Vol 9 Chapter 12358: sky boots

The three felt a strong pressure, and they hurriedly resisted.
Xia Xia glanced at the Shenzhou Elf next to him: "Go!!"
He received the spirits of Shenzhou into everything.
Want to run away quickly.
But his escape route was also blocked by lifelessness.
They are not ordinary spirits.
but the highest level of existence.
Lifeless, one of the thirty-six heavenly gangs, although he was also surprised by Xia Xia's strength, how could he have no way to deal with it? Those people also attacked at the same time.
"Hand over the Shenzhou Elf!!"
Although they didn't know what Xia Xia did, they also understood that Xia Xia must have used a special method to hide the Shenzhou elves.
They won't let summer go.
"What if I don't pay?" Xia Tian asked.
"Then kill you!!!" Wuming scolded.
"Kill me, I'm afraid it's too late for you!!" Xia Xia's right hand flicked, and a cloud of blood splattered on the three of them.
The three of them did not feel any danger, so they did not resist.
"It's too late for you to escape!!!" Wuming wanted to kill him.
But soon he realized that something was wrong.
Because there are a lot of masters around, and more and more, among these masters, there are even many thirty-six heavenly gangs and seventy-two earth shackles, and there is also a seventh martial arts.
He understands.
These people are all directed at the spirits of Shenzhou.
Before he could speak, Xia Xia had already started shouting: "The three of them have captured the Shenzhou elves, we can't be the opponents of the three of them in a duel, then we will go together!!!"
Wuming was also a little confused when he heard Xia Xia's words. With such an existence, they usually wouldn't use any means at all, because if someone provokes them, they would all kill with one blow, so there's no need for that.
So they will think too.
Their opponents are all like this.
They met summer this time.
"It's not us, it's him!!!" Wuming hurriedly defended.
"I am alone, how could I the Shenzhou elves from the three of you, and look at the blood in you and know that they belong to the Shenzhou elves!!" After Xia Xia finished speaking, everyone's eyes were focused on the three of them. .
Lifeless is now dumbfounded.
He finally understood why Xia Xia had just gotten the blood on them.
It turns out that these are the blood of Shenzhou elves.
Just to frame them.
Summer was the first to kill the past.
The people around saw that Xia Xia was moving, and they also killed them.
And Xia Xia was taking advantage of everyone's hands, waved at Wu Ming, turned around and left, Wu Ming wanted to chase Xia Xia, but unfortunately, the people around didn't give him a chance at all.
Nor is there no doubt.
Among them, the Seven Martial Artists who have never been shot.
It quietly followed behind the summer.
"We are being followed!!" Hongfeng reminded.
"It's the Seven Martial Arts!!" Xia Xia said.
"It's him, the speed is very fast, we can't get rid of him!!" Hongfeng explained...
"Jin Zhandao, Mirror Hui, Stone Statue Armor, Dark Night Realm, Tyrant Face, Heavenly Boots and Samsara Ring, then he must be Heavenly Boots, find a quiet place to chat with him, if he wants to fight, then I I will accompany you to the end!!!" Xia Xia glanced around, and he also understood that there was no way to escape like this.
The strength of Tianzi boots is still very terrifying.
Such strength.
It's definitely the best here.
that's it.
Xia Xia finally found a quiet place to stop: "You've been with me for so long, why haven't you come out yet?"
"To be able to find me, not bad, it is indeed rare for a human being to have such a cultivation!!!" Tianzi Boots responded.
"Tell me, what's the matter with me?" Xia Tian asked.
"Hand over the Shenzhou Elf!!!" Tianzi Boots said.
"Shenzhou Elf is with the three of them, what do you mean by looking for me?" Xia Xia asked.
"Ming people don't speak secretly, since I can come to you, it means that I definitely know that the spirit of Shenzhou is on you, so you don't need to tell me this!!" The tone of Tianzi boots was flat.
"Then why do you think that I will hand over the Shenzhou Elf?" Xia Xia asked again.
"You alone can't be my opponent, and if the Shenzhou Elf is released by you, other people will soon be able to sense it, and then you will not be able to run away, so no matter how you choose, you have no choice!! !" Tianzi boots seem to have already decided to eat summer.
Summer is smiling.
"Let's put it this way, if you leave now, I can pretend that this didn't happen, but if you don't leave, then I'll have one more piece of equipment!!!"
This said.
very simple.
But very domineering.
As if telling Tianzi boots.
He's about to take the sky boots.
Ha ha ha ha!
"Are you joking? Even the Four Saints wouldn't dare to say that they would subdue us, why would you?" Tianzi Boots looked at Xia Xia with disdain.
Although he also thinks that it is not bad to have such strength in human beings, it does not mean that Xia Xia can subdue him.
He is one of the seven martial arts.
"The so-called Qiwu is just an outdated product. You wouldn't naively think that this time the ancient fairyland returns, you can still keep the position of the Qiwu." Xia Xia shook his head.
He's on the way.
Although in a hurry.
But he also found a lot of problems.
Although the past one emperor, two gods, four saints, seven martial arts, thirty-six heavenly gangs, and seventy-two earth demons were all top-notch beings, this time the ancient fairyland returned, there were too many unknowns, and there were too many There are many unpredictable characters, so the ranking of gods this time will definitely not be so simple, and it can even be said that blood is flowing into rivers.
"You, a little human, dare to say this to me. It's ridiculous. In the rankings of the year, what were you humans?" Tianzi Boots said disdainfully.
"There is a human emperor in human beings!!" Xia Xia responded.
"That belongs to the ancient gods, what does it have to do with your ordinary humans, the rise of the ancient gods will only appear later, the twenty golden immortal kings, who founded the ancient gods, but these do not belong to your ordinary human beings, you Ordinary human beings will always be at the bottom of the world." Tianzi Boots responded.
"It seems that you are really a frog at the bottom of the well. If that's the case, then you will accept you and let you see exactly what has changed in this world!!"
"Summer, how about giving him to me?" Suddenly.
A familiar voice appeared.
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