Vol 9 Chapter 12359: Three Emperors

Xia Xia looked at the person who came: "How did you get here?"
"Why, if you can come over, can't I come over?" Greedy Wolf asked.
That's right.
It was none other than the greedy wolf.
"What's going on in Shenzhou?" Xia Xia asked.
"After you left, Shenzhou was attacked by a group of strangers. Except for some top experts, most of them were taken away, and some were enslaved. Now the three islands and ten states are completely controlled by those people. But you don't have to worry, your brothers were all kept by your friends, especially the three Mo Weiyang. At first, I thought they were just ordinary spirits, but who knows, the three of them are actually There is a combination skill, when it is launched, the overwhelming attack almost destroys all the enemies, it is too powerful!!!" Greedy Wolf responded.
"Do you know who it is?" Xia Tian asked.
"I inquired, there are Zerg, and there are some so-called cosmic people. I have recently investigated carefully, and I have not found out what kind of race these cosmic people belong to!!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"The cosmic people don't know, and they are still talking nonsense here. The so-called cosmic people are the descendants of the ancient immortals!!" Tianzi boots snorted.
"Ancient immortal clan again!!!" Xia Xia frowned.
The former king.
The boss of the machine.
The people behind closed four states.
They are all descendants of ancient immortals.
"Where are my brothers now?" Xia Tian asked.
"It's all scattered, they can't stay in the three islands and ten states, they can only choose other lives, but in my opinion, there must be some huge secret between the ancient immortals and the zerg!!!" Greed said the wolf.
Seeing that the two actually ignored him.
Chatted there.
Tianzi boots became even more angry: "You two, do you think that one more person can change the war situation?"
"I said why you Qiwu is so ignorant, didn't you see us chatting? We'll clean up after we're done talking, why are you in a hurry?" Greedy Wolf said very unhappily.
He came this time.
It's not that simple.
"Are you looking for Qiwu?" Xia Xia asked.
"Yes, I want to gather all seven martial arts!!!" Greedy Wolf nodded.
"But Jin Zhandao is in my hand, no matter what the reason is, I will not give it to you!!!" Xia Xia said.
"Then collect the other six first, and then find you. If I can defeat you, your Jin Zhandao is mine!!" Greedy Wolf smiled.
"Okay, if you can beat me, Jin Zhandao is yours!!" If Xia Xia didn't even have the ability to protect Jindao, there would be nothing to say.
"Then these heavenly boots are mine!!!" After the greedy wolf finished speaking, he rushed up.
Summer is also looking at the greedy wolf.
He wants to see.
I haven't seen Greedy Wolf during this period of time, what kind of change has happened to Greedy Wolf.
"Looking for death!!!" Tianzi Boots saw that a human dared to provoke him so much.
He was also moved to kill.
A faint smile appeared on the greedy wolf's face.
His body turned into a blood wolf.
This time, the blood wolf was entwined with the power of purple-black thunder and lightning, and rushed directly to the sky boots in front of him.
Bloody mouth.
Directly swallowed the sky boots.
Xia Xia was stunned, and he looked at the greedy wolf in front of him puzzled: "I only know that you have a stone statue armor on your body, but I didn't expect that you even got the mirror and the tyrant face!!"
He was also very surprised.
He didn't expect...
I haven't seen it for a while, but the greedy wolf has changed so much.
Powerful Seven Martial Arts.
Not even the ability to resist.
So controlled.
"Seven martial arts, I have already got four pieces. When I gather all seven martial arts, the rules of this ancient fairyland will be decided by me!!!" Greedy Wolf looked at Xia Xia.
"You have changed so much." Xia Xia said with emotion.
"It's not a change, it's an awakening!!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"What awakening?" Xia Xia asked in confusion.
"Let's put it this way, there were three emperors in the immortal world, and the final destination of the three emperors is the earth!!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"Three emperors?" Xia Tian was stunned: "Insect Emperor and Human Emperor, there is one more."
"It's the Emperor!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"What does this have to do with us?" Xia Tian asked.
"I am the one chosen by the Emperor of Heaven. The power I awaken is the power of the Emperor of Heaven. The Emperor of Heaven is also known as the representative of the great luck, which is why my luck has been so good since I was a child!!!" Greedy Wolf said.
"You mean, you were reborn from the Emperor of Heaven?" Xia Xia asked in confusion.
"No, it's not a rebirth, but an awakening. The time I am now is to discover my true self step by step, and the Heavenly Emperor is just one of my destiny!!" Greedy Wolf responded.
"I understand, that is to say, you are the Emperor of Heaven, and the Emperor of Heaven is you, but you are just the incarnation of this existence!!" Xia Xia said.
"That's right, I still don't know what my body is, but according to the memory of the three thousand incarnations I unsealed, we can know that each of my three thousand incarnations is not simple. The Human Emperor and the Insect Emperor are so famous because he just took the position of the Heavenly Emperor, and he found a huge secret, so he chose the earth, and I, as he called it, the last incarnation, can be solved. The person who opened the ultimate secret of this body!!" Greedy Wolf explained.
"Sounds mythical!!" Xia Xia said with emotion.
"Our existence is originally a myth. When I gather the seven martial arts, the position of the first emperor will be mine. At that time, I will be able to completely unlock the secrets of my body, and integrate the power of three thousand incarnations into one. The ultimate form!!!" Greedy Wolf said with great yearning.
He felt power like never before.
"Wait, you just said that the final destination of the three emperors is the earth!!" Xia Tian suddenly remembered this sentence.
"Yes, I know the Insect Emperor is on you!!!" Greedy Wolf responded.
"Both the Insect Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor have been found, what about the Human Emperor?" Xia Xia was stunned.
on the earth.
But not many people came out.
Especially someone who can get this far.
Even less.
"The people who came out of the earth can be regarded as the number one person now. There are only three people, one of you, one of me, and one of your father!!!" Greedy Wolf reminded.
"Impossible, my father can't be a human emperor, and he and my mother have already traveled to the ancient fairyland!!" Xia Xia said.
"If it wasn't him, who do you think it would be?" Greedy Wolf asked again
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