Chapter 3269 - The Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 Swordsman?

Chapter 3269 The Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 Swordsman? The girl looked confused as she asked Han Sen,
Are you really the Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman?

Of course, I am the invincible No. 1 swordsman of the Qin Kingdom,
Han Sen said with a blink of his eyes.
The girl did not believe it and asked,
If that is true, why are you still so weak? You sure do not look like the No. 1 swordsman who has all those stories about breaking the Jade Wall City of the Qin Kingdom.

That is because I did not eat yet. I am hungry. I do not have any strength. That was the only reason why I got captured by your sister. If I was not hungry, not even 10 of your sisters would be enough to bring a guy like me down.
Han Sen hastily asked,
Do you have any food around here? If you do not let me fill my stomach, I will not be able to walk any further.

Now is not the time for food. How about this? I have many fruit trees. Many of them have a lot of fruit. Can you eat fruit?
The girl may not have believed him, but she still helped support Han Sen and made the suggestion.

Han Sen said with a nod.
Before Zhao Ning’er made the trade with the God Chaos Party members, Han Sen could not leave. He knew he would have to stall for time.
The girl carried Han Sen into a big greenhouse with many fruit trees. The branches of the fruit trees were full of fruit.
The girl brought Han Sen over to a tree to sit next to. She collected a few pieces of fruit and gave them to Han Sen.
Quickly, eat some of these. After you are full, hurry up and get out of here. Do not let my sister find you again. You will not be so lucky next time.

I know.
Han Sen nodded and bit into a fruit that looked like a pear. It was very sweet and excellent.
By the way, I still do not know your name.
Han Sen ate as he looked at the girl.
The girl said with seriousness,
My name Zhao Qiu Yi. You can call me Qiu Yi.

Is your name the reverse of your sister’s name?
Han Sen casually said,
I think your name should belong to your big sister.
He wanted to chat with her to stall for more time and wait for the God Chaos Party people to arrive.
Zhao Qiu Yi was shocked.
How do you know? Zhao Qiu Yi was supposed to be my big sister’s name. I am supposed to be Zhao Ning’er, but Teacher Tian said Zhao Qiu Yi does not have good luck. So, my name was given to my big sister. That way, my sister was able to become a star. Meanwhile, I got to use her name.

Han Sen casually guessed that and was correct.

I see. Where did your big sister’s life soul come from?
Han Sen wanted some more information.

It came from a very scary man. He gave it to my big sister. She rejected him, but the bad man wanted to bully me. My sister was unable to defeat the bad man, so she accepted the life soul and beat the bad man.
Zhao Qiu Yi had not spoken to anyone else in a long amount of time. After chatting, she seemed to forget Han Sen was supposed to leave the area.
From what Zhao Qiu Yi told him, Han Sen was able to understand a lot more about the dynamic between the sisters.
Zhao Ning’er was the No. 1 singer of the Zhao Kingdom. She looked very glorious, but no one knew how many difficulties she faced in her rise to stardom.
The sisters were born in a noble place, but their family and parents died when they were only just teenagers. Zhao Ning’er was 13 years old when she was forced to take care of her little sister Zhao Qiu Yi.
The two of them lived together. They built quite a reputation for themselves. They had no parents and were both very pretty. It got them into a lot of trouble, and they suffered a lot.
Han Sen could not imagine two 13-year-old pretty girls trying to preserve their legacy and safety in such a way. How hard was that?
Zhao Ning’er was a mother too. She took care of Zhao Qiu Yi. She did not let the pressure from the outside world ruin her. That was an incredibly difficult task.
Han Sen could tell the difficulties Zhao Qiu Yi mentioned were what Zhao Ning’er wanted her to see. There were more difficulties and challenges Zhao Ning’er did not want her to know about.

Zhao Ning’er is a tough sister.
Han Sen could not help but admire her.
He had experienced something similar, so he was able to understand and empathize with the difficulties Zhao Ning’er had been forced to endure. Plus, Han Sen was a man, and Zhao Ning’er was just a woman. Supporting a family was hard for her.

You have eaten so much fruit! Shouldn’t you have some strength by now?
Zhao Qiu Yi just remembered Han Sen had to leave in a hurry.

OK, then. I am leaving.
After Han Sen said that, he walked outside the garden.
Zhao Qiu Yi watched Han Sen slowly walk. She opened her eyes wide and asked,
Aren’t you the No. 1 swordsman of the Qin Kingdom? Can’t you use teleportation?

Sigh. I only just ate some food, and I am not full yet. I only have a little bit of power left. I can only walk. Do not worry. I will walk carefully. Your sister will not be able to detect me.
After Han Sen said that, he departed via the garden’s gate. He felt an abnormal presence in the area. He suspected the God Chaos Party had arrived.
Zhao Qiu Yi watched Han Sen leave and whispered to herself,
Did Big Sister get the wrong guy? He does not look like the Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman.

This presence. Is it because Bury Path God arrived?
Han Sen looked at the tall tower.
Shocking waves were crashing in the sea. A white tower sat atop the cliff. Zhao Ning’er was standing atop the tower. A man was coming across the waves. He crossed 1,000 miles with one step. He teleported in front of the tower.

Bury Path God, you are finally here.
Zhao Ning’er coldly looked at him.
Bury Path God smiled. He put his hands out flat. He had a gene egg in one hand. He said,
I have brought you your dancing sky lady gene egg. Where is my stuff?

Give me the gene egg, and I will give you Han Sen,
Zhao Ning’er coldly said.
Bury Path God tossed the gene egg to Zhao Ning’er. He threw it like it was not a rare gene egg and something average. Zhao Ning’er collected the gene egg and was given a shock. She knew for sure this was the dancing sky lady gene egg. She had always dreamed of getting a dancing sky lady for Zhao Qiu Yi. It was a perfect match for Zhao Qiu Yi’s God Spirit Blood-Pulse, so she understood the dancing sky lady gene egg. She would know if it was the real thing or not.

I gave you the gene egg,
Bury Path God quietly said.
Where is Han Sen?

Hang on. I will go and get him for you.
Zhao Ning’er broke space and left. She landed next to Zhao Qiu Yi. Zhao Qiu Yi’s hands were empty. She frowned and asked,
Where is the mud man?

Zhao Qiu Yi lowered her head and quietly said,
I am sorry, Big Sister. I let him go.

You what?
Zhao Ning’er’s face changed.
Big Sister, I really do not want you to hurt innocent people on my account,
Zhao Qiu Yi explained.
Zhao Ning’er wanted to say something but Bury Path God was already in front of them. He looked at Zhao Ning’er and coldly said,
It looks like you did not keep your promise.
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