Vol 9 Chapter 12374: deal with hell

He is now more and more unable to control his murderous aura: "If this continues, I will become a devil!!!"
But soon.
There was a smile on his face.
For him now.
As long as he can give full play to his fighting power, even if he turns him into a devil, he is willing to do so. Now here, sister, Xian Xuanwu, the Xinghe family, his wives, and his brothers are all working hard for him.
What reason does he have to back off?
It would be better for him to die here, and he would also protect these brothers.
If not.
Then die together.
Even if he died, he would make these people pay the price.
An attack crossed Xia Xia's body, but the attack that passed through the body was pulled back into Xia Xia's body, making Xia Xia's body bigger.
The blood on his body became even more intense.
"What's the situation, are you enchanted?" The people around were also stunned by the situation in front of them.
They don't understand what's going on.
But it can be seen that the body is undergoing tremendous changes this summer.
"Attack him!!!" Someone shouted.
Then the people around began to attack Xia Xia frantically. Their attacks emerged one after another, and they were also very violent.
The people of the Xinghe family wanted to stop them, but they were also dragged.
Xia Xia's current position is exactly where he is being attacked, so it is too late for others to help him now.
Boo! Boo! Boo!
One after another, the force penetrated Xia Xia's body, and then returned to Xia Xia's body.
Summer's body gets bigger again.
turned into a body.
When the surrounding attacks hit him, they were able to penetrate his body at first, but behind him, it seemed like raindrops fell into the sea, which could not make any waves at all.
The red phoenix behind him.
It turned completely blood red.
Tianhan sword and golden knife in hand.
All turned blood red.
at the same time.
Summer quickly disappeared in place.
When it reappeared, the Tianhan Sword in his hand turned into a blood-colored ray of tens of thousands of feet, directly swallowing all the places it passed. Those people were not destroyed, but swallowed.
"What's the situation?" Tian Shen was also stunned when he saw Xia Xia's current state.
Although he is well-informed, he has never seen such a scene.
The current state of summer is really scary.
"Don't tell me, you haven't prepared the consciousness of death yet!!!" The God of Galaxy responded.
this battle.
from the very beginning.
Everyone in the Xinghe family, including Xia Xia and the others, have all made up their minds to die. No matter who dies, they will not be surprised. She understands that her brother must be overdrawing his life in this state. , After this battle, his younger brother may not be able to live.
But she had nothing to say.
Now that things have happened, she must make these people pay the price.
She will remember all those who participated in the war this time.
in the years to come.
She does nothing.
Just staring at this group of people, no matter where the group of people hides, she will find them out, and then kill them.
"A bluff!!!!" God said disdainfully.
"God!!!" The God of Galaxy shouted loudly. Gu Zang
This actually startled the gods, because he had never seen the God of the Galaxy look like this before.
"I said, when you started this war, the two of us were destined to survive only one!!!" The gaze of the God of Galaxy was full of firmness.
She had already made up her mind.
One after another, the voices of ghosts and wolf howls appeared.
The gods also looked towards the summer.
summer now.
Tear open a hole in this world, and inside this hole, there are constantly grievances flying out. These grievances, one by one, look very powerful, and start to bite the spirits of these masters at the scene, and these masters want to use their own Kobe to resist , but was directly killed by the summer.
"No, he has a sea of ​​consciousness and can't release your soul!!!" Tianshen shouted hurriedly.
Only then did those experts react.
They do not release their own spirits to resist, and these ghosts are also difficult to deal with.
These ghosts are simply indestructible, and normal attacks have no effect on them.
summer now.
It is the real opening of the gates of hell.
"For this battle, he made a deal with hell, and after death, he will fall into hell!!!"
In the summer now, his combat power is completely different from that of a normal person, and his fighting style is also different. His attack has an aura of destruction and death, and this kind of aura can only be possessed by an emperor.
"The devil, he is the devil, how to fight!!!" The masters around were also afraid.
They are facing all this.
full of fear! !
Seeing that the summer is rapidly reaping the lives of these people.
Those who couldn't escape also started to get ruthless. They began to frantically attack the people around them, wanting to drag Xia's brothers to death.
They don't have the ability to kill someone casually in the summer.
"You are all going to die!!!" Xia Xia's voice was like a soul-enchanting messenger, forcibly shouting out the spirits of a group of masters in front of him.
the souls of these people.
In this way, he was pulled out of the body abruptly.
It was then harvested by an invisible sickle.
Their bodies were also slain.
At this time, Tianhanjian began to be enchanted because it had absorbed too much blood energy, and even the golden saber was enchanted. It's all over!!!"
He understands.
After this transformation in the summer, the vitality has been burned out.
And the golden knife and Tianhan sword will also become killing weapons, unable to control his own soul.
The original mighty battle.
It has now turned into a massacre.
"No, I can't fight anymore, retreat!!!" Some people saw such a thing happen, and they also wanted to retreat as soon as possible and not continue to fight.
When they wanted to escape from here, they suddenly found that they didn't know when, a world appeared here, and they were all shrouded in this world.
"Welcome to my world, you will be buried here!!!" Summer's devilish voice appeared.
"Since we can't escape, then we will join forces to kill him!!!" The experts at the scene also made up their minds.
They're going to shoot together.
Kill summer here.
The final decisive battle, at this moment, has completely started. Xia Xia will fight the frontal impact of all the masters on the scene with one person. Next, everyone's goal will be Xia Xia alone.
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