Vol 9 Chapter 12360: beat you

Who will it be?
There are not many people who know that it is coming out in the summer.
One is his master Yin Nie, the other is Brother Xiao Ma, and the other is Tian Tian.
But none of the three of them are the kind of people whose talent looks against the sky. If the emperor is reborn, it is impossible to choose such a talent.
This makes summer miserable.
"Don't worry so much, don't you want to start competing for the throne? Do you think that the three emperors of heaven, man and insect can take this opportunity to return to their peak?" Greedy Wolf glanced at the tattoo of the little bug on Xia Xia's body.
He is the Emperor of Heaven, so he regards the little bug as his imaginary enemy.
"Your current strength is a lot worse!!" Xia Xia knew very well that the higher the person, the stronger the strength, and he had also seen the attack of the little bug.
It is not comparable to the current greedy wolf.
"So I have to collect all seven weapons. When the time comes, I will instantly awaken my complete body. Of course, if the five elves are swallowed by me, I can also recover to my complete body!!!" Greedy Wolf smiled slightly.
"These two possibilities are not that simple. The Shenzhou Elf is my friend, and I will not give you that chance. Jin Zhandao is also my partner. I will not give it to you unless you really kill me. Ability!!!" Xia Xia is rather dull, the two of them are no longer the endless relationship they used to have.
It can even be said that they are both enemies and friends.
They both trust each other more.
Back then when he fought against Xian Qinglong in the summer.
Only the greedy wolf thinks that summer is sure to be successful.
Ha ha ha ha!
"This is exactly what I was looking forward to. Although I don't know what I was looking forward to in my previous lives, my biggest expectation in this life is to defeat you. If I can ascend the throne after defeating you, it will be my life. The greatest glory, the happiest moment!!!" Greedy Wolf wanted to kill Xia Xia in his dreams.
Over the years, he has fought countless big and small battles with Summer, but he has never won Summer.
He wants to beat the summer with dignity.
"Okay, I'm waiting for you!!!" Xia Xia responded.
"Wait for me, you should know that I'm not the same as you, except for defeating you, I'm the kind of purpose, I'm the kind that can do anything, the next time you see me, you will see the difference My me!!!" Greedy Wolf can do anything without a bottom line.
But beat the summer on this thing.
It's his biggest bottom line.
He will definitely beat Summer in the most positive way.
After Greedy Wolf left, Xia Xia released the Shenzhou Elf: "You have to be careful, there are too many people staring at you!!!"
"Yeah, I thought I could still have some luck, but now it seems that I am here again, they have been regarded as a treasure, not an independent life form!!" Shenzhou Elf shook his head helplessly.
"Then what are your plans?" Xia Tian asked.
"As a person who must be robbed, as long as I grab the position, it will be ten times more difficult for others to hunt me down, but if there is no position, the chances of me being chased and killed will be reduced. Great increase!!!" Shenzhou Elf said with emotion.
Xia Tian nodded slightly: "Since you have made up your mind, just speak up if you need my help!!"
"You've helped me enough, the next road is my own!!" Shenzhou Elf is also very grateful to Xia Xia, if it weren't for Xia Xia, he might have been captured many times.
After the Shenzhou Elf left.
Sister and his wives appeared.
"It seems that you have a lot of trouble!!!" The God of Galaxy sighed with emotion.
"Sister, why do all the top combat powers think about the earth. Although the earth is the core, the earth has nothing!!" Xia Xia came out of the earth. He can be sure that there is nothing on earth worthy of these top battles. Force nostalgia is right.
"I don't know either, I only know a little bit, that is, the closer you are to the core, the more you can find the most primitive secrets. This time I was resurrected, and I found something beyond my expectations!!!" said the God of the Galaxy. .
"What about the three emperors?" Xia Xia asked.
"The existence of the three emperors is different in itself. The emperor of heaven relies on the incarnation of one lifetime to find the ultimate secret; the emperor of insects was pushed to the throne. He never thought of becoming an emperor back then, but if he didn't go , in those days, the Zerg would attack other creatures by suicide in batches, and all his races would bear the brunt, so he sat on the throne; when the emperor first started, it was for the rise of mankind, if not for his appearance, There will be no ancient gods, and there will be no appearance of the ancient twelve golden immortal kings, but later, I heard that he discovered a huge secret, and in order to solve this secret, he finally disappeared!!!" God of Galaxy explained.
"The three emperors are all very strong!!" Xia Xia said.
"Of course it's stronger, the emperor's position is above everything, even me, in front of the emperor, it's not enough to see, this gap is like the difference between the seventy-two earth shackles and a person who can't even reach the spiritual realm. The gap!!!" The metaphor of the God of the Galaxy is still quite vivid.
Suddenly, Xia Xia sensed how big the gap between the emperor and the emperor was.
"It's so big!!" Although Xia Xia knew that the gap between the emperor and the emperor was not small before, he always thought that it was the gap between the spirit and the spirit.
did not expect.
The difference is so big...
This gap made him feel a little bit against the sky.
"One emperor can easily kill everyone below the first emperor!!!" The God of Galaxy explained.
"Then, this time, will the three emperors really return to grab their status?" Xia Xia also glanced at the little bug tattoo on his body curiously.
The little Zerg did not respond to him.
Still lying there honestly.
As if it never appeared.
"Who knows, but what is certain is that the competition for the divine position this time is bound to be turbulent, not only for the divine position below, but also for the divine position above. It must be very fierce, and many powerful people will die. There will also be many powerful existences, and after this of the gods, the fairyland will become completely clear, and those ultimate secrets that have not been solved will also be solved." The God of the Galaxy said.
"It's coming, it won't be long before the battle for the throne begins, and it's time for me to go home!!!" Xia Xia had already sensed it.
Home is getting closer.
Now it's just the keys to go home.
And this time, he was a bystander.
He could see more clearly.
"At that time, my sister can't protect you anymore, you have to be careful!!!" The God of Galaxy touched Xia Xia's head.
"Sister, can't all races get along peacefully?" Xia Xia asked this very ridiculous question.
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