Chapter 3272 - Firing an Arrow at Bury Sky

Chapter 3272 Firing an Arrow at Bury Sky  
The scary harp sounds were like whips of the soul. They kept lashing Han Sen’s heart. They interrogated the deepest recesses of his soul. He could not avoid them.
If his heart was questioned, he was corroded by the asking heart phoenix head harp’s power. As a result, Han Sen’s body kept turning into sand. His skin was like sand, wasting away to the wind.

Han Sen…
Zhao Qiu Yi gathered up power. She wanted to help Han Sen withstand the scary harp sounds.
When her power touched the harp, it turned into dust. She was blown away. Even her body was affected. Her snow-white skin looked like sand, similar to how it was affecting Han Sen.
Han Sen looked serious. His body and mind were trapped. He could not use his sword either.

Han Sen, you can still choose to join me right now,
Bury Path God, who was very high in the God Chaos Party, said.
I can turn you into the vice-president of the God Chaos Party. You can be below me but above everyone else. That is a mighty privilege.

Han Sen started to look relaxed. He looked at Bury Path God and slowly said,
The leader of the God Chaos Party should be Qin Xiu right about now.

You and I should co-operate. Getting the God Chaos Party back should not be difficult. I will be the leader, and you will be the vice-president. Up the sky, down on the ground, in the Yin world, and in the Yang world, we will be the bosses of all. We won’t reincarnate, and we will not heed the fickle callings of destiny. How awesome would that be?
Bury Path God was doing his best to tempt him.
He did not want to take Han Sen because of his great power. The most important thing to him was that he knew Han Sen had a special connection to Qin Xiu and Wan’er. He knew about Qin Xiu, so he wanted Han Sen for himself to help deal with Qin Xiu.

You and I can co-operate, but I do not want to be the lesser,
Han Sen said with a laugh.
I will be the leader, and you will be one of the goons.

It looks like you do not know what the expensive price of life is.
Bury Path God’s face looked dim. He put his finger on another string and plucked it. He played more of that wretched music.
Han Sen’s body and skin were turning into sand, but he still looked very calm. Seeing the intense shockwave, his face did not change. He said to himself,
Ice Jade Evil Lady, it is time you live up to your promise. I need your power and I need it now.

It is useless to call on someone else right about now. Even if a sky full of God Spirits were here, you would not escape death. Under the asking heart harp’s sound, you will be rendered nothing but dust.
Bury Path God raged as he played the harp now. The harp sounds were coming fast.
An ice jade color was spreading on Han Sen’s body. His black hair turned into ice. Even his eyes looked crystal like a jade stone.
His sandy skin looked like crystal now. It was more perfect than it was before. It was like a jade statue that had walked out from the ice.
A sky full of harp sounds came, but they were unable to leave a mark on Han Sen’s jade-like skin. Han Sen and the ice jade evil lady combined to break the world. He now had the purest body ever. Not a single speck of dust or dirt marred his image.
It was not just his skin that had become like jade. Even his heart had become jade. He was utterly flawless. Even facing a sky full of gods and Buddhas that sought to torture his heart, he would not hesitate or be led astray.

You have two different elemental Break World powers.
Bury Path God frowned and looked at Han Sen. A creature that could practice Break World powers had likely spent most of its life trying to reach such a level.
Plus, people were often restricted by their nature. Ordinary creatures could only break the world with one element. Not many creatures could break the world with two powers. He was a special one when it came to Break World elites.
Han Sen did not say anything in response. His body had been trapped by the sonic power, but he was now able to move. The asking heart harp’s sound was unable to stop Han Sen’s movements. Wherever he moved, the things he touched became clean. It was as if all the dirt had been cleansed.
A short bow and an arrow appeared in Han Sen’s hand. It was the Flying Yan Spear. He had modified it to become a bow. It was a weapon Han Sen was very talented with.
Han Sen looked at Bury Path God. He slowly drew the string of the bow. He pulled it to the max. He then stopped hesitating. He let go of his fingers that were holding the bowstring.
The arrow carried a spinning power that tore through all the rules. It carried a power that was imbued with the essence of Super Spank. The Dongxuan Sutra broke the basic substances of the universes and created a scary destructive power.
Bury Path God was shocked. He felt as if he could not dodge that arrow. Through reflex, he gathered up power and lifted the asking heart phoenix head harp to block the arrow.
The arrow was unbelievably fast. When the arrow tip almost struck the asking heart phoenix head harp’s frame, the arrow disappeared. It was like magic.
Bury Path God’s gaze froze. His body ripped space and fell back. It was still too late. The black arrow weirdly appeared in his chest. It pierced through his armor and perforated his chest.
A scary power blew Bury Path God’s body away. He was like a star falling into the sea. He created a big tsunami. The phoenix head harp flew away with him. In the air, it looked like a white phoenix god bird.
Han Sen broke space and went to the bottom of the sea. He saw an arrow at the bottom of the sea embedded in a rock. Bury Path God was gone. Torn clothes were under the sea.

Super Spank power hit his body, but it did not kill him. Bury Path God is very strong.
Han Sen was shocked.
He knew Bury Path God had departed, so Han Sen left too. He went to the shore.
Bury Path God had departed. Planet Ning’er returned to normal. The sea also returned to normalcy as if nothing had happened.
Zhao Qiu Yi held the Break World beast Zhao Ning’er and cried. Zhao Ning’er became a white phoenix god bird that cried too.

Han Sen, you are the Qin Kingdom’s No. 1 swordsman. You have an incredible amount of power. You must have a way to help my sister recover. I beg you to save my sister…
Zhao Qiu Yi kowtowed before Han Sen the moment she saw him.
Han Sen held her body. He looked at Zhao Ning’er, who was a Break World beast, and said,
I might be able to turn you back to normal, but it won’t work 100%. There is only a 20% to 30% chance you will regain your human form. If this process fails, I do not know what will happen. Do you still fancy giving it a go?
Zhao Ning’er could not speak. She made a bird sound and nodded at Han Sen.

OK, then. Let’s give it a try.
Han Sen did not want to save Zhao Ning’er because of Zhao Qiu Yi’s repeated begging. He wanted to know what a Break World beast was and learn if his power could affect a Break World beast or not.
Han Sen gathered up a Xuan Yellow Sutra power. The Xuan Yellow Sutra power could turn a gene race back to an egg.
He wondered what would happen if that power hit a Break World beast. This was his chance to find out.

Can this power turn Zhao Ning’er back into a human, or will it turn her into an egg like a gene race? It might not even work at all.
Han Sen had all these questions run through his mind as he punched Zhao Ning’er.
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