Chapter 3280 - Sky King

Chapter 3280 Sky King Han Sen looked at Sky King and asked,
How do you want me to help you?

Sky King seemed to have prepared everything. After hearing Han Sen ask that, he replied,
The life souls connect to a soul candle. If the soul candle burns out, then a life soul will return. I have combined with a life soul. If a life soul returns, it means I return too. The best way is to get the soul candle and put it in my hands, but it will be difficult. Qin Xiu has most of the soul candles. It will even be hard for you to get it.

Han Sen calmly listened to the man. He did not plan on interrupting him. Unless he had come completely prepared, Sky King would not have come looking for him.

To get the soul candle from Qin Xiu might seem impossible, but I have given the idea a lot of thought,
Sky King said.
As a result, I have found a way that might work. This method, however, might prove risky too. I will need your help to accomplish it.

Tell me,
Han Sen said.
Sky King did not hesitate. He spoke what was on his mind.
From my investigations, it turns out the relation between a soul candle and a life soul is like the relation between a puppet and its wires. If they are used well, and you have enough power, you can cut the connection between the two. I have tried many methods to do this, but I have been unsuccessful in cutting the cords. Perhaps the power I control can’t even touch the wires.

Han Sen looked at Sky King and asked,
Do you think my power can do what yours cannot?

Sky King nodded. He then shook his head and said,
I don’t know. You are different. Your powers have always been magical. You have a power that defies expectations. You’re unpredictable and use your reincarnated body. You are very unique, so I think you can certainly give it a try. Having hope is better than having no hope.

Han Sen thought of Bury Path God holding the gene egg. That gene egg had a burning candle inside, so it must have been a soul candle.

What is a life soul?
Han Sen wanted to get some answers from Sky King.
Sky King shook his head.
I do not know what a life soul is. They have the features of a gene race, but they are different. They are kind of like the beast souls used by humans in the sanctuaries. Again, they are different. After combining with a life soul, both my body and soul will level up in some way. Otherwise, I would not have unsealed my past memories had I not done this.

When do we do this?
Han Sen asked.

When you do it, you must use all your power. That is the only way it will work. We cannot be interrupted during this process. I feel like God Chaos Party members are spying on me, so I need to get rid of them. When are you leaving this place? Give me a time and place, and I will get rid of those guards and come look for you.

Han Sen shook his head.
You have a life soul, and they have your soul candle. I do not think losing them will work for you.

I only need a little bit of time,
Sky King said.
When they catch up, our side should bear a result.

Han Sen did not say anything. He established a time and place to meet with him. Afterward, Sky King departed.
Zhao Ning’er’s concert was a grand success. She declined the requests of the Han Kingdom nobles to stay behind. She got on a ship and left the Han Kingdom.

Big Sister, with your power, you are like the singing queen,
Zhao Qiu Yi merrily said to Zhao Ning’er.
I am afraid that even if Zhong Li Qing came back to life, he would not be as good as you.

Zhao Ning’er shook her head.
When it comes to the comparison of power, maybe I am no worse than the singing king. When it comes to the knowledge of songs and feelings, I am not as good as the singing king.

Zhao Ning’er really respected the singing king. She did not underestimate the singing king just because she was getting better.
Han Sen was not in the mood to listen to them talk. They had already come to the system between the Han Kingdom and the Qin Kingdom. This was the place where Han Sen and Sky King planned to meet.
Ever since he met with Sky King, Han Sen had been a bit nervous. He could not tell why, but he just felt like this entire thing would yield him a lot of trouble. He did not think Sky King’s plan would go according to plan.
Zhao Ning’er, if Lin Jin comes and God Chaos Party people show up, take Zhao Qiu Yi to Jade Wall City’s Feng family castle. Do that before you do anything else.
Han Sen told the sisters about Lin Jin’s plan to meet with him, but he did not tell them about Lin Jin being Sky King in a past life. He only told them Lin Jin was like Zhao Ning’er, in that he was a life soul test subject
Zhao Ning’er could tell Han Sen was not being his usual self, but she did not be nosy or pry into the specifics. Suddenly, Han Sen felt the arrival of a weird power. The ship’s door opened up, and Sky King entered. The door quickly closed.
Sky King walked in front of Han Sen and said,
Time is almost up. Let’s go now.

Han Sen nodded. He gathered up his reverse Dongxuan Sutra power and forced himself to break the world. He cast the Dongxuan Aura and peered into Sky King’s body structure. He wanted to find out the connection between the life soul and soul candle.
After looking closer, Han Sen was able to see something on it. Sky King’s body structure was not like an ordinary human’s. His body had many weird substances. The substances went against the substance structures of an ordinary human.
What was even stranger was that Han Sen discovered a weird substance releasing a strange, small presence. The presence was seamless and tasteless. It did not move either. It was very weak, so it was hard to find.
Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura, but he could only see it as if it was there but not there.
When the presence left Sky King’s body, it went out into space and vanished. It was just gone.
The endless air kept spreading. Han Sen knew the presence was the connection between the life soul and soul candle. If he cut it, he might end up cutting the connection between the life soul and soul candle.
Cutting the presence was not easy.
Most of the substances in Sky King’s body had this presence. To cut it completely, he had to cut out all of the presence from the substances.
Han Sen tried to use Super Spank and break one substance presence. It made Han Sen think it was easier than he initially expected things to be.
The presence was tough, but Super Spank was still strong enough to break it. After breaking the presence, the weird substance stopped releasing air.
You really did not disappoint me.
Sky King felt the wires that bound him get cut off. He laughed.
Han Sen was not in the mood to join in with the laughing. He focused his power on hitting Sky King. He cut many presences out.
At this time, the ship moved. It had clearly been affected by some powerful power.

What is this?
Zhao Qiu Yi looked at the monitors on the ship. Her eyes opened wide as she screamed.
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