Chapter 3278 - Meeting a Life Soul Again

Chapter 3278 Meeting a Life Soul Again The scary sword air kept slashing Han Sen. Although this was all taking place inside his dreams, it made Han Sen feel physically damaged.
If it was a creature with a weak will undergoing this, even in a dream, their will would be totally broken. They would never wake up, and their body would die. They would be rendered vegetables.
From these sword strikes, Han Sen could gain an understanding of how scary of a foe Qin Xiu was.
Big sky demon told him this was just a random strike from Qin Xiu. A random strike from him was like the striking of the best swordsman in history. Han Sen did not know how strong Qin Xiu might be if he was to become serious.

It looks like it is not just power I need to improve. It looks like I need to train my will as well.
Han Sen closed his eyes. He kept trying to feel how scary the sword mind was.
Fear could not solve anything. Only deep into fear, where one could understand that fear, could one stop that fear.
Han Sen understood that the sword he saw was just a product of his imagination conjured by big sky demon in his dream. Fighting the real Qin Xiu would be even worse.
When Han Sen awoke from the dream, he did not know how many times he had endured that sword. He now understood the sword mind. If Han Sen used that sword, he still would not be able to reach Qin Xiu’s level.
It was not that Han Sen’s level was not high enough. It was just that he and Qin Xiu were different. That sword was Qin Xiu’s sword. Aside from Qin Xiu, no one else could slash with that sort of sword power. That was because the universe could not produce another Qin Xiu.
Han Sen did not plan on learning how to be just like Qin Xiu. So, he spent time thinking about how he might break that sword.
Zhao Qiu Yi woke Han Sen up. They had already reached the capital of the Han Kingdom. Zhao Ning’er needed to be there for another two days. After the tour was over, they could then push on straight to the Qin Kingdom.
Han Sen and Zhao Qiu Yi disguised themselves as servants. They followed Zhao Ning’er to depart the ship. They knew Zhao Ning’er was very famous in the universe of kingdoms, but it was ridiculous to see how the Han people welcomed her arrival.
It was not just ordinary fans showing up. Even many nobles and royals came forth to welcome her. Even the queen arrived to greet her arrival.
When Han Sen looked at one of them, he was given a fright.
There was a young man who was 15 or 16 years old. He looked ordinary, but he was dressed like a noble. There was an 80% to 90% chance that he was the son of a noble.
Han Sen saw the young man’s face and noticed how familiar he looked. It was like he had seen him someplace before. Even with his memory, if he saw the young man, he would not recognize him.
Han Sen observed the young man for a bit. He finally understood why the young man looked familiar.
Han Sen thought,
This guy looks like Sky King from the sanctuaries, but he looked young. He did not look as mature as Sky King.

Sky King was kind of like Situ Xiang. He was one of Ancient Devil’s eight generals. He was the leader of the eight generals.
Back then, Han Sen took Sky King and put him and Yaksha into the Cruel Bottle. When Han Sen leveled up, he never brought the bottle with him. He left it for Zero.
Han Sen had not seen Sky King ever since. He had forgotten all about him.
After seeing the young man who looked like Sky King, all of it returned to him.

Did Sky King reincarnate?
Han Sen wondered. Unfortunately, he could not go back to the geno universe to find out. Otherwise, he could quickly ask Zero if Sky King was still inside the Cruel Bottle or not.
If he really was Sky King’s reincarnated form, it would not affect Han Sen. So, he really did not care about it.
It was Ancient Devil, who had escaped, that worried Han Sen a great deal. He did not know what Ancient Devil planned on doing after he escaped. That man would not remain with a low profile. God only knew when he would be able to stir up a storm.
As Han Sen was thinking, he looked past the young man who looked like Sky King. He suddenly looked back and glanced at the young man again.
The young man had some sort of presence. Han Sen looked at that presence twice and noticed it was the same as Chu Yuan and Zhao Ning’er had.

Life soul! That young man has a life soul.
Han Sen’s gaze was like that of a spotlight. He looked at the young man and saw that he possessed the presence of a life soul.
Obviously, that young man was another one of Qin Xiu’s test subjects.
Han Sen frowned and thought,
He is another young man Qin Xiu selected to be a test subject. It looks like they are all young men. I do not know if it is merely a coincidence that this test subject looks like Sky King or not, but it is a shame that I cannot ask Zero.

Han Sen kept looking at the young man. The young man eventually noticed Han Sen was watching him. He turned his attention toward Han Sen.
Although he was just a young man, his gaze was very strong and intense. When he looked at people, it was like he was looking at someone lower than he was. Han Sen always saw that sort of attitude in Sky King.
Now, Han Sen really did think the young man was Sky King reincarnated.
Seeing Han Sen and the young man look at each other, Zhao Qiu Yi tugged Han Sen’s sleeve and said,
Those people there are the Han Kingdom royals.

Han Sen looked at Zhao Qiu Yi and asked,
Do you know who that young man is?

Zhao Qiu Yi looked in that direction and nodded.
I do not know much about the royals of the Han Kingdom, but I do know who that young man is.

Oh, that must mean he is famous,
Han Sen said.
Is he a prince of the Han Kingdom?

Zhao Qiu Yi shook her head and laughed.
No, but he is something like that. He is the Han Kingdom’s Moon Wheel Princess’s future husband. His name is Lin Jin. I have heard he is a commoner genius. When he was born, there was a god tree weird scene. That weird scene covered the sky. A few systems were able to witness it. The Han king saw the scene and sent for some royals to whip up a prophecy about him. Between the Han Kingdom and the Qin Kingdom, they discovered Lin Jin, who had just been born on that planet. They took him to the palace and decided he should marry Moon Wheel Princess. Because he grew up in the palace, he practically became the Han king’s son.

Han Sen’s heart jumped as he asked,
What was that god tree weird scene?

Back in the day, Sky King lived in Sky Tree. Han Sen still remembered Sky King’s power was called 33-skies power.

If that Lin Jin is indeed Sky King, what does it mean that Qin Xiu selected him to become a life soul test subject?
Han Sen thought this was rather suspicious.
Zhao Qiu Yi thought for a moment and shook her head.
I do not know. That is all I have heard. You cannot really record a weird scene unless you see it for yourself. No one can know what a weird scene is actually like.
Han Sen looked at Lin Jin. He was interested in him.
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