Chapter 385

Just as Karman currently had no way to defeat Jegyll.
However, Karman did not give up.
He frantically looked through his weapons and searched for something that would be effective on Jegyll.

Damn it all! But, what about this!

Karman shouted as he unleashed a card he had up his sleeve.
Both of his arms were crossed and thrust forward as it fired—it was a neutral particle cannon.
It was usually a weapon used while wearing Powered Armor, but Karman was still able to use it in his current state.
As there was not enough power, it would not pack as large a punch as normal, but its speed was still 80% of the speed of light. That was better than the blaster, which wasn’t even double the speed of sound. And it was more than enough to be effective on cyborg soldiers.
The speed was accelerated through both arms, the different particles mixed and transformed into an attack…that was not deadly.

Too slow!

There was a roar, and then Karman was blown away as something slammed into him.
The particles dispersed and Karman’s special attack was no more.
Jegyll glared at the fallen man.

Let me give you a little lecture before I kill you. Whether it is a beam weapon or something else, these deadly blows should be dealt once you are sure that your opponent can no longer move. For instance, after they have just used a special attack. I mean, do you even have enough energy left to raise a barrier?

Jegyll lifted her hand towards Karman and laughed.
It was over. Karman knew that he was about to die.
He realized it after she said it, but Jegyll really hadn’t used plasma during the fight.
As always, Karman had used it to distract her.
(I see. When fighting on this level, wasting bullets is a bad idea…)
It was too late now. Karman would not be able to move for the next two seconds. And that was more than enough time for Jegyll to finish him off.

Damn you!

Goodbye, Karman.

There was a flash.
Karman was enveloped in light…


Jegyll jumped away frantically.
The ground was burning. Powerful acid was raining down.
No, it wasn’t acid. It was the Super Beast’s blood, which contained powerful toxins.


The monster that Karman had saved was now protecting him.
The serpent’s eyes lit up with the will of a noble human, and then its mouth opened in order to say something to Karman.


Karman heard his name come from the mouth of the girl who was now a monster. It had such a nostalgic ring to it.

Is-is it you, Charlotte? Is it you? Are you really…

It was a miracle.
After one hundred years, Karman had reunited with his lover.


Everything below the torso was torn, and purple blood dripped to the ground.
The rest of the body had exploded and flew everywhere.
The poison blood had been sprayed towards Jegyll, as if the monster was fulfilling its final role.
This blood had the ability to melt anything. And so Jegyll could not approach them.
However, none of that mattered to Karman.
He had forgotten about Jegyll, no, he had forgotten about the battlefield. All he did now was embrace the twisted and transformed being in front of him.
The poison burned his arms, but he didn’t mind.

…So…you…kept…your…promise… I’m…so…glad… Love. You. And…so…live…Karman…

In the end, the great serpent forced its mouth to move—and the girl who was now a Super Beast—called Karman’s name.

Hey, Charlotte! We finally met. Don’t give up!!

Yes…we did. I’m glad…I didn’t give up…

Their reunion was short-lived.
My wish came true—she muttered, and then her hand went limp and fell.
Her eyes closed silently, covering the snake-like pupils.
Then the long red hair fell over her forehead like blood.


Karman’s wail echoed.
<<…confirmed. Synchronization will begin, as the master ordered>>
—The machine in Karman’s brain said.
It sounded very cold. Karman was immediately brought back to his senses.
At the same time, the earth split, and the Powered Armor that should have been broken now appeared.
<<As you ordered, all restrictions have been deactivated. ‘Self Repair’ has now been overwritten by ‘Ultra Modification Repair’ — Restoration will now begin. Do you choose to incorporate the material around you? YES/NO>>
Material—It was talking about the person Karman was holding.
Karman closed his eyes and hesitated for a second. And then he bit his lip and decided.

…Yes. We’ll always be together, Charlotte. Let’s get revenge together.

He muttered in a voice too quiet for anyone else to hear.
Karman’s will resulted in the birth of a superweapon that exceeded all the laws of physics in this world.
<<Permission received. The ‘brain’ has been saved in the hollow vessel—the ‘soul’ will now be installed…success—I will now support you as ‘Charlotte ‘. I look forward to working with you, Karman!>>
Karman’s eyes widened.
But it was only for a moment. He quickly returned to his old self and smiled mischievously.
It wasn’t like him to cry.
And more importantly…

Aye, Charlotte. We’ll always be together now…

The modification restoration was complete.
—The two were now united.
The cloud of blood in the air had now disappeared.
What was there now, was not a military machine, but a purple machine in the shape of a dragon.
Jegyll took one look at it and stopped.

…What? What does this…

There were wings on its back and a tail grew from its flanks.
Dragonic Armor—it was a destroyer that took features from the Super Beast serpent.
As for its abilities…

Let’s do this, Jegyll. I’ll kill you. And then I’ll crush the whole Empire. And then, we shall build a new country!

You make me laugh! You can dream all you want once you are dead!

—And then, the two clashed once again.
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