Chapter 394

He requested help from the people who he assumed had modified Michelle; Fudora and Alvin.
Asking help from humans was incredibly humiliating for dragons.
Veldora’s sisters would have been furious.
However, in that respect, Veldora had a rather flexible mindset.
He quickly unleashed his aura towards Michelle and shouted as Fudora and Alvin stood there in shock.

Bu-but. Even Al said it was impossible…

Silence! I am trying to help you. Stop whining and get to work!! Look here, you’re all humans, all right? While there may be differences, you cannot say that it is an unscalable wall.

Veldora was talking recklessly as always.
However, there was someone there who was moved because of his reckless idealism.

Let’s do it, Lord Fudora. If we give up now, all of our actions would become meaningless. Let’s save Michelle. My sister.


This is no time to hesitate. If you cannot stop this, your ambitions will be crushed as well.

…You… Has your consciousness returned!?

It never had to. I was acting all along. I thought that this might happen one day, and so I used a ‘brain’ decoy. After all, you had no intention of killing us, did you, Lord Fudora? That Bionoid didn’t destroy my decoy brain.

Tsk. So you tricked me. You are his son, after all. Smarter than I thought…

You’re exaggerating now.

But why did you pretend to obey me?

It was because I agreed with you, Lord Fudora. Of course, had I known the Mobius System would be this dangerous, I would have opposed you.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is purely my ambition to…

I think that Jegyll and Kristoph would have regained their own will by now as well? Wasn’t that your plan from the very beginning? You would play the villain so we could defeat you?

This is foolishness…

But I think you were a little too thorough, seeing as you got rid of people who knew too much and could get in the way. Well, it doesn’t matter now. Let’s hurry up and save Michelle!

The conversation was over. Alvin tried to intervene with Michelle’s Mobius System.
As for Fudora, while he was reluctant, he knew his priorities.
If they failed to control the Mobius System here, everything would be lost.
This was no time to lose themselves in an argument.

Yes, it must be done quickly. Or else, I might also run out of energy.

Veldora said in an unusually serious voice.
It was easy enough to nullify the energy that was flowing out, but the other side that kept on absorbing it, now that was the real problem.
If it continued to receive energy, the absolute value would increase, as would the amount of energy discharged.
And then of course, so would the power to absorb.
And even worse, there was no regularity to the type of energy that was being unleashed.

Wait, Master. Isn’t it fundamentally impossible to calculate this!?

Ramiris cried.
It was no wonder, considering the energy coming from Michelle was constantly changing its condition.
Yes, just as if different kinds of energy were being pulled out from a different dimension…

Yes. If not, I would have already connected the corridors so it would circulate!

Veldora said. He felt like crying as well.
Even when he used his Seeker of Truth though his Ultimate Skill, ‘Nyarlathotep,’ he was unable to read the laws of energy that was constantly changing. The result, the only thing he could do was to read the energy that had leaked out and nullify it. It was a passive measure.
Furthermore, he had to use his aura to stop the other side from absorbing. This process was not only very difficult for Veldora, but it was harsh and seemed to be without end.
And time kept moving along.
There was no end in sight.
Just like the number of Pi, prime numbers continued to spread out before him.
Something that seemed to be there but wasn’t.
Something that was there but seemed not to be.
It was ruled by laws that could not be seen and that surpassed human knowledge.
Even if you had the calculating ability that exceeded a quantum computer, you would not be able to find an answer.
If told to solve the problem right here and now, the only thing he could say was that it was impossible.
Still, no one would give up.
Alvin sent orders to the different departments, as the city was in an uproar. And all the while, he organized the information.
Fudora read the information, his brain working hard in order to find laws that may or may not be there.
As for Veldora and Ramiris, they desperately attempted to keep Michelle in her current state.
However, the scale began to tip. And the black sphere started to grow larger.
All of them could see that their limit was reached.
And then the rhythm was broken again, and the energy balance collapsed.
Veldora frantically adjusted it and prevented an explosion, but it was now big enough for anyone to see.
It was too big to be called a micro black hole now, and if it were to be unleashed again, Veldora would find it very difficult to stop it.

This is bad… At this point, I don’t even know if I can…

Veldora couldn’t help but mutter.
However, no one was complaining.
This was because Fudora and Alvin had already realized how abnormal he was.
He had already used brute-force to control the Mobius System several times, as it discharged.
Had Veldora not been there, the world would have been long destroyed.
But even if they all did their best, there simply was not enough time.
It was just as the room filled with despair.
The sound echoed off of Veldora’s head.
And then…

Hey, hey. What’s going on here?! I’ve only been gone for one week, and you guys are already trying to destroy a world!!

Well, the voice sounded very irritated indeed.
The thing that floated there was a mysterious slime with a paper fan.
It was…
Great Demon King Rimuru had come to take Veldora and the others back.
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