Chapter 398

Looking at this world that was about to be destroyed, there was something about it that was more shocking than when my body had been torn in two.
It’s no wonder Beretta had asked me for help.

I had absorbed the two pieces of the body and then went to the labyrinth to hear about the research results while I was away. That was when I realized that something was amiss.
Shinji had greeted me most suspiciously.
When I interrogated him, he said that Veldora and the others had gone off to another world without permission.
They had used the Different Gate, which was still being worked on, and had been waiting for me to leave.
Oh, dear. I thought.
They clearly wanted to be the first to find something new, so they could brag about it later.
I could see through them every time.
As there was no point in waiting for them to return, I analyzed the remaining magic circle and tried to pinpoint their location.
<<It is already complete>>
Master Ciel was always ahead of me.
I was not surprised. Just then, a ‘Thought Transmission’ arrived from Beretta.
‘Lord Rimuru. There is a problem. The two others are also with me…’
Beretta said.
The timing was a little suspicious, but I didn’t ask.
He had come to me for help and sounded very frantic.
It seemed that Beretta had become involved in their mess as well.
Stopping those two was a task too great for Beretta.
Had he waited for the right moment and then called me secretly?
In any case…

Shinji. It seems that they’re causing a lot of trouble over there. I’m going to go check on them. I’ll leave the rest to you!

I told him.
As for Shinji, he was standing in front of the new researcher I had brought—Irina. He was sweating and making excuses about something… Well, it had nothing to do with me.
His cheeks were flushed as well, but there was no point in thinking about that.

What!? Lord Rimuru!? Yo-you’re really going to leave me in this situation alone…!?

Farewell, Shinji!
Sorry, but I can’t save you!!
You two enjoy your time together.
Oh, he looks like he’s going to cry—well, he is crying.
In any case, I left Shinji there and used ‘Interdimensional Teleportation’ to go to where Beretta was.
I was greeted by Beretta and tried to ask him about what had happened.
However, it did not seem like we would have much time.

The truth is…

Just as Beretta began, I felt that the world was starting to creak.

Hey, hey! You’ve gone too far! Does Veldora not understand…

Uh, no, this isn’t Lord Verldora’s doing…

I’m sorry you had to put up with this, Beretta. All right. I’ll go and give him a good scolding!


Ramiris as well–I said. And then I jumped towards Veldora and the others.

And so I beat Veldora with my paper fan…
Now, what to do?

Guh!? Rimuru!? Why are you here!?

It’s not my fault! I just got mixed up in this mess because of Master!!

Veldora was surprised while Ramiris wasted no time in betraying him.
Of course, Ramiris always made excuses, and there was no mistaking that she was an accomplice.
Beretta seemed like he had meant to cover for her a little, but there were limits to what you could do.
In any case, it was then that Beretta also teleported to our location.

Pl-please wait, Lord Rimuru! You have it wrong. We were experimenting with the magic circle and got caught in an accident!!

Beretta said frantically as he came after me.
Hmm. An accident, huh?
Is there more to this story?
Or is he just making up excuses?
After hearing Beretta’s words, Veldora started to shout as if suddenly acquiring a will of his own.

That’s exactly true, Rimuru. It is most hurtful that you always blame me for everything. And how can you hit me on the head like that so suddenly!

He made a show of being angry and indignant, but his eyes looked oddly anxious.
That suggested he was at least somewhat ashamed.
And Ramiris betrayed Veldora immediately because she knew she had done something bad… It seemed like a good time to mislead them.

I see. Sorry about that. I actually wanted to praise you for making such a wonderful magic circle… But since you say it was an accident, I guess it was just a coincidence that it turned out so well?

So, what would be their reaction?

That’s because of my research! It wasn’t an accident! It was all according to plan!

Ramiris!? We both did the research! I won’t forgive you for trying to steal all of the credit!!

They took the bait too easily.

…Lord Ramiris, Lord Veldora… That’s what you call a confession…

Beretta muttered sadly.


They realized at the same time.
They let the cat out of the bag.
But Beretta was guilty too. He had tried to lighten the crime by saying it was an accident, but perhaps he should have discussed it with the others in advance.
Well, he may have had his reasons.

Well, it seems there are more pressing matters. And this really doesn’t seem like Veldora’s doing.

I said as I looked towards the two Collapsers that were enlarging after sucking in energgy and matter from around them.
The two Collapsers were affecting each other and growing, and there was a single woman between them—the singularity of supergravity, a black hole that swallowed up everything.

Why is this happening?

That’s what I want to know! Apparently, it’s called the Mobius System or something. That woman over there, Michelle; her power reactor caused it to go crazy. We were just trying to stop it!

Exactly. We’ve been desperately trying to stop the destruction of the world. I am very offended that you could blame it on me, Rimuru!

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