Vol 9 Chapter 12361: last moment

After Xia Tian finished speaking, he also laughed.
He himself felt very funny.
Contradictions between various ethnic groups have been accumulating for a long time, but no one can solve them with just one or two sentences, and as long as there are interests, there will definitely be contradictions, and if there are contradictions, problems between ethnic groups will definitely exist.
"Even if he is an emperor, he does not have that right or qualification unless he destroys the entire immortal world. Of course, only he has that strength. After destroying everything, he will overthrow everything, but as time goes by, these problems still remain. It will appear." The Galaxy God explained.
"There are too many unknowns in this world, too many strong people!!!" Xia Xia was able to sense that there were people everywhere in this core area.
There are masters everywhere.
And the number of masters is also increasing.
at this time.
But he saw Tian Tian and Xia Xiaotian.
"Why are you here?" Xia Xia hurried to their side.
"Why, if you can come, I can't come!!" Every time Tiantian sees summer, he is not angry.
"Master, we were summoned!!!" Xia Xiaotian hurriedly explained.
"Summon?" Xia Xia was stunned.
"Yes, it should be the call of the ancient gods. You should know that I am a descendant of the ancient gods, but I am only one of the purest blood among the descendants of the ancient gods, not the strongest, nor the purest, I After being summoned by this bloodline, we must come here, and this bloodline guides us to take the fastest way and the fastest transmission, so we can rush over!!!" Xia Xiaotian said respectfully.
"That is to say, most of the people who come here have special teleportation and channels, and I am the only one who teleports there stupidly every day!!!" Xia Tian suddenly remembered that sentence.
People and ghosts are showing off.
He was the only one being beaten.
Knowing that there is such a convenient method, is he so tired?
"Master, I'm going to meet. The closer the distance is, the more obvious the summons over there will be. If I delay for a long time, I'm afraid my body will explode!!" Xia Xiaotian said.
"Go, let Tian Tian and the others stay!!" Xia Xia said.
"Why let me stay!!" Tian Tian said very upset.
"He is going to see the of the gods, one of the two gods. With your temper, you will definitely not be able to leave alive. The fewer people you go, the less danger you will face. If something happens to you, you can say Does Xiaotian protect you or leave you alone? If he protects you, Xiaotian will also die!!" Xia Xia said very seriously.
"I have the ability to protect myself." Tian Tian said angrily.
"Your ability is not enough to see in front of the gods." Xia Tian wouldn't make such a joke with Tian Tian.
"Don't think that you can teach me a lesson now that you have some skills!!" Tian Tian and Xia Xia were just quarreling.
"Let me tell you, I don't even have the ability to resist at all in front of the gods. Do you think your abilities are enough in front of the gods?" Xia Xia seemed to be reprimanding his own children at this time.
very harsh.
Tian Tian is not the kind of ignorant person. Although she is still very upset when she hears this, she has stopped saying anything.
"Master, then they will ask you for the time being." Xia Xiaotian bowed and left.
"The bloodline of the ancient gods on your apprentice is not simple!!!" said the God of Galaxy.
"What's wrong?" Summer asked in confusion.
"Too pure, pure is a bit scary!!" The God of Galaxy explained.
"I heard it before, he seems to be the most pure bloodline of the ancient gods!!" Xia Xia said.
"No, it's impossible!!" The God of Galaxy shook his head.
"Why is it impossible?" Xia Xia was even more puzzled.
He didn't know what sister meant. .
"His pure bloodline is absolutely impossible to be a group, just like your wives, they all have your bloodline, but their bodies are not so pure, such pure bloodline, even makes me feel, He may be the son of the Emperor!!!" said the God of the Galaxy.
"How is this possible, the God of Heaven is the son of the Emperor, and he is only a little older. When I met him, he was still a child!!" Xia Xia shook his head.
"It is indeed impossible in terms of time, but the purity of blood cannot be deceived." The God of Galaxy said.
"No, he's in danger!!!" Xia Tian suddenly thought of something.
The God of the Galaxy stopped him: "It's too late, such a pure bloodline, the gods will definitely feel the crisis when they see it, so the gods can't let him go, and the gods swallow him, and the strength will increase greatly, you go after him now. , I can only meet the gods and other powerful ancient gods, it is no different from sending death, even if I follow you, I can only block the gods at most, and other people, you can't handle it!!!"
"If I can't handle it, I'm going too. If I know that my apprentice may die, and I don't do anything, then I'm not summer." After Xia Xia finished speaking, he flew out.
Looking at the back of summer every day, as if thinking of something.
Also followed.
other masters.
Followed right away.
"My silly brother, you are still so impulsive!!!" The God of Galaxy could only helplessly keep up, and at the same time, she also released rays of light.
Apparently calling someone.
In this case, she knew very well that it was of no use for them to go, so she also had to call her own clansmen so that she could compete with each other.
Although this level of battle will come sooner or later.
But what she thought before was to fight after the position appeared.
But now it seems.
The battle is already changing.
all of these.
In fact, it was also what she expected.
She understands.
The battle for the divine position this time is definitely different from the previous one.
Since you want to fight.
Then she just happened to see how far the current gods have grown.
Summer has become a mover of the times at this time.
He didn't know.
Because of his actions, an entire era was changed.
The battlefield has also changed.
When he arrived at the gathering place of the ancient gods, he happened to see the scene where Xia Xiaotian was about to be swallowed by the gods.
【Promise, attract! ! 】
Summer is no nonsense.
He directly pulled Xia Xiaotian over.
Seeing him let go, Tianshen frowned, and when he saw Xia Xia, there was a fierce look in his eyes: "It's you again!!"
"Master!!" Xia Xiaotian was panting heavily.
Just now, he was really pulled back from the gate of by the summer.
"If you want to move my apprentice, you have to ask me if I agree!!!"
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