Chapter 370

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 12 Great Modifications in an Old Battlefield
The Super Beasts left quietly.
Their instincts must have told them that they could not win against Veldora.
Veldora and the others did not even bother to watch them leave. They quickly cleaned up after the barbecue and renewed their journey.
During the silent march, Zaza made a decision and approached Veldora.

Ah, um…Veldora, sir, uh, lord? I would like to ask you something…

Zaza seemed very anxious about talking to him now.

What is it Zaza? What happened to your usual brazen attitude?

Uh, no, it’s… Ahahahaha…

He tried to hide his awkwardness with a laugh.
It could not be helped.
When he thought back on the way he had treated Veldora, he had to realize that he had been incredibly rude.
Veldora just grinned mischievously and teased Zaza.
This was very unbecoming, but that could not be helped, since it was Veldora.
After all, Veldora was an evil dragon by nature.
And so he continued to toy with Zaza for a while until he got bored.

Hmm. No, it is better when you talk normally. Being so formal is no fun at all.

What!? I wasn’t talking like that for your amusement—ah!

Kahahaha! Yes, yes, that’s much better!

I am very sorry for everything I did! I didn’t realize how great you really were, Lord Veldora…

Oh, Zaza. I find it creepy when you call me that. You can just say ‘mister.’ However! Do not forget to be respectful, alright?

Creepy…what do you think…

Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s nothing Zaza.

Alright, alright! I’m starting to think maybe it was a misunderstanding that I thought you looked so amazing a while ago…

Kaaaahahahaha! What a funny little joke, Zaza!

And like that, they returned to their usual banter.
Veldora enjoyed it this way, and so while he continued to act grand, he allowed Zaza to speak casually.
Veldora preferred to be friends with people instead of having them fear him.

So, Vel-, Mister Veldora. Who are you?

Zaza asked his question.
Everyone else was also interested in this question, and the surrounding adults perked up their ears.

Hmm. It is no secret, really. But would you believe me?

Yes, yes. Of course, I would believe! After all, we’ve already seen such a ridiculous sight as you punching a Super Beast!

The adults nodded silently to this.

Master. Why don’t you tell them the truth? I bet they won’t believe you anyway.

I agree. They will not believe you.

Ramiris and Beretta whispered. Veldora felt the same.
But he did not care if they believed him or not.

Then I will tell you. I am a visitor from another world. You can call me the result of supernatural power…or more simply, the dragon who controls the storm. Yes.

Veldora got bored of explaining and ended it abruptly.
He didn’t know what religions existed here, but he didn’t think they would understand if he said he was a god or a holy spirit.

Hahaha. Like from a myth?

How nostalgic. I almost forgot that people used to pray to a god.

Religion faded away once people started living in the cities. Why pray to a god that doesn’t help you when you can trust the city to protect your lifestyle.

Rindo and Sharma said.
As Veldora predicted, they no longer believed in such things anymore.

So. Seriously, what are you…?

Zaza had decided that Veldora was just joking, and so he asked him again.
However, Veldora just laughed.

Kahahaha! Don’t worry. All you need to know is that I am amazing. And then you cannot go wrong!

Zaza agreed. There was no point in hearing any more.
Because it was true, Veldora was amazing.
By what principle, technology or features, it was all unknown. But it was probably some top-secret, advanced technology, he thought.
Of course, they were all underestimating Veldora.
They still saw him as human.
To them, Veldora was a high-powered cyborg who might just be able to take on, if not beat, the Machinery Four.
It was a big mistake, but they were unable to realize it yet.
The party continued to walk for some time.
The protection suits were heavy, just like an astronaut’s suit. And even though they aided the wearer in terms of mobility, they could not go very fast.
At most, they could travel about 5 kilometers in an hour.
While they did not get too tired, it was mentally exhausting to have to repeat the same movements repeatedly.
The children found it especially tough.
And so it was with an apologetic voice that Karman began to talk.

Really, though. While we don’t have to worry about Super Beasts because Veldora and Beretta are here, it will still be dangerous if those of the Empire found us. Now, if only we had our Powered Suits, we could fight…

Indeed. Out Plasma Gattling is out of ammunition. And we are cyborgs who mainly fight with weapons. Our basic features are not that advanced.

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