’er. He had been spending his time investigating the reversed version of The Story of Genes.
After combining with ice jade evil lady, their two powers were able to reach Break World levels. Unfortunately, their control powers, compatibility levels, and distribution of strength had some inherent gaps. There were bound to be problems further down the line. This was just a problem that arose from a lack of experience. After combining for a while, their issues would most likely sort themselves out. There was no need to worry about these issues too much.
Han Sen practiced four geno arts. Only The Story of Genes had not yet reached Break World status. That was the primary subject of Han Sen’s recent investigations. He was hoping it would not take long before he found a way to have The Story of Genes break the world too.
He needed the power to guarantee his safety. Han Sen was currently not Qin Xiu’s foe, but he also could not defeat Qin Wan’er. He had to improve his strength.
The Super God Spirit mode was a type of body. There was no skill associated with it. There was no method of running its air. Although Han Sen knew there was a reverse Super God Spirit mode out there, he could not use reverse Super God Spirit mode. The only way for him to level up was to practice the four geno arts he had or get better geno arts altogether.
Since rare gene races were hard to obtain, Han Sen had gone to a lot of trouble to get his hands on the ice jade evil lady. At the end of the day, it was pretty much useless for him to have. That path for him to traverse was no good. It was worse than when he used to reinforce his body.
When Han Sen combined with the ice jade evil lady, he repeatedly tried to analyze her power. He was hoping to break the world without combining with the ice jade evil lady so he would not be restricted.
Han Sen was most depressed about the fact that reverse Jadeskin powers were weird. He had examined the power structure, but he was unable to simulate it. It seemed as if only the body of a woman could attain that power.
With that being the case, Han Sen focused his mind on researching The Story of Gene. His research of The Story of Gene had been going on for a long time now.
A scary power surged through Han Sen’s body. His cells were like nuclear bombs quickly detonating. It made Han Sen spill blood. He had to stop his The Story of Gene reverse power.


The Story of Gene’s Forever Solid power was different. Reversing The Story of Gene powers was too cruel. Han Sen had only just tried reversing The Story of Gene when he felt his gene chain break and cells explode like the end of the world.
It was just that little amount of power that made Han Sen tremble in fear. That power was too scary. Even with Han Sen’s powerful body, he could not block the power of The Story of Gene.

That big, destructive power was not just in my body,
Han Sen said with a frown.
Even my Super God Spirit mode would be unable to block it. It is a geno art that cannot be practiced.

The power of the reverse The Story of Gene was too cruel. It could not be practiced. His body was not capable of harnessing it. He could not even try it, so how could he succeed? This harkened Han Sen back to the time he first tried to practice The Story of Gene. He was unable to begin it back then, as The Story of Gene required absurd amounts of fitness. It was too high, so he could not get it started. Han Sen needed the black crystal armor to get it going
Now, the reverse The Story of Gene had the same issue, but Han Sen did not have the black crystal armor anymore.

People have to rely on themselves.
Han Sen took a deep breath. He used power to heal the damage he had just been inflicted. He then used the reverse version of The Story of Gene.
Han Sen was not thinking about whether or not he could survive it. All he wanted to do was find a rhythm within that scary power.
The reverse The Story of Gene only ran for a moment when Han Sen’s body suddenly cracked. His entire body looked like a ceramic vase that had been cracked and crudely glued together again. He was full of cracks, and they started to bleed.
He immediately stopped running the reverse version of The Story of Gene. That short moment was almost enough to destroy his body. He didn’t reverse it completely, so he was not about to continue running it.
Han Sen could only fix his body and think about that destructive power. He hoped to learn something soon.
It was a shame it only went on for a moment and his body was destroyed. Han Sen could not glean much from the experience.
Han Sen kept enabling himself to be tortured by the scary power without giving up. The reverse version of The Story of Gene damaged his body a lot, which proved just how strong the reverse version of The Story of Gene was. Perhaps after The Story of Gene broke the world, the power would be so scary that one could not even imagine it.
In a bright castle in Jade Wall City, many rich people were seated. There were many of the Qin Kingdom’s nobles and famous people.
The party’s focus was not on them. It was on a 20-year-old young lady who looked pure. She was a woman who emitted freshness.
Sky King, who had been summoned back to Jade Wall City, was attending this party. He was drinking and listening to Zhao Ning’er’s songs.
When it comes to prettiness, Zhao Ning’er might not be the hottest across all the seven kingdoms, but the pure youthfulness of her young body can make us and our old bodies very jealous,
Sky King quietly said, with his eyes looking like they were on fire.
I want to take her youth and become her age so I can do whatever I want.

The man next to Sky King laughed.
If it was not for that, why would Zhao Ning’er be adored by all seven kingdoms? It isn’t just us. Even those old antiques love Zhao Ning’er. Well, they at least love how refreshing she is. Through her, they want to see their past selves.

Jade Wall City has only just experienced big bad luck,
Sky King said.
For her to come to Jade Wall City now will surely make others think of something.

Yes. Jade Wall City has endured bad luck recently, but it is still stronger than the Zhao Kingdom. If she tries something, I am fairly certain we can deal with it.

While they were talking, Zhao Ning’er finished her song. Everyone in the hall started to clap.
Zhao Ning’er bowed. She looked at everyone and asked,
While I was in the Zhao Kingdom, I heard about the Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman, Han Sen. Is Mister Han here today?

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