Vol 9 Chapter 12371: final battle

"This risk is very big!!" said the God of Galaxy.
"Is there no risk for us to the throne? And I think he has the qualifications to know the truth!!!" Xian Xuanwu said.
"What if you die?" asked the Galaxy God.
"That means, I have paid back the favor of the summer!!!" Xian Xuanwu smiled.
"Stay alive!!" The God of Galaxy nodded slightly.
"Of course I want to survive, after all, the person I love, loves me, this is the greatest happiness in my life!!!" Xian Xuanwu glanced at Xian Zhuque next to him.
The God of Galaxy looked at Xia Xia.
Xia Tian has more and more body instinctive movements, and Xia Xia himself does not know these movements.
She had reminded about summer before.
But Xia Xia didn't know, and didn't care too much.
she feels.
This summer, the body seems to be undergoing some kind of evolution.
It seems to be some kind of mutation.
They are preparing here for summer.
On the side of the gods, he directly connected all the thirty-six heavenly gangs and the seventy-two earth shackles that could be contacted, and he also found the descendants of the Xianqinglong clan, and the Xianbaihu, but he did not find them. There are none of the legendary Seven Martial Artists, but he has found many guardians of the third-tier tree, as well as the guardians of the second-tier tree.
There is also a guardian of the first gear tree, the ground tree.
Such a luxurious lineup can be said to be very against the sky.
And the words of the gods are also very simple: "If you destroy the of the galaxy, your chances will be higher. As for summer, whoever grabs it is who, as long as someone grabs summer first, others can't grab it anymore. Otherwise, I would never sit idly by."
Although he said so.
But these people at the scene are also all scheming.
They also understand that the gods are beautiful.
At that time, the person who it is likely to be the god.
So they said it well one by one, and they still have their own wishful thinking in their hearts, but overall, the number of masters they assembled this time is very terrifying.
No matter what is wrong with their team.
The momentum is absolutely huge.
that's it.
A team of tens of thousands of people has assembled, and because their team is large in number and powerful, more and more people follow, especially the friends who were killed by Xia Xia before. They also think this is a revenge. opportunity.
"Come!!!" Summer can already feel the enemy's attack.
The God of Galaxy was stunned for a moment: "Did you sense it?"
What made her feel strange was that she didn't even sense it, so how did her younger brother sense it? You know, her sensing range is wider.
"Well, I can sense a very strong murderous aura, very strong, and there are a lot of them!!!" Xia Xia said.
"Everyone is ready!!" Although the God of Galaxy had not sensed it yet, she believed in her younger brother.
For a moment.
All the people of the Galaxy Clan were fully armed, and they were ready for battle.
The number of people from the Galaxy Clan who came to gather is also increasing.
Now it has risen to more than 2,000 people.
And these people are very rich, and they have a lot of resources on their bodies. Xia Xia distributed all the resources that they could take out, the spoils of war from the past, and the realm king pills to everyone.
A decisive battle. Gu Xian
about to start.
This decisive battle.
There are only two results.
The Xinghe Clan was completely wiped out or the Xinghe Clan became an existence that no one dared to provoke.
Summer is all about making the second thing happen.
"Be careful!!" Xia Tian glanced at his wives.
He didn't want to let a few people participate in the battle, but their attitude was very firm, that is, they wanted to fight side by side with Xia Xia.
Summer isn't the kind of fledgling kid either.
He understands.
As long as you fight, it is impossible not to die.
But since there is no way to avoid it now, all he can do is to do as much as possible.
The light flashed.
Great phagocytosis!
Xia Xia turned his body into nothingness, and the forces gathered in the middle, and finally reappeared.
"Come on!!!" The God of Galaxy sensed the appearance of the enemy.
Everyone was even more nervous. They all understood that the next battle would be a tough battle, because the overall strength and number of the enemy this time were going to crush them, so they didn't dare to be careless.
Xian Xuanwu and Xian Zhuque quickly sensed: "There are so many people here!!!"
Xia Tian flicked his right hand, and the Tianhan Sword appeared in his hand.
The golden thread was wrapped around his left arm, and the golden knife was held in his left hand.
The red phoenix appeared neatly behind him.
This is his fully armed form. Next, what he has to do is to take the initiative to act as a bait. He knows that everyone's target is him, so as long as he is fast enough and doesn't get hit, those people will They will keep chasing after him, and the pressure on the people of the Xinghe family will become less and less.
"Are you afraid?" Xia Tian asked.
"It is our honor to be able to fight side by side with the master!!" Jin Dao responded.
"Okay, today we will work together to clear the last enemy!!!" Xia Xia glanced at the front, and the enemy had already appeared. Although the overall number of the opponent was not much compared with his previous battles, the enemy who appeared Each of these people is the top existence.
in front of these people.
Summer is also very stressful.
But that's what he is.
"God of the Milky Way, here I come!!!" The huge body of the of the sky appeared in front of everyone.
"Come with me, put away your aura!!" The God of Galaxy also released his own aura, directly smashing the huge body of the god.
"Death is imminent, I don't know yet!!!" Tianshen followed Xian Qinglong's descendants and Xian Baihu.
and other masters.
Such a luxurious lineup is very scary.
"You have to be careful, the last time you were injured, you are not well, if I take the opportunity, you will be injured more and more, then do you think that these people behind you will take the opportunity to hit you Kill, devour your power?" The God of the Galaxy said so deliberately.
Just want to divide each other.
"You don't have that chance, and my injury has already healed!!!" Tianshen naturally understood that the words of the God of Galaxy were true.
But he couldn't let the alienation of the God of Galaxy succeed.
Xia Tian took a step forward: "Since your injury is healed, I will hurt you again, but you have to be careful, if you give me a chance, I will kill you!!"
"You are the first person to die today!!!!"
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