Vol 9 Chapter 12364: shameless

Seeing that summer is about to be killed.
at this time.
The elder sister did not go to rescue Xia Xia, but went to attack an inexplicable location.
[Tianquan, fight back! ! 】
Before Tianshen could launch his own attack, his body was directly shot and flew out. This compulsive impact was very terrifying.
Even an existence that is as strong as a can't handle it at all.
It was rushed out directly.
"Not good!!" The who was rushed into the air suddenly sensed.
The God of the Galaxy actually launched an attack at his foothold.
If he just landed like this.
Then he will definitely be hit directly by the God of Galaxy.
If he was shot so far by Xia Xia, how would his subordinates see him?
Thinking of this, he wanted to take this damage abruptly, but unfortunately, he was still too naive. When he wanted to bear the impact force, his body was swept away again.
And the impact is stronger than before.
The main thing is.
The God of the Milky Way did not know when it started, but the attack was already launched, and the target was exactly his second landing point, which was very accurate, as if he had completely predicted all his actions.
"Damn, his ability is obviously to resist and he will suffer impact, but if I don't resist, I will be hit by her head on, this is a blow that contains her powerful combat power!!!" God began to calculate in his heart. write.
Can't let themselves get hit.
Although there will be a third impact, his subordinates have already rushed over. At that time, even if the God of Galaxy wants to continue to raid him, it will not be successful.
Just as he forcibly controlled his body, his body was swept away again, and this time the impact was extremely powerful.
Even him.
Can't stand it either.
"Damn, is this the power of human beings?" Although the gods are the top existences in the entire immortal world, but even so, when he suffered the three-stage damage of the heavenly power, he was beaten and confused.
This kind of attack of Tianquan is the greatest skill.
The stronger your resistance is.
The impact is more terrifying.
This made him suspicious.
He has never looked down on summer, and it can even be said that in his eyes, summer is a piece of garbage.
If it wasn't for the existence of the God of Galaxy, then he would have already killed him.
But now.
Summer actually has such a powerful ability.
Is this also one of the supernatural skills?
According to their level, as long as they are spirits, they can begin to comprehend: pseudo-magic skills; and when they reach the ninth level of spirit, they can begin to comprehend magic skills, and if they have a godhead, they can truly comprehend: magic skills; A person who can only comprehend: a high-level divine machine; a level above the Four Sages can begin to comprehend a supernatural skill; only one emperor can truly control: a supernatural skill.
Even now, it is impossible for him to completely master the supernatural skills.
That's just a legendary ability.
It is said.
The supernatural skill has the ability to ignore the rules and kill everything in seconds. That is the power he dreams of. As long as he can become an emperor this time, he can obtain this power. At that time, he will be the most invincible existence in the entire immortal world. , who else dares to oppose him?
boom! !
In the end, Tianshen still fell to the ground ruthlessly, but his core men had already arrived and successfully helped him block the attack of the God of Galaxy.
"Very good, you have completely angered me!!" The eyes of the gods were full of murderous intent.
Now his eyes on Xia Xia are completely different from before. If he just wanted to kill Xia Xia before, then now, he just wants to catch Xia Xia. He feels that Xia Xia has many secrets. He is big, but he can always show his incomparable strength. He and Xia Xian have played against each other a few times, and the ability Xia Xia shows every time is very surprising to him.
This represents.
There must be many hidden secrets in summer.
Although for the time being he doesn't know what kind of hidden secrets these are.
But what is certain is that if all the secrets on Xia Xia's body are unlocked, it will definitely greatly increase his strength.
Even more than devouring Shenzhou elves.
This made him set his sights on Xia Xia.
"It seems that you are not my brother's opponent!!!" The God of Galaxy shook his head in disappointment: "How can you attack the existence of Emperor Yi with your ability."
"Xinghe, you don't have to be so arrogant with me. After I sit in the position of the emperor, you will regret it. At that time, I will make your entire Xinghe family enslaved, so that the entire fairyland can kill your Xinghe family at will. Make them the lowest existence!!!" The gods scolded.
He made it clear that he wanted to take revenge on the God of Galaxy.
"My Xinghe clan, even if the whole clan is killed in battle, will not survive, and any decision I make can be recognized by them, so you can't scare me by talking ruthlessly with me here!! !" The God of Galaxy naturally understood that the of the sky made it clear that he wanted to use words to make her retreat.
But she's not the kind of person to accept fate.
She believes that if the of the sky is made an emperor, even if she kneels there begging for mercy, the other party will not let her go, nor the Xinghe family.
It is better to die standing up than to live on your knees.
Take your last breath! !
Seeing the attitude of the God of Galaxy, the gods also understood that his usual means of scaring others is useless on the God of Galaxy.
"Xinghe, as long as you help me become an emperor, how about I keep your Xinghe family safe from generation to generation? And I will promise to make you one of the two gods. When the time comes, when the two of us join forces, what else is there for us in this fairyland? Unexplorable?" The gods saw that the hard ones were not enough, and started to use the soft ones.
He wants to persuade the God of Galaxy to cooperate with him.
"What's the difference between cooperating with you and committing suicide?" The God of Galaxy responded.
"You are really shameless. Since you want to die yourself, you can't blame me. You should know that although I can't defeat you in a short time, I have the ability to kill your other subordinates. In the future, I will also Chasing and killing your Xinghe clan everywhere has become your Xinghe clan's biggest nightmare!!!" The gods began to threaten.
And it's a rogue kind of threat.
The meaning is simple.
I can't beat you for the time being, and you can't beat me either, and instead of fighting you, I can sneak attack on your clan.
"I thought the gods were tall and high-level people, but when I look at it now, it's nothing more than that. Now everyone with a bit of identity understands that there is a big debt and a master, but you actually use other people's clansmen to threaten others. What a shame, my 80-year-old dog has lost all his teeth and can't be as shameless as you!!!" Xia Xia scolded directly.
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