Chapter 372

The adults sighed in exasperation. But there was a look of trust towards Veldora and the others as well.
As for the children, they cheered at the prospect of the time of rest–and delicious food–that would be coming.
No one objected, and so it was decided that they would all head to this abandoned testing ground.
An hour had now passed since Zaza had led them to the old testing ground.
Everyone was now absorbed in the search for materials.
They had also all taken off their protective gear and were dressed lightly.
Obviously, this was because Veldora had purified the area.
The children and Veldora were now staring at the ground and seemed to be having a passionate debate.
They inspected the parts the adults had gathered and argued over how to assemble them.
Beretta calmly went about repairing and modifying. Ramiris watched him and complained about the choices she didn’t like.
This continued until the sun began to set.
Then the children cleaned out old trenches and slept in them.
As Veldora had also isolated the place within a barrier, they were all able to sleep without their suits on.
No matter how advanced the suits were, you could not get much rest if you had to sleep while sitting up.
And so it wasn’t just the children, but even the adults slept a deep sleep as if to make up for the past several days of exhaustion.
Next to them, there were those who did not sleep.
Veldora, Ramiris, and Beretta.
Zaza was patrolling the area as usual, so it was just these three that remained now.
They were whispering to each other, careful that their voices would not be heard by anyone else.

Hey, hey. What about this idea? You can put beam cannons on both shoulders and also the head. And then the chest can open up and there will be another one! Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it cool?

Are you stupid? You can’t equip beam cannons all over someone’s body. The engine won’t be able to power them! Besides, with only a heat release plate and conductive heat lines, there is no way you can keep the thing cool enough! And adding so much garbage does not make something look awesome!

But Lord Veldora, there was a child that asked if you could install two engines. And it is not impossible, so perhaps we can at least have the cannons on both shoulders.

Hmm. I see…

They were testing the ideas gathered from the children during the day and seeing which were viable.
All of Ramiris’s ideas considered nothing but her personal tastes.
The current plan was to secure a means of transportation and new weapons for Zaza and the others while everyone still slept.
They had already finished the vehicles.
Five large transport buses that could carry two hundred passengers each. The vehicles had been completed quietly and were now parked in a line.
They had gathered parts from destroyed tanks and reused them.
The basic structure had already gone through ‘Appraisal’ and it was determined that they would run just fine without the need for a test drive.
Even in this world, their skills were very good.
They removed the 200mm rail guns, which were the main weapons, and improved the stability and speed of the vehicles.
Thanks to that, in spite of the legs being like a caterpillar, its maximum speed now exceeded 100km/h.
They had also considered comfort, and space expansion had been used to make the seats more spacious. There was even an area where you could lie down.
As for the distance that they could travel… After all, they were equipped with thermonuclear fusion engines, as long as the body of the vehicle did not break, it could run nearly forever.
They would no longer have to walk around on foot. Travel would be much easier.
As it was a caterpillar, bad road conditions did not matter, and they were sure that they could reach their destination on the next day.
And then there was the new equipment for Zaza and the others.
This was the current topic of discussion, and they were not united in their opinion.
Ramiris wanted more power.
Veldora talked about the importance of aesthetics over utility.
Beretta tried to make them come together, but his efforts were like a candle in the wind next to these stubborn two.

Really, why can’t we make it so they shoot out destructive rays from all over their bodies?

What would be the point in that? It will hit our own men!

They argued.
Beretta was tired.
It was getting annoying. And so he decided to leave them and started repairing the equipment on his own.
First, he pulled out the Powered Suits that were the least damaged and lined them up.
And then he disassembled them.
As he did this…

Hmm. It will be easier to imagine after seeing the real thing.

That’s right, master. Now that I think about it, Zazy can use this, right? Then we can make a few of them. Even if we install all the beam weapons on it, you can just think of them as commander cannons. I think that’s a great idea!

Perhaps. As Beretta said, we could add two engines and raise its power output.

They said. The two had stopped fighting and were now watching what Beretta was doing.

First, we should decide what the main weapon will be.


Beretta. Do you have an opinion on that?

Beretta nodded.
Beretta’s opinion often leaned towards Ramiris’s opinion.
He was like his master.
Long Live The Giant Ship Cannon Cause!
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