Chapter 3282 - Light Stream Dragon Spear

Chapter 3282 Light Stream Dragon Spear Sky King looked frozen. The presence of the light stream dragon spear made his heart jump. It was a sign that he felt a sense of danger.
After all, Sky King used to be a very strong and powerful person. The moment his heart jumped, he decided he needed to strike first. He was going to suppress Shoot Shadow.
Sky King had only lived this life for 10 years and had not done much, but he had recently received his life soul and got the memories of his past life back. Although he had not brought over many skills to the universe of kingdoms, his life soul was his main battle power.
He was different from Zhao Ning’er. Sky King had not completely combined with his life soul yet. The light stream dragon spear also had not done that either. He was at about the same level as Chu Yuan. He was a beginner Break World person.
A shadow that looked like a demon was behind Sky King. It turned into an empty shadow that was burning him. Suddenly, it made him break the world. His body went through many layers that weirdly showed up on Shoot Shadow. He stepped on Shoot Shadow’s horns.
You are too slow,
Shoot Shadow coldly grunted. Somehow, the light stream dragon spear had already risen up. It was going toward Sky King’s feet. Sky King’s feet were pierced. His entire body turned into a shadow.
At the same time, another Sky King shadow appeared behind Shoot Shadow. A hand burning with fire silently went for Shoot Shadow’s heart from the back.

What a scary man. It is no wonder he is the reincarnation of that man. You almost fooled me, but it is a shame that your power is too weak.
Sky King’s hand was going to strike. Shoot Shadow looked back. His eyes flashed with an evil light.
Although it seemed impossible, the light stream dragon spear suddenly appeared in front of Sky King. The spear struck his hand.
Sky King knew he was unable to avoid it, so he stopped hesitating. A scary power exploded in his hands. He struck the power coming from the light stream dragon spear. He thought there would be a scary shockwave explosion. After the two powers struck each other, not a sound was made. Sky King’s hand was sucked onto the light stream dragon spear.
The weirdest part was that Sky King’s body glowed with light. It was like he was turning into light.
Sky King seemed as if he wanted to move his body, but he could not get it to work. It was like he had lost control of his body. He kept shaking.
Suddenly, Sky King roared. All the weapons of Soldier Knife Sky arose like a flood to cover the sky and the ground. They were all going for Shoot Shadow.
Shoot Shadow’s face did not change. He raised his hand. The light stream dragon spear blocked a few of the weapons in front of him, but the weapons then became like Sky King. They were sucked onto the light stream dragon spear.
In the next moment, something even more strange happened. No matter how many more weapons came, when they touched the dragon spear, they were sucked onto it. Those weapons would then suck other weapons onto them.
In a moment, after countless weapon gene races were sucked onto the spear, they started looking like a spider web. They were all shaking and unable to escape. They could not pose a threat to Shoot Shadow.

It is futile,
Shoot Shadow said with a laugh.
If you have been sucked in by the dragon spear’s power, you cannot escape. No creature can escape the spear’s power. If it wasn’t for the leader needing you alive, you would already be a dead man.

Han Sen looked at Sky King’s face. He knew he did not have the power to escape. He pulled out his Inch Grey Sword and used his Dongxuan Sutra’s Break World power.
Shoot Shadow looked at Han Sen’s sword. He curled his lips and said,
Mister Elder’s sword is indestructible. It is a shame its owner is no longer the leader these days.

It does not matter who owns it. As long as it can kill people, I reckon it’s a good sword.
Han Sen drew the sword and slashed. He used his Super Spank power. The light stream dragon spear power was weird. Han Sen did not want to waste any chances. He wanted to kill Shoot Shadow with one hit and be done with him.
Shoot Shadow waved his light stream dragon spear. The spiderweb-like composition of weapons started to move. They blocked the Inch Grey Sword.
The Super Spank power gathered up sword air. It instantly destroyed the wall of gene race weapons. Like it was cleaving through a forest of bamboo, it went forth to strike Shoot Shadow.
Shoot Shadow raised his spear to fight. The Inch Grey Sword struck the long spear’s pole.
The very powerful pole, which looked like it was clad in dragon scales, was cut by the Inch Grey Sword but did not snap. Almost at the same time, Han Sen felt a weird power surge through the Inch Grey Sword. It made his body very soft and numb. He was getting sucked toward the spear. The power inside him became light. It was going away. It gathered on the light stream dragon spear. Shoot Shadow was surprised by this too. Upon seeing the light stream dragon spear’s wound, he felt relieved. It made him weirdly laugh.
Fortunately, you can’t fully use the power of the Inch Grey Sword. If you could, that would have been quite dangerous for me. Right now, it seems as if your life is in my hands. If I want you to live, you will live. If I want you to die, you will die. Mister Elder only wanted Lin Jin alive. He did not say anything about keeping you alive.
Han Sen was not in the mood to listen to that man’s crap. He gathered up power to try and get away from the dragon spear’s weird force of suction. The more he struggled, the harder it sucked him in. The more power he used, the number his body felt. His power was going away. Han Sen used the Blood – Pulse Sutra and the Dongxuan Sutra’s Break World powers. There was no point in doing so. It just led to more power abandoning him.

Stop squirming! Trying to resist is useless. Any life force that touches the light stream dragon spear will get all of its power sucked dry. The stronger your energy is, the better it will be for the dragon spear. It will only become stronger. Although the dragon spear only has a 36% Break World rating, even if a Break World elite with a 60% Break World rating touched it, they would not be able to escape its power.
Shoot Shadow weirdly laughed and asked,
Why don’t you just wait here and let it suck you dry?

Han Sen frowned and did not speak. He thought,
Using the Dongxuan Sutra’s Super Spank to attack dealt good damage to the light stream dragon spear. That means the Dongxuan Sutra power can destroy the dragon spear’s power. After touching the dragon spear, the sword feels like it has been glued to it. I cannot use my power. If the Dongxuan Sutra power was stronger, perhaps I could snap the dragon spear with a god weapon.

Han Sen used the Dongxuan Sutra’s Break World power to the max. Despite that, he could not escape the sucking power of the dragon spear.

If I could use my Dongxuan Sutra’s break world power at 30% and make it solid, it should not be difficult to break the dragon spear. What will I have to do to get the Dongxuan Sutra’s Break World power to operate at 30%?
Han Sen was annoyed.
The Dongxuan Sutra had only just broken the world. He wanted to get it to 30% but doing that was very difficult.
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