Vol 9 Chapter 12357: don't move my brother

Although Shenzhou Elf has been very careful.
But the seventy-two lands are inside.
There are only five elves in total.
Even the gods are thinking about the five elves.
Because as long as they devour any elf, their strength will be rapidly improved.
As long as the Spirit of China is targeted by powerful beings, the result is predictable.
It is impossible for any powerful existence to let go of the Shenzhou Elf.
When Xia Xia appeared, the Tianhan Sword in his hand blocked the attack of one of them.
"So strong!" They just fought.
In the summer, I sensed the strength of the other party.
"The three of them, one is the lifeless Thirty-six Heavenly Gang, and the other two are the Seventy-two Earthly Demons and the Super Ghost!!" The Shenzhou Elf was relieved when he saw that it was summer.
What kind of enemy to face.
As long as summer comes, he will feel safe.
"Whoever he is, do it first!!" The Tianhan sword in Xia Xia's hand stabbed out.
at the same time.
This attack has infinite power, as if it has the power of a vast galaxy to bless it.
Infinite power.
Instantly knocks the person in front of you back.
"Is this the new power that elder sister gave Tianhan sword?" Xia Xia looked at the Tianhan sword in his hand in surprise.
At this time, the Tianhan sword.
The attack power is many times stronger than before, and it also contains special power, making the enemy hard to guard against.
"Master, it's up to me!" Hong Feng after the promotion.
He hasn't touched it yet, and now he is also very much looking forward to his own changes.
Especially after seeing the changes in Tianhan Sword.
Hong Feng was even more excited.
One after another feathers flew out.
Feather turned into the sharpest weapon, and quickly killed the three people in front of him.
The three are also resisting the attack of Hongfeng.
"The impact force has become so strong, and the attack speed is actually at the air-breaking level, but it seems to be draining my strength!" Xia Xia sensed that when Hongfeng was fighting, the overall combat power had undergone tremendous changes.
Rapid ascension.
Now the strength in the body is gradually being consumed in the summer.
But soon.
Another surprise came.
That is, the feathers of Hongfeng that seem to be broken, began to absorb the power of the surrounding heaven and earth, including the power of the opponent's attack, all flowed into his godhead along the red phoenix.
Not only to fill the previous consumption.
And more is recovered.
In this case.
future battles.
Hongfeng has almost become the ability to absorb power in summer.
"Cool!" Hongfeng's frantic attack also made him feel very refreshed.
He can finally keep up with Xia Xia's footsteps and fight against people of this level. Although they have just recovered and are not in their peak state, the strength of each of these people must surpass that of ordinary ninth-level spirits. .
boom! boom! boom!
The two sides fought hard.
"Shenzhou Elf, I didn't expect you to be so embarrassed now, and you have begun to rely on a human being to support it!!" Wuming said with great disdain.
"You three bully one, and you don't feel ashamed, so what's the shame for me? Could it be that bullying the less with more has become an upright thing now?" Xia Xia responded.
Play language with him.
The other side is much worse.
"A little human who dares to get involved in our affairs, I think you have really lived enough!!" Wuming felt that Xia Xia was provoking him, which made him even more angry.
"I've lived enough, but unfortunately you didn't have the ability to kill me, three wastes, I still don't take it seriously!" Xia Xia responded simply.
"You are courting death!" The three of them rushed towards Xia Xia.
And summer is also a quick response.
Although their attacks are powerful, in front of Xia Xia's eyes, these attacks seem to have become insignificant, and they can't hit him at all, while his Tianhan sword can accurately attack the opponent's weak point, plus Shang Hongfeng's sneak attack.
Summer can be said to be more and more brave, but the opponent is more and more frightened.
Their attack is stronger than Summer.
Can not hit the words of summer.
What's the use of that powerful attack.
boom! boom! boom!
The fighting between the two sides is getting more and more intense.
"No, there is something wrong with this guy. I will hold him back. You should attack the Shenzhou elves first. The mission cannot fail!" Wuming reminded.
The two quickly killed the Shenzhou Elf.
"You want to stop me, don't you think too highly of yourself?" Xia Xia said with great disdain.
boom! boom! boom!
"Boy, do you think you can win if you fight like this? The battle here will soon attract a lot of masters. When they see the spirits of Shenzhou here, even if we can't win, the others will You will also shoot, your enemies will only increase, you can't keep him, why don't we make a deal, as long as you are willing to let us capture the Shenzhou elves, how about I give you a top treasure?" Lifeless Seduction road.
Although he said so.
But he also didn't want the Shenzhou Elf to be taken away by others.
So he now wants to talk to Summer.
"Well, you hand your mother over to me, how about I give you a top treasure? One won't work? How about two or three?" Xia Xia's response was almost lifeless to the point of vomiting blood.
"you wanna die!!"
Totally insane.
Directly to the summer.
But summer did not entangle with him.
But quickly came behind one of them.
The Tianhan sword in his hand pierced through the opponent's body.
The man's body flew out.
In terms of sneak attacks.
I haven't really served anyone in summer.
The reason why he started to use a lot of consumption to sneak attack is because he also sensed that there are a lot of strong people coming. If there are many people coming, then no matter how many means he uses, he can't keep the spirits of Shenzhou.
"Want to escape, how is it possible!" Wuming killed him instantly.
The injured person was also the first to recover and chased after him.
The battle between the two sides almost lifted the battlefield.
The huge explosive force caught the attention of many people.
Including the masters of the eight continents, they also rushed here one after another: "You can't run away with such a big movement this time, this is the price you have to pay!!"
"If you can't run, then fight. If you come for one, I will kill one. If you come for two, I will kill a pair. Whoever dares to touch my Xiaxia brother, then I will make him pay the price!!" The Tianhan sword in Xiaxia's hand instantly stab out.
For a moment.
A phantom of a galaxy king beast appeared.
He rushed directly to the three people in front of him.
"This is the Galaxy King Beast!!" The three of them were dumbfounded, and they hurriedly used their strongest attack to resist.
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