Vol 9 Chapter 12372: genius terminator

The of heaven hates Xia to the core, and he wants to completely kill Xia here.
Xia Tian nodded slightly, and then said, "I've been waiting impatiently."
The gods acted instantly.
The God of Galaxy also killed him.
His speed was very fast, and he had already killed in front of the gods in a blink of an eye, blocking the attack of the gods towards Xia Xia: "With me here, you can't hurt my brother."
"Then I'll kill you first!!!" God's tone was still very loud.
Although he knew that he would not be able to win the God of Galaxy in a short period of time, he still said it very aggressively.
Now there are many people watching him here.
If he speaks cowardly.
It is bound to affect the morale of the army.
"If your ability speaks to you so powerfully, then show me your ability and let me see!!!" The God of Galaxy was also not polite at all.
Xian Qinglong and Xian Baihu were also killed at the same time.
Xian Xuanwu and Xian Zhuque were the first to block in front of them. These two guys were used to block them.
"The gods came prepared this time, and deliberately brought these guys to hold our masters, so that no one can protect Xia Xia!!!" Xian Xuanwu was a little anxious.
"This immortal blue dragon is still very immature, I will block the two of them, you go to protect Xia Xia!!!" Xian Zhuque believes that the overall strength of this immortal blue dragon is not enough, so she has the ability to fight one against two for the time being.
Xian Xuanwu didn't say thank you, he was really worried that something would happen in the summer.
Xian Xuanwu has not waited to leave.
A figure stopped in front of him.
It is the guardian of a tree.
Earth Tree Guardian! !
"A tree, it's not bad, but unfortunately, you still can't stop me!!!" Xian Xuanwu said with great disdain.
"It's not me alone, but me plus the guardians of the four second-tier trees, and the Xianzhuque over there can't stop the two of them for a long time. The final result is that a few of us stop the two of you together, And our mission is not to defeat or kill the two of you, but to just hold on!!" The Earth Tree Guardian said casually.
If it is said to kill Xian Xuanwu and Xian Zhuque, then they must be unsure, and they do not have the ability.
But it's no problem to drag these two people.
"Despicable!!!!" Xian Xuanwu said angrily.
"Don't get angry so soon, otherwise, your next attack will be wrong, if you really make a mistake, let us see the opportunity, we can't help but hurt you, and hurt you, for us Saying, it doesn't do any good, we just want to hold you!!!" The meaning of the guardian of the earth tree is very simple.
We don't want you to get hurt.
Because they don't trust the gods, as long as Xian Xuanwu and the others don't die or get hurt, then when Xia Xia is dead, Xian Xuanwu and the others will definitely set their sights on the gods.
They also hope that Xian Xuanwu will deal with the gods at that time.
If Xian Xuanwu was injured, how could he fight against the gods? Gu Hu
"A team like yours can't kill Xia Xia!!!" Xian Xuanwu didn't think about going to support Xia Xia when he heard the other party's words.
Instead, there was a smile on his face.
"You are really naive. In this case, let alone a little human, can you survive?" Earth Tree said disdainfully.
"You don't understand Xia Xia, if you both have a clear purpose and want his life as death, then he may have an accident, but you are too careful now, he will not lose. Yes!!" Xian Xuanwu knew Xianxian very well and trusted Xianxia very much.
What Xia Xia is best at is to deal with these people who are scheming.
He no longer paid attention to the battlefield over the summer.
It's summer here.
His movements are also fast. He knows that everyone's goal is him, so he uses the red phoenix's teleportation to teleport everywhere, and runs behind a group of masters. Although this consumes power, he is also absorbing it all the time. strength.
And he also quickly harvested those who were controlled by the Xinghe family on the road.
Although the number of opponents is large now, the Xinghe family are all dead.
Each other does not want to die.
On the contrary, the Xinghe Clan has a certain advantage, but Xia Xia also understands that this is only temporary. The desperate way of the Xinghe Clan will consume a lot of them, and the other party is only fighting guerrillas, making it difficult for them to catch.
"No, it's not an option to fight like this, their numbers will increase, and the war of attrition will only give the opponent an advantage." Hongfeng reminded.
"This is really not good!!!" Xia Tian glanced at the tattoo on his body: "Little bug, you have lived on me for so long, don't you pay the rent?"
The little bug didn't move.
"I need you at a critical time, and you are not strong!!!" Xia Tian didn't expect too much from the little bug.
How could the dignified insect emperor obey his orders?
He clenched the Tianhan sword in his hand: "Tianhan sword, can your Xinghe King Beast bite a thirty-six Tiangang person for me and not let go!!!"
"Master, I can, but at most two seconds!!!!" Tian Hanjian responded.
"Golden knife, is two seconds enough for you to kill with one hit?" Xia Xia asked.
"Yes, but it will consume a lot of the master's power, because it needs to reverse the time, and the master must also find me the weakest part of the opponent's core and create the most emptiness of the opponent's core for me." Jin Dao responded.
good! !
Xia Xia nodded: "Remember the target, it is the man in red, a big man, dressed so coquettishly, he deserves to die!!!"
"Master, his name is Xiumi, he is always a demon, he is not only very coquettish, but also very white, it is said that he can eat both men and women!!!" Jin Dao responded.
"A man, who is more tender than a woman, deserves to die first!!!" Xia Xia has already locked his target.
It's the Xiumi demon.
"This Xiimi Yao is not simple. It is said that he was the first grain of rice born in the heaven and the earth, but because of the high temperature, he was vaporized, but it happened that he was in the place where the power of heaven and earth is most concentrated. He absorbed the endless power of heaven and earth and cultivated into a monster. , Because it is extremely pure, so all the way of cultivation seems to be hanging. After only 100,000 years of cultivation, I participated in the scramble for the divine position and successfully the divine position!!!" Jin Dao introduced.
"I am the so-called genius terminator. These so-called geniuses meet me, and the final fate will definitely be the same!!!" Xia Xia wanted to kill a Thirty-Six Heavenly Gang first.
He just relies on sneak attacks, when others think he doesn't dare to fight back.
And once he kills it successfully, it will leave a huge shadow in the hearts of these people.
This shadow is the key to turning the tide of the battle.
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