Vol 9 Chapter 12373: brothers here

Controlling people's hearts and creating fear is what summer does best.
On the side of Xiumi Yao, he was still chasing happily. He didn't know that his end was coming.
When they wanted to change positions again in the summer, those people also reacted and looked for the goal of the summer for the first time.
Xiumi Yao is also one of them.
But just when everyone didn't expect Xia Xia to counterattack, Xia Xia counterattacked.
in the mind of a normal person.
summer now.
It must be only for the sake of escape, and there is no chance of counterattack at all. Even in this case, the summer has to counterattack.
He killed directly in front of Xiumi Yao.
Destroyer Fingers!
One hit.
Hongfeng also wrapped the whole body of Xiumi Yao at the same time.
Promise, attract!
Xiumi Yao wanted to escape, but Xia Tian didn't give him a chance.
The attack of Tianhan Sword was instantly played.
The Galaxy King Beast directly bit the body of Xiumi Yao.
Jin Zhandao found the right position, broke through the body defense of Xiumi Yao in the summer, and directly penetrated the divine core of Xiumi Yao.
All these actions are like moving clouds and flowing water.
No one could react at all. The first instinctive reaction of the masters around was not to rescue, but to retreat.
Xiumi Yao was also stunned. He wanted to use his soul to escape, but Xia Tian was already ready, and the Sea of ​​​​Consciousness directly blocked Xiumi Yao.
The power of Xiumi Yao was absorbed by Xia Tian.
A large number of realm king pills began to condense.
The power in the Divine Core is very pure, and it can condense a large number of Emperor Realm King Pills.
Seeing that Xiumi Yao was actually dead, those who were chasing Xia Tian backed away immediately, and they were all stunned now.
In their eyes, Summer is just an ordinary human being.
And Xiumi Yao.
But it was one of the Thirty-six Heavenly Gangs.
Although there is no divine blessing now, his strength is obvious to all, but he was killed by Xia Xia like this, which made everyone lose their sense of security. At the beginning, the reason why they dared to chase Xia Xia was because they thought that Xia Xia would definitely Not their opponents, and their lives will not be threatened.
But now.
Xia Xia beheaded a Xiumi demon, one of the thirty-six heavenly gangs.
This makes everyone feel insecure.
"See, this is summer!!!" Xian Xuanwu naturally understood Xia's ability and Xia's fighting style.
He doesn't worry about summer anymore.
"This is just the beginning!!" said the Earth Tree Guardian.
He didn't think that Xia Xia could fight against so many masters at all, so no matter how many means Xia Xia had, it was impossible to win.
He doesn't know much about summer.
After a successful blow, Xia Xia didn't stop, but continued to harvest those who were unprepared. He distributed the Realm King Pill to the people next to him, and then flew quickly.
The people behind reacted, and they continued to pursue.
But this time the chase.
They were obviously taking a lot of care, and no one wanted to follow to the nearest location anymore.
This gives the summer gap time.
This gap time doesn't look like much.
But actually.
This blank time gave Xia Xia a chance to kill the Quartet. The masters behind him seemed to be chasing Xia Xia, but now, in fact, they were like followers, just following Xia Xia.
No one dared to attack Xia first, even they were only tentative.
It's more like stalling for time.
Although the Xinghe Clan is under a lot of pressure, they now have the Jie Wang Dan and their weapons and equipment for them in the summer, so their advantages are also very obvious.
"Now we have all the advantages, but over time, our disadvantages will appear!!" Hongfeng reminded.
"There are so many people, it's still very troublesome!!!" Xia Xia frowned.
In the summer of the battle, I saw someone rushing over from the outside.
And when he saw the person coming, he was stunned.
These people are not others, it is the people from Shenzhou who have come, and even the people from Shenji have come, and it is Mo Weiyang who is headed! !
"Why are they here?" Xia Xia hurriedly flew over.
"Boy, we are here to help you!!!" Yang reminded.
"How did you get here?" Xia Xia was stunned.
"We found an ancient teleportation formation and sent it over. When we first came here, we also wanted to inquire about you. I didn't expect you to be so famous here. So many people want to kill you, so we naturally have to rush over. !!!" Central explained.
"It's very dangerous here!!!" Xia Xia said hurriedly.
"We all came with the determination to die. In this battle, let us bloom to our final glory. After being taken care of by you for so many years, we can participate in this level of war, and we can be considered dead right!!!"
The eyes of the people were filled with determination.
Xia Xia also understands that now is not the time to say those hypocritical words.
Now that everyone is ready to die.
Then how could he not work hard?
Xia Xia also began to slaughter frantically. Now, as if the ancient killing came into the world, he rushed into the enemy's encirclement and started killing.
"Is this guy crazy? How long can he last for this fight? As long as everyone is careful and consumes him, he will surely die."
The man hasn't finished speaking yet.
His body was already penetrated.
"If you want to kill me, prepare yourself to die!!!" Xia Xia's voice sounded like a devil.
this fight.
He is the focus.
So when he beheaded Xiumi Yao just now, everyone could see it clearly.
Now see the summer killing the Quartet.
Everyone also hurriedly retreated. As long as summer came, those people instinctively wanted to escape.
This gives more room for development in the summer.
"My little brother, it's still changing!!!" The God of Galaxy is also paying attention to Xia's situation. As long as Xia is in danger, she will definitely use her life-saving skills to protect Xia.
But she was surprised.
Xia Xia's body changed faster and faster. At first, only her eyes would move and her body would tremble slightly. But now, she found that Xia Xia's body actually started to turn blood red.
Not the blood of the enemy stained red.
Rather, your body is changing.
at this point.
Summer did not find out.
He only felt that the blood in his body seemed to be boiling.
The whole body is hot and dry, and he wants to volatilize all the power with a burst of fire, and fight all the power out.
"I feel like I'm so manic now!!!" Xia finally felt that his situation was wrong.
"Your body has turned red!!!" Hongfeng reminded suddenly.
He just discovered it too.
"What's the matter, I feel that the blood in my body is about to boil, my whole body is going to be swallowed up by murderous aura, and I want to destroy everything in front of me!!!" After Xia Xia's voice fell, his eyes turned blood red completely, Fangs grew out of his mouth.
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