Chapter 396

And then it happened. In that split second after Jegyll’s attack, Karman fired his Giga Buster, immediately evaporating the lower half of Jegyll’s body.
As she lay there in shock, Karman thrust out his fist like the jaw of a dragon. He was going to deal the final blow—he was right in front of her now.

The fist was in front of her eyes. Jegyll saw her own defeat—no, her own death.
(Why…why am I here? Fighting like this?)
It wasn’t fear that she felt, but bewilderment.
The ‘brain’ that was in the Bionoid had become active, and she was awakening to the free will that had been their originally.
Karman’s merciless attacks had caused much of the special cells of her Bionoid body to be lost. Many of her functions were shut off as the preservation of life became the main priority. The result was that the restrictions on Jegyll were weakening.
And so she now had doubts about her current situation.
As far as she knew, she had been in a meeting just a moment ago.
And yet, here she was, fighting with Karman—this was most confusing.
It was like she was in a dream. Jegyll desperately resisted the cloud that was muddling her mind.
And then—
—Jegyll? Is that you? Don’t give up. Regain your heart!!—
—As Jegyll’s consciousness resurfaced from the depths, Michelle’s prayer reached her.
Upon hearing those words, Jegyll’s consciousness returned completely.
(Yes. Yes. I was with Prime Minister Fudora and…)
The memories came back as if she were waking from a dream.
And then she remembered the things she had done when she wasn’t herself. She was able to read and understand the memories that were saved.
(Ahh… No, no one will believe me no matter what I say. I’m sorry, Michelle… I was not able to be of use to you…)
As the fist of death approached, the memories flashed in her mind.
She felt waves of regret and despair.
Prime Minister Fudora had used her. Then she had betrayed Michelle, which resulted in the current predicament.
But at the same time, there was a small hope.
She saw it while looking at Karman. He had defeated her. While she wasn’t at the same level as the Machinery Four, she was one of the strongest soldiers.
With such power, perhaps they could go and rescue Michelle.
With both regret and hope in her heart, Jegyll accepted her death…

Damn it! I am not going to give up on the goal we strived towards for so many years! Not here!!

…No, she could not accept it.
Now that she had awakened, she wouldn’t give up. And she didn’t need Michelle’s encouragement to reach that decision.
Jegyll used her Bionoid abilities to parry Karman’s Buster Knuckle. By sacrificing even more of her cells, she was able to protect the vital organs.
And so she did not die, but now her combat abilities were practically nonexistent.
The battle was over.
Now, she just needed to negotiate.

That was supposed to be the finishing blow. Miss Jegyll, you are a tough one.

Hmph. I could not allow myself to be killed. I remembered something. My old dreams and ideals.

You really don’t want to die, then? And what is this about ideals all of a sudden? You tricked us and tried to kill us…

I wish I could explain everything to you. But there is no time. Would you please let me go until we rescue General Michelle?

Rescue? You betrayed us and now you’re trying to make excuses?

Even Michelle understood how convenient it all sounded.
Still, she had to persuade Karman now, or she would not be able to help Michelle.
She had to get Karman to understand her position.

You may not believe it, but I was being controlled. I want to rescue Michelle now, so will you not let me go?

Let you go? You would like that, wouldn’t you? As if we would believe such a story!

Jegyll could not blame him.
Besides, Karman had a fierce personality and was known to be merciless towards his enemies.
And so she understood that there was no way that he would let her go now.
However, she had to try.
But then, something most unexpected happened.
As she opened her mouth in order to continue the desperate attempt, Karman suddenly looked up at the sky and froze.


She heard him mutter, and then she looked up and saw that a black shadow seemed to be spreading in the sky.
No, according to the analysis of her telescope feature, it was a universal strategic reconnaissance aircraft.

That must be first lieutenant Hiragi…

Yeah. I know because I partnered with Hiragi many times. But why here…?

Jegyll and Karman both seemed to forget the fight as they looked up at the reconnaissance aircraft.
Jegyll was thinking of taking advantage of the moment.
Karman wondered if it was going to interfere.
However, both of their expectations were blown away in the next instant.
‘Can you hear me? Jegyll! And Karman!’
Hiragi’s voice boomed so loud that the air seemed to shake.
Jegyll and Karman looked at each other.
Then Karman’s men and Reiz and his men stopped fighting.
‘I need you to stop and listen to me! That is what General Michelle wants!’
And like this, an unexpected visitor put an end to Jegyll and Karman’s battle.
Karman was with first lieutenant Hiragi once again.

Ah, Mister Hiragi. So you were safe?

Yes. After telling General Michelle about your defeat, I received a different order from Jegyll by a secret line. It said to wait for the right time and then rescue you guys. But things changed once General Michelle started moving. I was told to follow you and gather information while offering support from the shadows.

Hiragi said as he glanced towards Jegyll. He added that there had been no need to offer support after all.
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