Chapter 3284 - One Sword Power

Chapter 3284 One Sword Power A crystal shaped like a tear fell out of the broken dragon spear. Han Sen grabbed the crystal while he kept slashing at Shoot Shadow with the Inch Grey Sword in his other hand.
Shoot Shadow was shocked. His body turned into a shadow. No matter how much he tried to run, he could not escape Han Sen’s Inch Grey Sword. It was like the sword had locked onto him.
The Inch Grey Sword was about to strike down on Shoot Shadow’s head. Although he was a Break World elite, he probably could not block the sheer sharpness of the Inch Grey Sword.
As the sound of the sword striking down was heard, a sword light appeared. It was like it pierced through eternity. It came down on the blade of the Inch Grey Sword.
Han Sen froze. He recognized that sword strike. In his dreams, he had fought against this sword many times. This was the sword big sky demon had shown him.
She had shown him this many times in his dreams. When Han Sen saw this sword for the first time in reality, he felt afraid. Still, he had the resolve that denied him from falling back.
An amazing power exploded. Han Sen used a sword instead of his knife. He slashed out with his sword, going toward the sword light that looked as if it could shred anything and everything
Dong! Han Sen and the Inch Grey Sword were knocked backward by the sword light. The sword light power did not stop there. It kept trying to suppress the Inch Grey Sword.
Han Sen’s body hit the forest of weapons. He created a trench in the ground that was 10,000 miles long. Many weapon gene races were hit and sent flying everywhere.
A giant stone hole was visible at the end of the trench. Han Sen stood in the stone hall with both of his hands holding the Inch Grey Sword. His body was adorned with the Dongxuan Armor. His gauntlets started to show signs of cracking. More cracks were appearing closer to his hands. Pieces of armor on his fingers started falling off.
The sword light was still in front of the Inch Grey Sword. A powerful pressure made the Inch Grey Sword fall back inch by inch. Han Sen’s were shaking as he held his sword.
He had finally experienced the sword, so he now knew its true power. It was no wonder big sky demon, who was an evil existence, had been heavily damaged by it.
The big sky demon had a Break World rate of 90%.
Han Sen’s body was a mess. It was like his organs were breaking. The sword light did not get any weaker either. It was getting stronger.

Han Sen made a roaring noise like a beast. He suddenly slipped into his Super God Spirit mode. The Inch Grey Sword in his hands developed a white power. He stumbled back a little and slashed the sword light down. He finally shook away the sword light.
Han Sen gnashed his teeth and ran to the ship. He punched and ripped space. He punched a path through Soldier Knife Sky and the universe of kingdoms. He pushed the ship away and stayed with it.
Sky King heard Han Sen shout and saw him do that. He did not dare stay either. He raced into the tunnel as well.

Do you want to run? It is not that easy.
Shoot Shadow screamed weirdly. He became countless scary shadows. He kept trying to hit Han Sen, Sky King, and the ship. Sky King’s shadow was stopped. He had to use skills to deal with the shadows.
Han Sen was injured. He used all of his strength to break a tunnel. He pushed the ship forward but did not have any extra power to deal with the shadows.
The sound of music was heard. It was like a wave that aided in shaking the shadows away. A phoenix head harp flew out of the ship. It floated behind Han Sen. The strings moved on their own. It kept producing scary harp sounds.
Han Sen forced himself out of the Soldier Knife Sky. He grabbed the phoenix head harp. His body flashed onto the ship. He grabbed Zhao Qiu Yi and used Galaxy Teleportation to flash away.
God Chaos Party was after Han Sen and Zhao Ning’er. If they were not on the ship, the people on the ship would be safer and permitted to live.
Han Sen used Galaxy Teleportation even though he kept losing blood. Although that was the power of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, he could not stop the blood.
It was unknown how many systems they teleported away to. When Han Sen could no longer hold on to the damage brought on by the teleportation, he fell out into space. The sword light was like a ghost surrounding him. It broke space and came down.
Han Sen could not keep his Super God Spirit mode on. His body was injured. He had many ideas as the sword light came striking down.
The phoenix head harp string moved. The music was so loud that it was like a storm with raging thunder. It created shockwaves against the sword light.
The sword light was like a sharp blade slashing at the waves. It ignored the sonic wave power. It slashed down, trying to slash the phoenix head harp.
Han Sen imagined that slash could kill Zhao Ning’er. She had a Break World rate of over 60%, but she could not withstand such power.
When she touched the sword light, Han Sen felt the sword light bear a power he was familiar with. It was the black crystal armor’s power.
The black crystal armor had repeatedly helped Han Sen when he was growing up. Now, it had become his greatest issue. It was like a reaper’s scythe that killed people.
Han Sen knew he would have to overcome this one day. Otherwise, he could not take back the black crystal armor from Qin Xiu. He would not survive if he didn’t.
The sword light touched the harp, and the harp broke. It was unable to stop the pursuit of that sword light. The sword light was going to land on the harp.
Han Sen growled. The Inch Grey Sword trembled. The cells on his body were shaking and crying
Han Sen had no other choice. He had to take the sword. He had to live. The only way to do that was to fight.

Do you want me, Han Sen, to die? That is not done so easily!
Han Sen’s body was heavily damaged, but a weird power exploded. It was The Story of Genes power. More specifically, it was The Story of Genes’ power in reverse. The power of The Story of Genes was not suitable for fighting. The increase in battle power was not so strong.
The reverse The Story of Genes was different. The Story of Genes in reverse had a destructive power. Han Sen only ran it for a second, and he almost blew up and died. How scary was that power? Han Sen now had no choice. He had to try and use the reverse version of The Story of Genes. He needed to see if his body or the sword would blow up first.
He wasn’t sure if the reverse The Story of Genes power could fight the sword light. Han Sen did not know what the result of this action would be, but he had no other choice. Qin Xiu’s sword was too strong. It was not just a display of Qin Xiu’s strength. He was also wearing the black crystal armor, which went against the sky. As the former owner of the black crystal armor, Han Sen knew how scary the black crystal armor was.
Pang! Pang! Pang! Han Sen’s cells exploded. His entire body was like it was exploding. His flesh and bones almost blew up.
Han Sen completely ignored his breaking body. He was bleeding. His hands kept bleeding blood. He held the Inch Grey Sword and slashed at the sword light.
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