Vol 9 Chapter 12379: immortal

"Very good, of course it is very good, now I feel stronger than ever before, after I devour you guys, I will reach another peak, when that time comes, I will surpass the position of Emperor Yi and rush out of this path. Barrier!!!!" The Emperor's face was full of excitement.
he thinks.
It's like human ascension.
He will ascend from fairyland.
Ascension to another higher era.
A place where you can look down on the fairyland, a place where you can create a god.
He at that time.
It is to completely get rid of all the shackles, and this path is also the most correct path for him.
Greedy Wolf walked over step by step: "If you want to fight, I will accompany you to the end!!!"
"Do you think you are still my opponent?" The Emperor looked at Greedy Wolf with disdain.
"If you don't try it, how do you know if it is!!!" Greedy Wolf took out the eye of death.
When the emperor saw the eye of death, he was also stunned, and then he took out his eye of life: "It seems that we have all found what we want, what about the worm emperor?"
He got it.
It must be that the Emperor of Heaven also received guidance before going to Earth to find this treasure.
Insect Emperor flew out of Xia Xia: "I am different from you, I have also found what I want, but it is not a treasure, but Xia Xia, he is my choice!!!"
"Now you are just a spirit body!!!" The Emperor said with great disdain.
A force appeared from Xia Xia's hand and injected into the body of the Insect Emperor.
A halo appeared behind the Insect Emperor.
Apart from his physical body, his strength has been fully restored.
"What?" The Emperor was taken aback.
He remembered.
When he restored Qiwu in the summer just now, he did just that, and he could actually help others regain their strength.
Greedy Wolf also lit up. He took out the other six Seven Weapons and threw them to Xia Xia at one time: "Can you recover?"
"Yes, but I won't give it back to you!!!" Xia Xia said.
"I don't need it either!!" Greedy Wolf responded.
Xia Xia's right hand was lifted, and the power was continuously injected into the six Qiwu in front of him.
The six seven martial arts began to return to their peak state.
He took out the golden saber and put the golden saber and the other six Qiwu together. The seven Qiwu merged in front of him to form a skeleton.
His palm pushed lightly.
The skeleton entered the Insect Emperor's spirit body.
The Insect Emperor's body changed from a spiritual body to an entity, flesh and blood began to appear on his body, and the body turned into a complete existence.
"Damn, what kind of ability is this?" The emperor is now more and more frightened.
Originally, he thought that as long as he could the divine position, he would be able to sweep everything, but now, the Insect Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor have both recovered, which made him feel a little tricky.
"I'll take care of you first!!!" Tianshen felt very aggrieved when he thought of the previous battle with the God of Galaxy.
Now take the throne.
He also wanted to completely defeat the God of Galaxy, and let the people here see who is the one standing at the top.
The God of the Galaxy did not talk nonsense, but directly put a big move.
The gods hurriedly dodged: "When you come up, make more moves. It seems that you don't have much ability."
Then he shot out again.
The God of Galaxy came over with another big move, and knocked him flying again: "Are you crazy? If you keep increasing your moves, you will soon use up your strength."
The corner of the Galaxy God's mouth raised slightly, just now her soul heard a voice: "Sister, hit whatever you want, your power is endless now!!!"
This is the sound of summer.
With summer, what else does she care about.
On the other side of the White Tiger God, looking down at Xian Zhuque and Xian Xuanwu: "The two of you now are not on the same level as me!!!"
The other four saints also surrounded him immediately, enclosing Xianzhuque and Xianxuanwu in the middle! !
However, Xian Xuanwu and Xian Zhuque looked at each other, and then they both started to release their big moves at the same time.
They all heard the figure of summer.
at the same time.
The other masters on the throne also started to launch their own attacks, and they wanted to clean up all their people here in the summer.
Can be the same.
The Xinghe family, as well as those brothers in Xia Xia, also heard Xia Xia's voice at the same time: "Play whatever you want, your strength is endless, as long as you don't step out of my surroundings, you are all immortal. "
The power is endless.
What a terrifying ability.
Everyone was stunned.
"You really made a deal with hell?" Hongfeng asked.
"Actually, it's not that I trade with hell, it's that I belong to hell. I have never known what my identity is, but since the moment I just woke up, I realized that my parents have always been Tianlong. With the mother tree!!!" The only parents recognized by the summer are these two.
his father.
It is Tianlong.
His mother is the mother tree.
He is from hell.
He is the lord of hell.
boom! boom!
The Heavenly God who was fighting against the God of Galaxy was stupid. At first, he thought that he had obtained the power of a god, so he could easily defeat the God of Galaxy. But now, not only did he not get any advantage, Instead, they were beaten by the God of Galaxy and retreated, and the attacks from the God of Galaxy were endless, as if they never knew they were exhausted.
"I don't believe it anymore!!!" The gods activated their abilities instantly.
The two supernatural skills that have not yet been formed are used at the same time.
His attack penetrated the body of the Galaxy God.
Ha ha ha ha!
"Success!!" The of the sky was very excited when he saw that his attack was successful, but before he had time to be happy for too long, he soon discovered that the body of the of the galaxy, which had been destroyed, was actually recovering: "What's the situation? ? My attack not only has time reversal, but also the power of destruction, it is impossible to recover!!!

"Here, nothing is impossible!!!" The counterattack of the God of Galaxy appeared.
throughout the battlefield.
Not just here, but everywhere, the same scene is happening.
All the people here in the summer have obtained the body of immortality and cannot be destroyed.
Came to Summer's side every day: "Actually"
"Needless to say, I already know who he is!!!" Xia Xia said.
"Can you go back to Earth?" Tian Tian asked.
"Yes, I will return to Earth in another way, and I will say sorry to your mother!!!" Xia Xia said.
"He doesn't have a name yet, my mother said, when you come back in the future, give him a name, because you are his father!!!"
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