Vol 9 Chapter 12363: summer time

While others are still consuming each other, thinking about how to defeat each other and seal each other, the slaughter in the summer has already begun. There are many people here, but most of them are people with the strength of spirit, some are wearing mecha, some are trees. Guardians, and some are guardians of other abilities.
In short.
Their general combat power is above the spirit.
Of course, there are still some masters who are above the half-spirit level. There are a lot of these masters. They also attack in a team of ten people, and their combat effectiveness is also very strong.
Although the summer target is the weakest here.
But these weakest masters are also top-notch outsiders, and no one outside dares to underestimate their existence.
And now.
They are the target of the summer.
"Red phoenix, break my armor!!!" Xia Tian saw the opportunity and pierced the node of an ancient Protoss person with a sword.
Kill it.
The devastating blow came in an instant.
the second!
The third!
When Xia Xia beheaded more than a dozen people, he finally caught the attention of other masters around him: "He can kill spirits, everyone is watching him!!"
It fell with the voice of the master.
A large number of experts from the ancient race rushed over.
They want to take a shot at Summer together.
Control summer.
Don't give Xia Xia a chance to kill them.
"Protect the adults!!!" The Xinghe clan saw that Xia Xia was besieged, and they rushed up immediately, and their speed was very fast.
One by one stopped the people in front of the summer.
And the summer harvest has officially started.
"Those half-spirits are handed over to me, as long as I seize the opportunity, I can kill them in seconds!!!" The current Hongfeng's strength is also very powerful, his lethality is very terrifying, and with the increase in Xia's strength, he also With the continuous growth, it can also absorb the strength of the other party.
In the summer, there are also continuous shots here.
At the same time, it is still absorbing the power of these masters.
Condensing the Immortal Realm King Pill and the Emperor Realm King Pill.
"Brothers, put it in your mouth and take it directly when the power consumption is too large!!" Xia Xia also divided these condensed Immortal Realm King Pills and Emperor Realm King Pills, and directly distributed them to the masters of the Xinghe family.
The people of the Xinghe family did not refuse.
Although they don't know what summer gives them, as long as it is given by summer, they will do it without hesitation.
Because it's for them.
is the command.
Soon, when someone took the Immortal Realm King Pill and the Emperor Realm King Pill when the power consumption was too large, they were simply stunned.
"My strength is completely restored in an instant, and all the negative states on my body no longer exist. What kind of medicine is this?"
"I have also recovered, not only the power of the heyday, but also the power in my body is constantly being felt, as if it will never be used up."
"Brothers, follow in the footsteps of adults and kill all the people of the ancient gods in front of you."
After the people of the Xinghe family felt the wonderful effect of the medicine pill, they became very excited.
Also found in summer.
The people of the Xinghe family are really very rich. When they fight, they not only have endless methods, but also have a very terrifying fighting consciousness. When fighting, all kinds of good weapons are thrown out as if they don’t need money, and even many times, They blew those good weapons directly.
This fighting style is simply too much of a loser.
But the effect is also very good.
Such a battle of wealth.
It's very comfortable to play in the summer...
He is here.
The number of sneak attacks is also increasing.
It has already killed more than 30 spirits.
It can be said.
Now is the time of summer. He keeps beheading the spirit-level masters here. At the same time, he also distributes the condensed Immortal Realm King Pill and Emperor Realm King Pill to the masters of the Xinghe family. This makes the masters of the Xinghe family. The fighting power is endless.
And at this time in the distance, there are constantly masters joining the battle.
The time for the God of the Galaxy to issue the gathering letter is too short, and many masters are gathering.
Of course.
There are also many guardians and subordinates of the gods who are constantly joining the battlefield.
"The situation has almost stabilized now, but the attack on the gods and sister's side is really terrible. Although the attack from the two of them only spreads, no matter who touches this kind of attack, it will be blocked. They are torn apart in an instant, although they can reunite their bodies, but even after taking the Jie Wang Pill, they will not recover immediately, and the recovery speed is very slow!!" Hong Feng reminded.
This is the battle between the two gods.
very scary.
Just some lingering prestige.
It can cause so much harm to those around you.
Of course.
This kind of residual prestige is random, and it is not fixed to attack anyone.
"Don't worry about my sister's side for now. I believe that there is absolutely no problem with my sister's side. What we need to do now is to take care of their lower-level and middle-level masters. How many have you killed?" Xia Xia asked.
"Hundreds of people have been killed, but they are all at the half-spirit level," said Hongfeng.
"The speed is already dissatisfied. There are thousands of masters at the half-spirit level, 300 people above the spirit level, and more than 30 people with the godhead. Our goal is to kill those who are below the godhead. As for those above the godhead , we'll talk about it when we get this done first!!!" Xia Xia also understood that those people were not something he could kill casually.
Because the nodes on those people no longer exist.
It's like an immortal blue dragon.
The source of their power is the Godhead.
Unless it hits their godhead or spirit.
But the hardness of the godhead is terrifying, and the godhead can actually be assimilated.
So that's to look for opportunities.
"Master is mighty!!!" The people of the Xinghe family were very excited when they saw that Xia Xia was so powerful, and now they all saw the hope of fighting.
At this time, the gods frowned.
He didn't expect it.
a summer.
To be able to make such a change in the battle situation, although this casualty is nothing to him temporarily, but if it continues like this, it will be terrifying, and no one knows what will happen by then.
"You are forcing me!!!" God said angrily.
"My brother is very powerful!!!" The God of Galaxy responded.
"Then you must watch me closely, otherwise, your brother will die."
As the voice of the gods fell, his body actually disappeared in place. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Xia Xia. This was the sure-kill blow he had prepared for a long time. It's almost over.
"You can go die!!!"
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