Chapter 1393 - A Gift from Godly King

Chapter 1393: A Gift from Godly King
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No wonder Teacher Sitting Mountain Guest hadn’t contacted him since he entered the World of Jin. Neither had he asked him about the World of Jin. Sitting Mountain Guest hadn’t even entered the World of Jin.
All great beings in Universe Ocean are curious about the World of Jin, and there are no exceptions. Primal Chaos City Leader and other great beings from the Hong Alliance are all curious about it, and lots of them ask me questions. Yet Teacher Sitting Mountain Guest has never asked me about anything. I’ve been confused about how teacher Sitting Mountain Guest was able to create the Nine Volume Manual and Star Tower as only a true god!
Luo Feng felt that he knew a bit more about Sitting Mountain Guest now. Even though he still hadn’t figured out much about the mysterious Sitting Mountain Guest, he at least knew now that he was somehow related to the World of Jin!
As for the core of Jin? Jin Country was destroyed, and the Godly King was dead. Those supreme beings who followed His Majesty the Godly King might have already died. Without a doubt, Sitting Mountain Guest was a true god. However…
Did Sitting Mountain Guest obtain an inheritance like me? Did he get the inheritance from His Majesty the Godly King, or from a supreme being under the Godly King?

Thoughts flooded Luo Feng’s mind, and he temporarily pushed back the confusion. At least he knew more about Sitting Mountain Guest now.
Luo Feng’s mind raced, yet he was still able to talk with the Godly King normally.
Your Majesty, who are the three supreme beings you talked about? I need to know about them first.

Of course,
said the man in the luxurious cape.
They are the three country masters of another superpower, ‘Shi Country.'

Masters of Shi Country?
Luo Feng nodded but was confused.
Where are they now? Could it be… Was Shi Country destroyed?

The remains he had found about the ancient civilization all concluded that they were from a destroyed civilization. Only the World of Jin was still intact.

The man in the luxurious cape looked befuddled. Then he sighed.
Yes. It has been a very long time. Shi Country may have been destroyed.

Luo Feng couldn’t help asking,
Your Majesty, if they’re still alive, how am I supposed to find them?

Universe Ocean was too mysterious. Nobody had ever inspected the edge of it. That giant object that looked like the body of His Majesty the Godly King could have flown from a remote area of Universe Ocean! Could there be other creatures in the remote area of Universe Ocean? Were there other powers? He didn’t know.
To true gods, Universe Ocean was unfathomably large. If they wandered too far, chances were, they would get lost.

There’s no rush.
The man in the luxurious cape smiled.
When you become stronger, you’ll know more secrets. As for whether Shi Country has been destroyed or not, even if it has been, it’s impossible for all the three country masters to have died.

Luo Feng memorized his words.

The man in the white cape pointed at a ground close to him, and a machine appeared.

Luo Feng said, looking at the machine carefully. It had a smooth body shaped like a monkey with a flexible tail. It sat there in silence. The power made Luo Feng’s heart race.
The man in the luxurious cape said casually,
This is the true god machine ‘Wu Qi God.’ It’s one of the beast true god level machines, and it only allows one great being to use it. It’s definitely a top-tier true god machine that can fully utilize your power. The only downside is that it consumes a great deal of energy. You already have an enormous body, but you still need to be careful. Don’t use too much godly power at once. Otherwise, it’ll take you a long time to recover your body.

Luo Feng nodded, looking at Wu Qi God with eyes gleaming. A long time to recover? What a joke! He had endless Remote Ocean!

If you finish the sealing task and become a sealed great being, you’re qualified to get Wu Qi God. This Wu Qi God is yours now,
said the man in the cape.

Mine? But the military credits…
Luo Feng said, looking at the man in the cape.
Wu Qi God required 30 million military credits.

Haha! For every task finished, you receive military credits!
laughed the man in the cape.
This sealing task is strenuous, so the prize is 30 million military credits. Do you really want some other valuable instead of Wu Qi God? You can make your own decision if you want.

No, of course, of course I will,
said Luo Feng.
So, this was how it worked. The prize for the sealing task was 30 million military credits, which meant the final prize was to give the great being Wu Qi God.
Wu Qi God… Luo Feng looked at the machine in front of him. Universe Ocean is in chaos now, especially after the four Lands of Extremis. Besides, the original mind guided us to this land! Great Thunder Star Master performed a form of power completely different from godly power… There must be a secret behind all these events.
Luo Feng felt that a storm was coming.
The more powerful I become, the better I can cope with this situation. Besides, I’ve journeyed through Wu Qi Tower, and I got many machine-type valuables and true-god level armors on the third floor from those soldiers. I can go back and exchange them for military credits, then exchange them back for some valuables fit for my human race.
He was only one man, so he only needed several valuables, especially after he became a true god; he would only have one body, so he only needed a few powerful valuables. As for the majority of the machine-type valuables he obtained, he did that because he needed to think about the future of the human race! Of course, he wouldn’t just give them away for free. Nobody could get anything for free.
Luo Feng strolled to Wu Qi God and sealed his life imprint in it.
This machine-type valuable, which looked like a black monkey, merged with Luo Feng’s body immediately, transforming him into a human-shaped monkey with a tail, but the face was still Luo Feng’s face.

So complicated.

Luo Feng studied it a bit and could tell that the engravings were intricate—much more so than
Bib Bird
Golden Claw God.

This is a true god level machine, and it’s one of the most top-tier machines,
said the man in the cape.
If you want to maximize its power, your comprehension of laws needs to be top-tier at true god level. Of course, even though you’re only a law master, you can still use it. The power of this machine is divided into three levels.

Luo Feng smiled. There were three ways to use it, yet even the first way was more complicated than Bib Bird or Golden Claw God, let alone the third way. Perhaps he could only utilize the third way after becoming a true god.

Put your Wu Qi God away,
said the man in the cape.
I don’t want those soldiers to know the secret behind this sealing task. That was why I used Wu Qi God as a shield to tempt those law masters and true gods. Actually, it’s no valuable.

Luo Feng didn’t argue. It was true. To the great Godly King, a true-god level machine was nothing, even if it was a top-tier one. However, he was a law master, so while he was a law master or a true god, Wu Qi God would be his best valuable. It might still be handy even after he became a true god of void space.

Since I hope you’ll become a godly king, I’ll give you the practicing methods.
The man in the luxurious cape shook his head.
However, I’m proficient in valuables making, but apparently, you are not. As for those fighting-type techniques, I’m not good at it. I’ve prepared an inheritance for you.

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed. An inheritance? The more, the better.

Start comprehending it yourself.
The man in the cape threw out a crystal glowing with black light.
I’m the only Godly King in Jin Country, so I can’t give you the best inheritance in fighting. This is a combination of all the techniques obtained by me and the great beings working for me by killing others. It’ll help you become a Godly King.

Luo Feng nodded and strolled to the crystal. It would take him a long time to receive the inheritance, though, so he would have to study it after leaving Wu Qi Tower.

You need time to study the inheritance,
said the man in the cape.
Though Wu Qi God is very helpful, you could die if you come across a true god of void space. Which is why I shall grant you the strength of a world in the World of Jin.

Strength of a world?
said Luo Feng, dazed.

You’ve finished the sealing task,
said the man.
You’re at the same status as the four generals, but only on the surface. The generals know that you are now the most important individual in the World of Jin. You have absolute authority in the World of Jin. If anyone dares to cross you, you can use the strength of a world to deal with him.

Luo Feng looked pleased.
How powerful is this ‘strength of a world’?

You can suppress eternal true gods and kill any true god of void space,
said the man in the luxurious cape.
But don’t slaughter.

Luo Feng nodded.
I understand.

The Godly King of Jin treated him so kindly, all because he had gotten Lie Yuan Technique and he counted on him to kill the three country masters of Shi Country. After all, the Godly King of Jin had already died. He gave Luo Feng such authority because he had placed his hopes in Luo Feng—at least in the World of Jin.

So I can use the strength of a world in the World of Jin?
Luo Feng was pleased.
Then the lives of all those great beings in Universe Ocean who entered the World of Jin are in my hands.

The Godly King had only told him not to slaughter. That meant he could kill a reasonable number of beings.

I’ve already given you everything I can,
said the man in the cape.
I am already dead. All this is everything I can offer you. You’re on your own from now on. It’s time for you to leave Wu Qi Tower.

Luo Feng bowed to show his gratefulness. After all, the Godly King had helped him a lot.
A light pillar arrived and hit Luo Feng. Luo Feng disappeared from Wu Qi Tower and was transported out.
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